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Not another dripping atomizer?” That’s an interesting way to introduce the TigerTek x VapnFagan NADA RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) to the world, considering that’s exactly what it is. But had TigerTek/VapnFagan opted to say “not JUST another dripping atomizer” I’d probably be inclined to agree. Because this is a damn good dripper, but its real performance highlight comes from below.


That’s because the NADA RDA is at its absolute peak when used as a bottom-feeding squonker, with a massive juice well, flawless squonk performance, and flavor that rivals anything I’ve tried in a long time. But before we explore why, maybe a short paragraph about what a “squonk box” or “sqounking” means.

What is a Squonk Mod?

squonk mod is also known as a bottom-feeder mod. It is a vaporizer, or vape mod, that carries the e-liquid/eJuice supply through a small narrow tube into a hollow 510 center pin directly up, and into, a properly configured RDA, or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. These Mods are operated by external, or integrated batteries. Modern squonk mods come in all shapes and sizes, from low to high wattage output, and various size eJuice storage bottles that fit beneath the RDA. A Squonk Mod holds the e-liquid/eJuice supply internally, and feeds that eJuice directly into the atomizer, or RDA, by pressing the e-juice bottle by way of the squonk hole in the mod itself.

Sqounking generally means the method of vaping by way of a squonk mod and specially equipped RDA, one with a feeding tube leading to the coils and wicking.

One thing you’ll notice right away is the NADA RDA’s stellar machining and sharp two-tone appearance. I received two units for testing, and both the silver with black accents, and black with silver were gorgeously done, looking good on just about any mod I connected it to.


You’ll also notice the NADA RDA’s height. Though it’s only a 25mm wide RDA, the NADA feels more substantial than the average dripper – almost like the RipTrippers Pharaoh (reviewed here) dripping tank from a few years back. This extra height gets put to good use with a juice well that I could probably use to bathe my cat. While sqounking, I couldn’t get over just how much juice the NADA RDA held – serial Squonkers (Vapers that use squonk mods and RDA’s)  are going to love the capacity but will have to keep those ring fingers in check or risk over flooding the capacious well before too long.


The NADA RDA has airflow options for days. There’re configurations for various levels of both bottom and side airflow, along with ways to block any or all of the above. I found that an even distribution was the best format for me, with about 50% of both the bottom and side ports blocked off.


While this produced the best flavor for the NADA RDA, it also did create an ungodly, dog-scaring whistle noise. Nothing that should stop you from using it, but if stealth is the name of the game, you might want to experiment with different configurations before vaping.


Of course, stealth isn’t really top of mind for most of the NADA’s target audience. With a raised postless build deck and heaps of airflow, the NADA RDA is meant for those who want to fill rooms with vapor clouds, and pile on varying flavor intensities to boot. And something tells me most customers are more focused on the former.



25mm Diameter

  • Four Posts Single Terminal
    • Single Terminal Per Post
      • Side Mounted Flathead Screws
      • 2.5mm by 2mm Each Terminal
    • PEEK Insulator
    • 5mm Deep Juice Well
  • Stepped Airflow Design
    • 4mm by 1mm Each Air Holes
    • Four Air Holes Per Side
      • Fully Closeable
  • Centralized Internal Dual Airflow Posts
    • 4mm in Diameter
    • Three Interchangeable Airflow Plugs
      • Solid
      • 1.5mm
      • 2.5mm
  • Gold Plated 510 Contact
  • 810 Knurled Drip Tip
  • 810 PCTG Drip Tip
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Gold Plated Bottom Squonk Pin


  • One Tigertek x VapnFagn Nada 25mm BF RDA
  • One 810 PCTG Drip Tip
  • One 510 Adaptor
  • One Bottom Feed Pin
  • Three Sets of Air Plug Screws
    • Solid
    • 1.5mm
    • 2.5mm
  • Spare Parts Bag

Feature Highlights

Despite the massive juice well, TigerTek is promoting the build deck as a key selling point. I’m not sure I can agree. While it’s a really well-designed and -machined building platform, there’s not enough wiggle room for more creative coil configurations.


So, the deck itself isn’t THAT remarkable, but does its job well. This open-ended postless setup technically allows users to position and secure coils before snipping the leads, but I found it really cumbersome to move my snips into the tight space, and even more difficult to remove excess once it was clipped. Instead, I’d stick to estimating and snipping before installing the coil, to ensure a smooth experience.


Once placed, the deck screws operate like vise grips, with a ton of secure hold on virtually every wire I tried.


One thing I noticed is that having the bottom airflow closed makes for a much snugger, but also less flavorful vape. If it’s flavor you’re seeking, I suggest you close off the side airflow and stick with only the bottom ports open, since the air will then come from beneath the deck, providing purer flavor on its way through the mouthpiece.


But, if you do this, keep in mind the NADA’s potential for leakage. With the bottom airflow cut off, I had much more leeway to over drip and oversquonk without fear of leaks. However, with it open, the slightest excess of liquid will find its way out of the RDA and into your lap.

Observations While Vaping

Like I alluded to above, if you’re looking for a quiet, stealthy RDA experience, please keep hunting, since the TigerTek x VapnFagan NADA RDA tends to be loud and airy, even when mostly closed off. But if you’re in the “I don’t care, look at me” crowd, then the NADA RDA will likely be right up your alley.


Using a standard pair of Kanthal fused Clapton’s, reading at roughly 0.2 ohms, and filling most of the deck/well with cotton, I managed to craft a very flavorful, enjoyable vape with minimal fuss. Sure, I spent some time adjusting airflows to nail down that “perfect” setting, but once it was locked in, I couldn’t believe how easy and high-performing the NADA RDA was – this isn’t as common as you’d think with modern RDAs.


Of course, this was how it behaved as a standard dripper. As a bottom-feeding squonker, though? Well, the NADA was outright unreal. Its flawless, leak-free squonk performance is unparalleled by anything on the market not named “Dead Rabbit” (reviewed here) – and this was on several different types of high- and mid-wattage squonk setups.


And believe me, I tested it. I found the tall design of the NADA paired well with the massive GeekVape GBOX, which had been sorely neglected in my collection up until this point. However, I saw the GBOX take on some new left with the NADA attached, thanks to butter-smooth filling, and capacity for days.


Hell, at one point, I managed to get nearly 20 straight draws before the cotton finally dried, and a new shot of liquid was needed. Twenty. I defy any squonk RDA on the market to even come close.

Bottom Line

I think it’s pretty clear that the TigerTek VapnFagan NADA RDA is indeed another dripping atomizer, but it’s by no means JUST another RDA. While the deck might be a little limiting, the airflow a little noisy, and the focus a little too honed-in on cloud production, a few tweaks fixed all of the above. And then it was as pleasurable an RDA experience as I’ve had in a long time. Highly recommended.


Score: A-