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The WISMEC/Jay-Bo Theorem Atomizer

The WISMEC Jay-bo SMM Theorem w/ NotchCoil is an advanced vaping device. Do not consider this atomizer unless you are ready to deal with an advanced set up and some complicated maneuvers. The Theorem is not a simple atomizer or sub-ohm-like tank. Additionally, this type of atomizer requires frequent refills, it holds just about 2ML of e juice and that is vaped away quickly.

The Theorem Atomizer by WISMEC/Jay-bo/SMM is one good-looking atomizer. The color combination, a bit retro with a 1950’s shade of blue/teal, (actually cyan) and shiny chrome and glass drip tip, the Theorem is the best looking atomizer to ever come out of the WISMEC and Jay-bo partnership.

Held together only by its O-Rings, the Theorem Atomizer can be a lot of fun to use, but perhaps not the best RDA or Hybrid RDA to use on days when aggressive vaping is in the cards.  The Theorem Atomizer is on the delicate side, and if you’re too pushy with it you’ll wind up with a couple of mL of e liquid running down your fingers because you’ve pushed the tank apart from the base. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Theorem Atomizer comes ready to vape. It comes equipped with the NotchCoil all decked out with a long strand of organic cotton flowing through the coil and down into the well.

NotchCoil ™

Note* The Theorem Atomizer is capable of using single and dual coils, vertical builds, as well as custom builds. However, in this review I focus on the two NotchCoils that come with the Theorem.

NotchCoil The Theorem Atomizer Review Spinfuel eMagazineThe Theorem is WISMEC’s first Drip Tank Hybrid with a Stainless Steel body and the much heralded NotchCoil™ coil. The NotchCoil was designed to provide a lot more surface space for e liquid to cling to than that of traditional coils. This extra surface allows for the e liquid to vaporize faster, creating more vapor clouds than otherwise possible. It’s a stainless steel coil meaning that the ramp up time is nearly instant (as is the properties of stainless steel), and provides good flavor production. And because it is Stainless Steel it can be used in Variable Wattage mode and Temperature Control mode. The NotchCoil™ is truly innovative, and it works.

My first experience with the NotchCoil was experienced while using the Joyetech Cuboid Mini I had borrowed from John, and although the NotchCoil is a lot smaller in the Cuboid Mini coil head, the performance with the Cuboid Mini was pretty amazing. The Theorem uses a 5mm NotchCoil™ and while the vapor production is good, it is not on par with the Cuboid Mini, its potential seems bridled by the narrow drip tip and small inner chamber of the atomizer. I’ve not yet had time to try and rig the included coil into another RDA, but I think the NotchCoil can be better utilized in a larger chamber with a wide-bore drip tip. That’s not to take away anything from the Theorem, but the NotchCoil will not be limited to the Cuboid Mini and the Theorem, so we are bound to see this coil perform even better in the weeks and months ahead.

From Box to Mod and Then Some…

Opening the box, you will be greeted with the fully assembled Theorem, a metal tank enclosure to be used if you do not want to see through the tank, an extra glass tank, various O-Rings, and a Hex Key to tighten post screws. You get two NotchCoils fully assembled with cotton when you buy the Theorem Atomizer.

The two airflow rings provide single or dual airflow, depending on which one you choose to use. TheNotchCoil The Theorem Atomizer Review Spinfuel eMagazine Theorem has a single airflow ring on it, but you can replace it with the dual airflow ring in the box. These rings fit between the top cap and the tank, like a sandwich. I used both during the review and found the dual airflow ring worked the best for my vaping preferences.

Also as a part of the Theorem Atomizer is a “Regulating Component”, which works as a Top Airflow Juice Plug. Filling the tank is as easy as removing the top cap and juice plug, and dripping e liquid down into the lower chamber and the coil/cotton. You can remove this plug to get even more air down into the tank, but after trying both ways I think the Theorem, as it comes from WISMEC, is the best set up for most vapers.

Real World Usage

NotchCoil The Theorem Atomizer Review Spinfuel eMagazineAfter looking over the Theorem Hybrid Atomizer, I decided to just go for it without reading the manual, or even looking at the various components. Removing the top cap revealed the two top-fill slots, so I went ahead and applied a couple of ML’s of thick e liquid into the tank. After several minutes I realized none of the eliquid seeped down into the bottom chamber. Muttering that I did it wrong, I finally opened the thin manual, read it and studied the illustrations. Only then did I realize that filling the tank was not so straight forward. In order to properly fill the tank, I needed to remove the top cap, and the Juice Plug (or Regulating Component) as a single unit, then direct the e liquid down the hole that leads to the chamber.

Had I read the instructions first it would have been easy enough to fill and refill, so if you read this and you do remove the top cap and juice plug, don’t forget to apply a few drops directly to the cotton and coils after filling the chamber, but not so much that you flood the top part of the atomizer.


Vaping with the Theorem Atomizer at just 42W the small, narrow drip tip gets hot, fast. In order to vape the Atomizer, you really have to purse your lips so as not to touch the metal top cap. You will undoubtedly do just that, so be as careful as you can.


I’ve provided two excellent videos, from VapeNW and The Vapor Chronicles below. Please watch the videos before using the Theorem. You’ll save yourself some unnecessary headaches if you watch them and pay attention.

I know that among the reviewers, both written and video, my opinion is going to be the minority opinion. While I love the performance of the NotchCoil and I look forward to seeing it in other devices sooner rather than later, I’m not a fan of the Theorem.

Yes, its gorgeous, and yes, its innovative, but it is complicated to use for new vapers. It vaporizes e liquid very quickly, (and the flavor is phenomenal) and the drip tip gets hot as hell. For RDA lovers this is probably a must have atomizer, but if you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to constantly refill, or can’t be bothered to make sure your barely touch the drip tip while you vape, the Theorem will not get the use you think it will.

Grade: B “not for new vapers, or vapers who are not ready to refill every few minutes”

Tom McBride