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WELCOME – We recently submitted several questions to the Von Vape in order to get to know the company better. The following is that “interview”, along with several photos of the Von Vape facility. Enjoy! – Julia


SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. We’re excited to talk to you today. Would you like to introduce yourselves to our readers? Thank you for taking the time to sit and talk with us.

Von Vape Premium Black Label eLiquids is an American owned company that bottles and blends high end premium eLiquids in a state of the art ISO7 Clean Room and laboratory in the US with the highest grade ingredients available.

Spinfuel: How many employees work for VON VAPE?

Von Vape currently employs 10 people directly or through contract.

SPINFUEL: Who or what inspired you to get into the e-juice business? When did VON VAPE launch?

We have been looking at the industry for a few year and discussed several different ideas, business models and concepts, but decided that once the FDA was going to get involved, that eLiquids was the category in the industry that we could make the most difference and be the most disruptive. For the record we welcome proper fair and balanced regulation. Von Vape lab people

SPINFUEL: Where are you located?

We have a sales and marketing office in Florida and a bottling, cleanroom and laboratory in California with warehouses and distribution at both facilities.

SPINFUEL: There are many shop owners that read Spinfuel. How might they go about selling VON VAPE in their shop?

If as store owner is interested in our product, they can reach out to our sales force at 941-306-9380 ask for Joshua

SPINFUEL: When you launched VON VAPE how did you decide on your first “set” of flavors? How many flavors did you launch with? How many flavors do you have today?

When we launched we worked closely with industry experts, store owners and VAPE enthusiasts to determine what segment in our category was missing quality product and had the most demand. What we found was that the singular or two flavor combinations were really being neglected. You either had local guys making these flavors in their garage, back room or home kitchens and a lot of these guys/gals are not following local health codes, proper handling procedures or doing this in a sterile environment, so we stepped in to create the Best most Robust Premium Flavors we could, we decided to launch with five fruit flavors, a dessert, a drink and three amazing tobacco flavors that would really dare smokers to keep smoking!

Our tobacco flavors great, they really do a great job of making you believe that you are still smoking. Tobacco and Lite Tobacco really are a robust Marlboro like tobacco, I mean you really feel like you are smoking and our Menthol really tastes like you are smoking a Newport. We get a lot of people raving about our Tobacco flavors and what a good job we did with creating them to match the smoking experience. The same thing happens when you try our Vanilla or Cherry so many people tell us we did a great job of presenting the true flavor and that is our goal to deliver the best eLiquid we can and make the experience awesome. We are constantly being told that our flavors are clean and crisp, to me that means that we are doing it right. We only use the highest grade VG and PG available, we do not cut it with water or fillers.

Von VapeSPINFUEL: Which flavor is your newest creation, and when was it released?

We just launched our Elite Drip Line which adds, three additional flavors in a 100% VG base; Vanilla, Peach, Red Liquorice. Von Vape Elite Premium Black Label in its ten flavors and 70% VG Base is a great all around Vape but we kept hearing that even though it does great as a Drip, or for cloud chasing that there was as demand for a heavy Drip line, which lead us to formulate our line with intense, flavor profile to stand up to the strong VG base, the result is amazing.

SPINFUEL: It seems as though every eLiquid brand has its own “signature” flavor, or flavor “genre” for a lack of a better word. Every brand is different, and I find that remarkable. With just a handful of ingredients each company is able to create their own specific traits. With that in mind, how would you describe your signature traits?

I would say what makes Von Vape unique is the ability of our Science Team to translate natures perfectly balanced flavors into robust, crisp clean representations of the flavors we want to taste when we Vape a Vanilla or Grape. When you Vape Von Vape, you know what you are getting every time and a lot of our eLiquids become All Day Vapes.

SPINFUEL: Do you steep your eLiquids before they are shipped? If you do not, do you suggest that customers ‘home steep’ them before vaping?

We do age and steep our eliquids in the lab and all of our eLiquids are ready to be vaped when purchased, a lot of times this is a personal preference and would tell you if your steeping ritual works for you, just keep doing it.

SPINFUEL: What is your suggested PG/VG ratio for your eJuice? Do you allow your customers any options when it comes to PG/VG ratios?

Von Vape Premium Black Label is a 70% VG, 30% PG base and our Elite Drip is a 100% VG Base. All of our eLiquids are currently formulated on these two bases and currently do not offer options to change between the bases. Our Elite Drip line has three flavors and our Elite line has ten flavors, we currently are testing some line extensions, to our Fruit, Dessert, Tobacco and Drink line-ups.Von Vape flavors

SPINFUEL: Do you mix your customers ejuice ‘to order’, or in batches? Is there any reason for mixing each bottle separately?

We blend and bottle our eLiquids in batches, our current on hand is enough to handle about two weeks of orders. So we are constantly making eLiquids and have capacity to blend, bottle steep and age 50,000 units a day

SPINFUEL: What sizes are available? 15ML, 30ML, etc?

We currently offer our Elite and Elite Drip Line in 15mL, 30mL Glass and our looking into offering them to stores in 60mL for taste bars.

SPINFUEL: Let’s talk about packaging. How are your eLiquids packaged? Not just their physical appearance, but also, how are they sealed, boxed, and shipped to the customer?

All of our eLiquids are bottled in an ISO7 clean room. The bottles themselves are topped with child resistant caps and shrink wrapped before being boxed in 4 packs by flavor and nicotine level. That is another thing that makes Von Vape Premium Black Label eLiquids unique, because of the size and the efficiency of our operation we allow our customer to start carrying our initial orders of 80 bottles of more.

It is really because we had the foresight to use 4-pack boxes, so you can fully represent one of our eLiquid lines, with five flavors, in 4 nicotine levels in 15mL in 80 bottle and we don’t have to break cases to ship them to you. And to reorder, we only require you buy four (4 packs). Since we have fresh product on hand daily, we ship quickly and that allows our customers to not run out of stock. The most important part is that by always having availability and our eLiquids in stock Vape Stores do not have to worry about missed sales.

Von Vape bottling areaSPINFUEL: How and where eLiquids are being made is becoming vitally important to many vapers. Could you describe your ‘mixing’ area? Where do you do your mixing?

Our laboratory and ISO7 are certified as such, additionally the laboratory is OSHA certified and follow all Good Manufacturing Practices and certified as such.

SPINFUEL: Does your crew wear any type of special clothing when they are mixing?

In our Laboratory and Clean Room our staff wear Lab Coats, Booties, Gloves and Hair Net as required for certification

SPINFUEL: Do you have a specific type of Vaper in mind for your eLiquids? What I mean is, when coming up with new flavors, is demographic data used to determine what flavors would sell to “your base”?

We set out to design a great all around Vape for everyone. We decided early on that it was important to help smokers quit, but have robust quality flavors that would that Vapers could keep in their arsenal and use daily, enjoy and share with their friends. We often say” Vaping for flavor, cloud chasing or dripping Von Vape does it all!”

SPINFUEL: What types of hardware (mods, tanks, cartos, etc.) do you use when testing your liquids?

We use Advanced Vaporizers and Main Stream Mods to test our eLiquids, as well as a large assortment of common industry tanks, atomizers and clearomizers. We even test our eLiquids in disposables to ensure that our flavor is consistent across as many different devices and hardware. Von Vape is great in a quality eGo, EVOD with a Vivi Nova or MT3, we use Variable Voltage batteries and Pro tanks a lot when traveling.

SPINFUEL: If properly stored, what is the shelf life of your eLiquid? By the way, how should a customer store their eLiquids before they open them and after they’ve been opened?

Our eLiquids have a 12 months shelf life.

SPINFUEL: Did you smoke before you switched to vaping? If so, what made you decide to quit smoking?

We are not smokers and have never been, at Von Vape we believe that positions us uniquely to serve the needs of the industry. Vaping is a social experience, a lot of people do it to quit smoking, as a healthier alternative, the fact that we can deliver really great authentic flavors that can be enjoyed with friends and still be helpful in ending someone reliance on tobacco is a great feeling.Von Vape supplies

SPINFUEL: Do you have a “favorite” VON VAPE flavor? What is your favorite category of eLiquids for your personal vaping? Fruity, tobacco-based, sweet, and or something else?

In the office we all seem to rotate though the flavors, we have all of them in Pro Tanks, our new Elite Drip Line as well as 21 new test flavors around us. I wouldn’t say we have a favorite, but we do go though a lot of the fruits and desserts. We have a few really neat combination flavors that we are testing that are a lot of fun.

SPINFUEL: What makes a good “all day vape”?

To me a GREAT All Day Vape has to be able to stand up to the test of time, it has to be pure, clean and authentic. A lot of the flavors we enjoy regularly at the office are just that.

SPINFUEL: Are eCigarettes the future of smoking, or do you think the industry is in trouble? Do you see any kind of major shift coming in the industry?

I don’t see any way that cigarettes will survive though another generation in the US. I believe that what you are witnessing here is new a technology coming of age and the decline and eventual elimination of cigarettes as we all know them. There are going to be challenges to the industry like determining proper manufacturing processes and mistakes, like over or under regulation, but in the end I think you will see a responsible, regulated and prosperous industry. Today we are witnessing the decline of tobacco sales and the rise of the most disruptive and transitional technology movements in modern memory, this is the first time in Two Hundred Fifty Years that the Tobacco Industry has been scared that their reign of terror could be coming to an end. 

SPINFUEL: The cig-a-like Vaper seems to be losing interest and moving up into bigger devices that deliver a better vape experience. Do you have an opinion on why this might be happening? Do you think it’s flavor related, or do you think it’s a matter a not being able to produce enough vapor to emulate the smoke from a tobacco cigarette?

Von Vape bottlesWe have spent a lot of time looking into the cig-a-like category, honestly we believe that it has a lot to do with flavor and the source of the eLiquids, we have not found anyone that makes great cig-a-likes filled with quality juice and the right VG/PG ratios. Cig-a-likes are a great tool to transition smokers to Vaping and a healthier alternative, but they are a natural first step that eventually leads to Advanced Vaporizers and tanks.

SPINFUEL: There are hundreds of eLiquid brands in the US. Why should our readers buy their e-juice from you?

What sets Von Vape apart from most other eLiquid bottlers in the US is the quality of the ingredients we use as well as our state of the art blending and bottling facility. All of our ingredients are the finest American sourced available. We use 99.8% pure NicSelect Nicotine, 99.7% Pure VG & PG, all of these are US pharmaceutical grade Kosher and we never cut our eLiquids with water of fillers.

SPINFUEL: This is the place where we turn the interview over to you. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers while you have their complete attention?

Vape for Flavor, don’t settle for anything less, ask for Von Vape Elite Premium Black Label eLiquids by name, Vape the Best!

SPINFUEL: I can’t thank you enough for talking with us today.

It was a pleasure, I am looking forward to your review..