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Where No Vaper Has Been Before

Because of our self-imposed limits on the number of e-Liquids we would review in this year’s July is eJuice Month celebrations we had to cut out two of the most interesting e-Liquids from The Vapor Girl review. We hated to do it, but at 7700 words it was time to stop. One of them was even awarded a Spinfuel Choice Award.

A Look Back At Pizza – One of the e-Liquids we did review was the very unusual Pizza flavored e-Liquid. Not exactly an all-day vape for the masses, but it sparked a conversation among the team the likes of which we’d never have had before. Pizza, it seems, takes the whole idea of e-Liquid flavors that have been established now for a few years and tosses it out the window. Who in their right mind would want to vape a pizza? Who indeed.

The thing was, it’s a good vape! A strange one, yea, but a good one. The Vapor Girl nailed the taste of a good New York style pizza, right down to the type of the cheese and sauce used on a genuine NYC pizza. We were flabbergasted by the audacity of The Vapor Girl for creating something so unusual, and our heads were turned upside down when we vaped it. This was pizza in the form of vapor, how do you wrap your head around something like that?

A Cold Soup

The Vapor Girl wasn’t done with us yet. They had another, even wilder e-Liquid in their submissions to Spinfuel. Gazpacho.

From WikipediaGazpacho (Spanish pronunciation: [gaθˈpatʃo]) is usually a tomato-based, vegetable soup, traditionally served cold, originating in the southern Spanish region of Andalucía. Gazpacho is widely consumed in Spanish cuisine, as well as in neighboring Portugal, where it is known as gaspacho (Portuguese pronunciation: [gɐʃˈpaʃu]). Gazpacho is mostly consumed during the summer months, due to its refreshing qualities and cold serving temperature.

Tom: This is one of the weirdest flavors I’ve ever tasted in an e-Liquid. Even weirder than Pizza because I can relate to pizza, ya know? But Gazpacho? Never had it before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Was it tomato soup? Was it like the soup I get at the Olive Garden? I had no idea.

It is difficult to explain the taste; there is a tomato flavor, and some spices, the tang of pepper, and the hints of olive oil. Blended together it’s not that bad. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it. Would I consider it an all-day vape? No, not at all, but sitting around with friends, and trays of snacks, maybe some music or a good movie, yea, I could see it.

I would say The Vapor Girl definitely deserve praise for even trying something like this, and pulling it off a lot better than I thought possible. It scores highly with me on the technical aspects of the e-Liquid itself, but I don’t think I would make vaping it a regular thing. 3 Stars

Flavor – 4 – Vapor – 5 – Throat Hit – 5 – Satisfaction – 3

Angel Marie: If you take The Vapor Girl seriously about this e-Liquid and their Pizza, and judge them both on the merits, then these are important breakthroughs for e-Liquid market.

I don’t think many people will adopt either of them as their everyday, all-day vape any time soon, but it opens the door for more adventure in e-Liquids.

Gazpacho is a good vape, for about 45 minutes. It is an interesting, spicy, vapor-monster that puts your brain into overdrive as it tries to make sense of it. A milestone eJuice, Gazpacho puts us all on notice that things will change. The most flavorful part of Gazpacho was the spicy tomato flavor, which after 3 or 4 pulls from my Triton started to taste pretty darn good.  3 Stars

Flavor – 4 – Vapor – 5 – Throat Hit – 4 – Satisfaction – 4

John: Maybe I’m too old to get this new direction; after all I avoided anything to do with Chai Tea for the longest time. I could understand the Pizza juice, and I even vaped it a lot longer that I thought I would, but Gazpacho is different.

When I’ve had Gazpacho at a restaurant I would always remark that it was “nothing more than spicy vegetable soup, heavy on the tomato”, and those around the table that loved it always gave me that snide look like I was being an ass. Maybe my palette isn’t sophisticated enough these days, but to me Gazpacho was like vaping a spicy tomato soup. It didn’t taste nearly as bad as I thought it was going to, but if I were presented with a bottle of Gazpacho or TVG Southern Banana Pudding I’m going to choose the banana pudding every time. A great achievement, but not my style – 3 Stars

Flavor – 3 – Vapor – 5 – Throat Hit – 5 – Satisfaction – 2

Nicole: To me, Gazpacho was better than the Pizza. I liked the taste of this spicy tomato offering. Something about it rang “right” with it, like “of course, this is a good idea for a great vape”. I could taste the other spices, the olive oil, and vegetables, and they all blended together well. I think what didn’t work for me in the Pizza was the heavy taste of garlic, and in the Gazpacho it isn’t a problem. This is good stuff. 4.5 Stars

Flavor – 5 – Vapor – 5 – Throat Hit – 5 – Satisfaction – 4.5

Stephanie: I’m one of the people that would give John that look if he said to me that Gazpacho was spicy vegetable soup. I love it, especially in the summer. So I was looking forward to vaping this after the Pizza because if The Vapor Girl could pull of a vape that tasted like a real pizza, doing gazpacho would be something I could appreciate. And, remarkably, she did it.

This is a great vape! Love the spicy tomato flavor of this remarkable e-Liquid. We need more flavors that can shock people’s senses, wake them up to new possibilities. They won’t all be successes, but some will. To me, Gazpacho is a success. But, I would not suggest you jump at a 30ML bottle just yet. Try it first; if you’re like me you’ll want to have one for times when you need something very different. 4.5 Stars

Flavor – 4 – Vapor – 5 – Throat Hit – 4 – Satisfaction – 5

So there you have it. As you can see, we are of different minds on Gazpacho, just as we were with Pizza. But, that said, these types of flavors are needed to shake up the industry and to make e-Liquid artists take riskier chances. I think, like Steph, that some won’t work, some will, but they need a chance to gain momentum. I have a feeling there are scores of flavors that can be discovered that will take vaping to another level. It might be a niche market for a while, but one day one of these “outsider” flavors is going to strike it big, and that will change things. If anyone can do it, The Vapor Girl will. – Tom

The Vapor Girl – Menthol Tobacco – Spinfuel Choice Award

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013One of Nicole’s biggest assets to Spinfuel is that she was a menthol smoker when she smoked cigarettes. Nicole vapes a lot of menthol e-Liquids from many different vendors. When she talks about the “cough syrup” and “Vicks” syndromes she really knows what she’s talking about. We decided that Nicole should take the lead in The Vapor Girl’s Menthol Tobacco e-Liquid.

Nicole:  The Vapor Girl takes a lot of pride in their menthol e-liquid, and with very good reasons. This is probably one e-Liquid that comes closer to the experience of a real menthol cigarette as I have ever tasted. There is no overdose of menthol crystals in this formula, it’s not syrupy at all, and it doesn’t clear your sinuses when you take a drag. It is, honestly, your best chance yet to experience a menthol smoke.

It’s an amazing e-Liquid for menthol Vapers. But, let me take this even a step further. Any Vaper looking for a nice, cool vape who hasn’t found one yet, who maybe doesn’t even like menthol, you need to try this. I’m not sure how The Vapor Girl did it, but they have somehow came up with a recipe that satisfies a real menthol smoker AND a non-menthol smoker at the same time. The best menthol e-Liquid I’ve ever vaped is this one, right now. It is in a class all its own. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 – Vapor – 5 – Throat Hit – 5 – Satisfaction – 5

Tom: If every menthol e-Liquid I had vaped over the past 18 months had been close to this one by The Vapor Girl I would have a few bottles in my collection. But, menthol blends have been either too cold, or too syrupy. The Vapor Girl Menthol is neither; it is delicious menthol with just the right amount of coolness to it and another (vanilla?) deeper, richer flavor that makes this e-Liquid something very pleasurable to vape. I know I’ve never said this before, but I’m adding this menthol to my rotation. 5 Stars

Flavor – 4 – Vapor – 5 – Throat Hit – 5 – Satisfaction – 5

Angel Marie: If you’re looking for a menthol e-liquid that won’t cause your sinuses to freeze up, but instead give you a pleasing coolness along with a rich tobacco flavor with a little sweetness, this is the one. I totally enjoyed it, in every possible way. Vape this in a clearomizer with a fully charged battery, at 3.7v – 3.8v and you will get a remarkable flavor, more vapor than you could ever want, and a very pleasant throat hit. I sometimes vape menthol blends, but this is something much better, this is one I could vape all day long – 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 – Vapor – 5 – Throat Hit – 5 – Satisfaction – 5

John: I’m not a huge fan of menthol, of any kind. The Vapor Girl must have decided that they could come up with a recipe for people like me; people that didn’t like freezing menthol or the kind that makes you think someone stuffed your clearomizer with Vicks. This is a menthol with a real flavor, not just coolness. There is something there, if you know what I mean. Real flavor, real substance. TVG changed my mind, I will vape this on the hot days when I need a flavorful vape, but one that will cool me off, not freeze me out. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 – Vapor – 5 – Throat Hit – 5 – Satisfaction – 5

Stephanie: There are several menthol e-Liquids that I enjoy, some of them I love, and I vape all the time. I was hoping that when I joined the team that there would be opportunities to try more of them. My hope has been realized with The Vapor Girl’s Menthol Tobacco. This e-Liquid is as good as it gets. A nice cool breeze with rich deliciously sweet tobacco flavor. If this one doesn’t prove to the menthol smokers that an e-Liquid can be just as enjoyable as your Salem’s and your Kool’s, then nothing will. This is one for the permanent shelf. Loved it! 5 Stars

Flavor – 4 – Vapor – 5 – Throat Hit – 5 – Satisfaction – 5

 As much as we wanted to tag these two e-Liquids on to the original The Vapor Girl review earlier in the week we just couldn’t. It takes a lot for a reader to put in the time to read a 7000 word review, especially if they aren’t as invested in it as we are. So in that respect I think we did the right thing. But I have to thank John for allowing us to take up a Friday slot to add this to our July is eJuice Month because these two flavors are important. One is an even bigger stretch in the imagination of The Vapor Girl’s experimentation with very different flavors, and the other was one of the most delightful menthol blends we’ve ever vaped before, and a Spinfuel Choice Award winner.

Please take the time to read about the other e-Liquids we included in the earlier review. We hope you enjoyed this look at two very diverse e-Liquids.

Tom McBride and the Spinfuel e-Liquid Review Team – Team A