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A Vapor Girl eLiquid Review

If there is one thing you can depend on when it comes to The Vapor Girl, it’s that there is always something “cooking” with the husband/wife team behind this ever-expanding company.

Three retail stores, a hugely popular online store, and new eLiquid blends in various stages of development continue to push The Vapor Girl forward. Their presence in the industry has never been larger then it is right now. Today there are 187 distinct eLiquid blends, many of which have earned the Spinfuel Choice Award for excellence. And although we have written several reviews over the past 2+ years we haven’t reached the halfway point yet in their lineup. We can’t imagine how many more Awards we will eventually reward them with.

The simple, and honest, explanation for The Vapor Girl’s success is this; they never give up. They continue to learn, they continue to refine, they continue to invest, they continue to explore, and most of all, they fight harder under pressure than anyone we know. The Vapor Girl is successful because the husband and wife team take all criticism as constructive criticism, and although there may have been moments in the beginning that would frighten most of us away, The Vapor Girl team kept pushing, kept fighting, and kept winning. They are a formidable team. And they are a talented team. Even on the occasions when this team has had to call one of their experimental flavors “unvapeable”, they come back as sweet as ever, because they know that we’re going to tell our readers exactly what we think. We respect their artistry, even when it falls flat with our palates.

A Milestone

Today’s review is the eleventh time we’ve brought you a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review for The Vapor Girl’s latest concoctions. And again, well, you might want to get your credit card out.

Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Protocols

For vapers that are new to the Spinfuel Team reviews we’ve set up a page that outlines exactly how we conduct these extensive reviews. We urge you to take a minute and read the protocols we’ve set up in order to produce the best reviews you’ll ever find on eliquids.

The Vapor Girl Particulars

The Vapor Girl has made several changes to the labels on their eLiquid bottles since our last review, and to the bottle themselves.

While still Cobalt Blue glass, the bottles now have breakaway seals that are a part of the cap, making them instantly recognizable to any sort of tampering. The plastic insert is still in use, making it very easy to insert a blunt needle and draw out an exacting amount of juice. But it is the labels themselves that have seen the biggest, and important, changes.

Labels – While The Vapor Girl has always included the name of the juice, the nicotine strength, the size, and so forth, they now include a QR Code printed on each label, and the labels on your bottles will sport your name on them, giving us all just a bit more of a customized feel to our chosen flavors.

Bottle sizes remain the 12ML, 30ML, and 50ML options, in plastic or Cobalt Blue Glass and black “breakaway seal” caps.

Pricing is as follows; $6.99 for 12ML plastic bottle, $8.49 for glass. The 30ML is priced at $15.99 for plastic, $17.49 for glass, and lastly the 50ML option is priced at $24.99 for plastic and $26.49 for glass. They also offer several “Super Sampler Packs” for $29.99, consisting of 5 eliquids in 12ml bottles.

We find their pricing to be right in the middle for premium eliquids, and The Vapor Girl is certainly a premium label. While some labels are slightly less money, there are many that are more expensive, and a handful that are a lot more expensive.

Nicotine strengths begin with 6mg, then 12mg, 18mg and 24mg, and of course a “nicotine free” option is offered. Most flavors offer an option of ‘icy blast’ should you desire it.

PG/VG ratios are 70% PG, 30% VG (our preferred ratio by the way). The PG used is food grade and USP grade; the VG is Kosher Food grade. The nicotine they use is always the purest extracted nicotine from tobacco plants grown in their state of North Carolina.

Flavorings chosen by The Vapor Girl DO NOT contain sugars, protein, genetic modified ingredients, animal ingredients, preservatives or artificial food coloring. They are also safe for diabetics, vegetarians and even vegans.

Simply put, The Vapor Girl is very proud of the ingredients they use, as they should be.

The Six Flavors we will review today are:

  • Q-Burt
  • Peanut Butter Cups
  • Trip In The Woods
  • Black Hawk
  • Yellow Jacket
  • Valkyrie

All six eliquids are 12mg nicotine, standard PG/VG of 70/30, with no other options chosen.

Today’s lead writer is Julia Hartley-Barnes. The eliquid order below was chosen randomly.

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team And The Vapor Girl Six

TRIP IN THE WOODSTrip in the Woods – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Trip in the Woods Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is a deep, dark, buttery and rich treat. Butterscotch at its finest.” The Vapor Girl


Julia: “Trip” is a velvety custard type eliquid with rich butterscotch notes that is so deeply creamy that I would expect to get heartburn from it. But, that never happened. Instead, I found a delicious deep custard/butterscotch and vanilla eliquid that I can add to my other creamy liquids to finally round out the various characteristics of this type of eliquid. The vapor production is first-rate, the throat hit is solid, yet gentle, and the intense satisfaction is to die for. This is a great custard eliquid, and it deserves to be in your clearomizer. 5 Stars

Tom: This is what you want with a butterscotch-based eliquid, I least I taste butterscotch. Thick, dark, intense custard/vanilla/butterscotch flavor, deep, thick clouds of vapor, and a very, very satisfying vape experience. Trip in the Woods is not an all day vape, I don’t think anyone can handle that much vanilla custard for hours on end, but man, when you want to relax with a sweet, intense custard vape, one that produces great vapor and a solid throat hit… this is the one to do with. I’m definitely adding it to my rotation ASAP. 5 Stars

Keira: As most vapers know, there is something incredibly satisfying when you vape a really good creamy, rich velvety eliquid. The flavor is so thick that covers your tongue with velvety smooth creamy butterscotch, and all you want to do is lean back, take deep long drags, and take in the warm intense vapor. That is what its like to take a Trip in the Woods. One of the best rich creamy vapes I’ve had this year, I’m putting this one in my rotation pronto. Great vapor, a solid throat hit, I give Trip in the Woods 5 Stars

Jason: Trip in the Woods is such a great name for this juice. Well, unless you expect to taste pine needles, or dirt, or tree bark, or bugs… I hate the Woods! But I love this eliquid. I get the connection, a walk in the woods is supposed to be a relaxing return to nature, a soothing experience that calms the nerves. This vanilla/butterscotch custard vape does that, and more, and you never have to take a step into the woods. Deep intense butterscotch/vanilla/custard, thick vapor, and a throat hit that I have missed these past weeks, Trip in the Woods is most definitely worthy of 5 Stars

Q-BURTQ-Burt – “Q-Burt Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is just like a big bowl of rainbow sherbet.  Absolutely awesome!! Its slightly tart and a light touch of richness is a mesmerizing combo.” – The Vapor Girl




Julia: The only problem I have with saying that Q-Burt is like a bowl of rainbow sherbet is that sherbet is icy cold, like ice cream, and Q-Burt is best with warm vapor.

Other than that, Q-Burt does indeed taste like raspberry, lime, and orange, with just the right amount of sweetness and only a hint of tartness that you might expect with lime.

The flavor mix makes it an ideal all-day-vape and after a long vape session with it the flavor remained intact and did not leave me with a tingling tongue. The heavy vapor and the significant throat hit make for one satisfying vape. 4.75 Stars


Tom: While certainly not my favorite of the six I would still score Q-Burt high on the chart. I think The Vapor Girl’s decision for the exacting proportion of flavors are perfect for reproducing the tasting experience of rainbow sherbet. There is no doubt in my mind that millions of vapers would find Q-Burt a delicious favorite. Great vapor, good throat hit, and very satisfying. 4.75 Stars

Keira: As a true sherbet fan I recognized the flavor combo as rainbow sherbet in an instant. All the right flavors are there; the lemon/lime, the raspberry, and the orange flavorings, and they are blended so well that no one flavor dominates, but each are identifiable. That’s not an easy task; sometimes flavors like these can combine into something entirely different. I am confident in saying that Q-Burt would make many vapers happy, and could easily become an all-day-vape for most.

I was very pleased with the vapor production as well as the throat hit, and found Q-Burt to be particularly satisfying. Though not the best eliquid ever made, it’s certainly scored 5 Stars with me.

Jason: I didn’t expect to hate this eliquid, nor did I expect to love it either. But, I actually do love it. This is a vapor form of rainbow sherbet without a doubt. Add to that a healthy amount of vapor and a good throat hit, you got an eliquid worthy of 5 Stars

PEANUT BUTTER CUPSPeanut Butter Cups – “Peanut Butter Cups Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is a combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter goodness- the most delicious flavor in the candy world!”The Vapor Girl

Julia: I don’t vape peanut butter often, no matter how good it is, it’s just a bit too much for me. The Vapor Girl did an excellent job delivering the real flavor of a peanut butter cup candy, and we all know which one we’re talking about. I enjoyed my time with it, and the vapor production was really good, as was the throat hit. So, all in all, a delicious treat for vapers looking for a good peanut butter delight – 4.5 Stars

Tom: Although I did find one peanut butter eliquid that I thought was something I could add to my rotation and keep there for a long time, it wound up staying for the holidays and then it was gone. Which is fine by me. Peanut butter cup, by The Vapor Girl is very reminiscent of that eliquid, so yes, it is an excellent juice that really does taste like a peanut butter cup. Not all that exciting, but very well done. Good vapor and a nice flavor means that for me, this is worthy of 4.5 Stars

Keira: When I am in the mood for something like peanut butter cups I will head straight for this eliquid. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve enjoyed a peanut butter, Reese’s, kind of eliquid and this one brought back some good memories of the time when I was vaping one like crazy. Authentic flavor, good vapor, and a wonderfully satisfying vape, Peanut Butter Cup will be on my rotation very soon. 4.75 Stars

Jason: I agree with the other team member that this juice brings the real flavor of a peanut butter cup to you in vapor form. Having said that, July is the wrong month for it. It is HOT outside and peanut butter vaping is too heavy for the heat. Although I do admit to enjoying this one at night, but it is not an all-day-vape like many of the others. Plenty of vapor, good throat hit, and it will satisfy your sweet tooth, Peanut Butter Cups is for any vaper looking to vape a Reese’s peanut butter cup. 4.75 Stars

BLACK HAWK Black Hawk – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Black Hawk Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is succulently tasty mix of salty goodness. This full body vape is great for all day vaping.” – The Vapor Girl


Julia: Both Trip in the Woods and Black Hawk do not seem to be available on The Vapor Girl online store right now (It is now –ed_). I don’t know if these eliquids are available in the retail stores only, or if they are just not released yet (though we have had them for 6 weeks), but in any case, this deep, nutty vape is such a great eliquid that for our readers who can’t get any I feel like I must protest. Black Hawk should not be missed!

In addition to the nutty flavor, I get a kinda of salty nuts taste as well, Black Hawk really brings the vapor production and a fine throat hit. Warning; this is not the usual flavor you would expect from a nutty vape, it’s as original as The Vapor Girl. I think, if you expect the unexpected, you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. 5 Stars

Tom: Can I award an eliquid 5 Stars if I have no intention of adding to my collection? Sure, I think so. Because Black Hawk is an excellent eliquid, with an intense flavor spectrum in the dark and nutty/salty ‘verse, and with terrific vapor production, it isn’t something I would normally vape. It’s just a little too different for me. Boy, if you are into nutty type vapes though, you’re going to love it. So, for that reason alone I’m giving it 5 Stars

Keira: Wow, this is a dark flavor. Maybe this one should have been called Trip in the Woods because its like vaping a combination of walnuts, pecans, and a few I can’t quite make out. And it works!

Jason: Sort of a strange flavor, kind of salty but nutty as well, and very different from the usual fare I vape regularly. But man it ever good! Tons of vapor, a nice throat hit, and sometimes you want something salty too, this one is strange but excellent. I can only award this one 5 Stars because it is a masterpiece of creative synergy. (Did you really just say that? – ed)

YELLOW JACKETYellow Jacket – “Yellow Jacket Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is the taste of wild blackberries and fresh lemonade…. with a hint of spice.  Smooth and rich but also slightly sweet and tart.” – The Vapor Girl



Julia: Yellow Jacket is an excellent all-day-vape ejuice. The very first drag for each session I spent with it hit me with a direct spicy flavor jolt. I first thought it was sort of peppery flavor, but in subsequent sessions it wasn’t, it was just ‘spicy’. After the first drag I either processed the spice or filed it away in my mind, or it just disappeared. Whatever it was, it didn’t last past the first drag. What was left in every other drag was this really pleasant flavor of blackberry with just a hint of lemon.

The Vapor Girl offers a similar flavor, called Blackberry Lemonade, but Yellow Jacket is a bit more muted and of course delivers a hint of spice, so although it’s similar don’t expect it to taste the same. Despite it’s 70/30 PG/VG Yellow Jacket produces a ton of vapor, and even at 12mg nicotine a fine throat hit. A truly fine vaping experience, I give Yellow Jacket 4.75 Stars

Tom: The flavor difference between blackberry and wild blackberry is one of sweetness. Wild blackberry is less sweet, though minimally so. The lemon flavor is without a doubt the secondary flavor, though it certainly makes itself known. Taken together, along with a hint of spicy notes, Yellow Jacket is an excellent eliquid. Vapor production is tremendous; the throat hit is organic, authentic, and very pleasant. Yellow Jacket would make an awesome juice for RBA’s and cloud chasers. I was able to push the voltage past the norm while still maintain the flavor, warm it up, and push out incredible clouds. Yellow Jacket is a terrific choice for blackberry fans. Best with advanced gear. Very much an all-day-vape. 5 Stars

Keira: The Vapor Girl legion of fans are loyal to the brand because of flavors like Yellow Jacket. Authentic wild blackberry with slight lemon notes and a hint of spice makes for one satisfying vape. On my own “flavor scale” of 1-10, I would say that the wild blackberry is 7, the lemon is 2, leaving 1 for the spice… to me, that’s the optimum scale for an eliquid like this. Together with lots of vapor and a good throat hit, Yellow Jacket is certainly 5 Stars

Jason: I wouldn’t have any qualms vaping Yellow Jacket all day. The well blended flavors of wild blackberries and lemon, with a touch of spice combines to produce a satisfying and delicious vape experience. A real vapor producer with a great throat hit, Yellow Jacket would be welcomed into my rotation with open arms, however, that spicy hit might not be a plus for some vapors, but to me its still worth of 5 Stars

VALKYRIEValkyrie – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Valkyrie Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is sweet raspberry cheesecake with a little touch of lemon zest.” – The Vapor Girl


Julia: During the last eliquid review our team participated in we made mention about how difficult it was to work with Cheesecake flavoring. It truly is, but in the hands of someone like Victoria or her husband, well, it’s another matter altogether. Valkyrie is an extraordinary eliquid, in every sense of the word.

The raspberry flavor is authentic, sweet, and lovely, while the cheesecake is smooth, creamy, and luscious. I can taste their true flavors and its as though I’m enjoying all the flavor that I would have had I had a slice of raspberry cheesecake being served to me right now. Truly a marvelous eliquid, and for that, I award it 5 Stars

Tom: Best raspberry cheesecake I’ve ever had…except for the real thing. I was surprised that the flavor of genuine raspberry and creamy cheesecake could actually exist in vapor form. So delicious, so real, and so on my rotation…soon. Terrific vapor, a decent throat hit, Valkyrie hits it on every level. Bravo! 5 Stars

Keira: This is the first eliquid Julia and I actually had a heated discussion over. Not on the merits of the eliquid, but on the amount we had to share between us. I wanted all of it, as did Julia. This is my favorite eliquid of the six, and one that will soon become part of my rotation. A splendid dessert vape that produces lots of vapor and a good throat hit, Valkyrie is incredible. 5 Stars

Jason: I don’t vape many dessert eliquids so when I do it has to be delicious and satisfying. If its only delicious it will cause me to crave the actual dessert, when it’s satisfying as well I can enjoy the vape as though it were my dessert. That is what we have here with Valkyrie. Delicious raspberries, creamy cheesecake, Valkyrie is an eliquid that I would add to my rotation in a heartbeat. If you were going to try just one eliquid from this review, I would be hard pressed not to try and convince you that this is one to try. So, hell, I’m going to press you to try it. You won’t be sorry. There are other excellent eliquids in this review, but this one is extra special. Incredible! 5 Stars


Every eliquid in this review scored extremely high. But then, it is only when The Vapor Girl sends their strange, experimental flavors to us that we are ever disappointed. Mashed potatoes, mushroom soup, and other weird flavors are way too left field for this team, but the flavors we reviewed here and in other Vapor Girl reviews? All of them are splendid examples of true artistry in ejuice creation. Every Spinfuel Choice Award The Vapor Girl is awarded is earned through and through.

Trip in the Woods, Black Hawk, Valkyrie, and Yellow Jacket are the standouts, followed closely by Q-Burt and Peanut Butter Cups. But that’s not to say that Q-Burt of Peanut Butter Cups are eliquids you should dismiss out of hand, they’re not. They are really good eliquids…but definitely juices we’ve seen and tasted before by other vendors. The other four are original, delicious performers that would stand out anywhere.

Buying Advice

On the whole the team prefers plastic bottles, they are not only $1.50 cheaper, they are also easier to use when filling our tanks and clearomizers. This time out we received all glass bottles, and with that special insert that makes it easy to push through a syringe for filling clearomizers and tanks quickly there is every reason to want to go with glass if you want to. It’s your choice, of course, and the glass bottles do look good. If the $1.50 for glass is too much of a hit, plastic is absolutely fine.

Of the six flavors we are confident that Valkyrie, Trip in the Woods, and Black Hawk would go over well with the majority of our readers, but we could also say with some confidence that any them would, and its just a matter of whether or not you like the base flavors in the eliquids.

All six are expertly made, they all produce lots and lots of vapor, the throat hits are all good, and each one was very satisfying. Speaking for myself, Valkyrie and Trip in the Woods will find a home with me, but should other team members add any of the six to their rotations or collections I’m sure there will come a time or two when I’ll want to “borrow” 1.6ML here and there. (Just enough for an Aspire CE5-S (the X.Jet Spider upgrade).

Final Words…

If you haven’t read the many reviews we’ve written over the past two plus years for The Vapor Girl eliquids I urge you to do so when and if you can find the time. Often times The Vapor Girl hits it out of the park, and only once and a while they go too far with their experimental flavors, but on the whole, they’ve earned far more Spinfuel Choice Awards than I realized.

The Vapor Girl produces top quality, uber-premium eliquids at a fair price. Each flavor is carefully crafted to deliver the most authentic and pleasant vaping experience you can have. Now, with their new breakaway caps, there is no reason not to add this brand to your own rotation. We highly recommend them.

This is, Julia Hartley-Barnes, with the ever-lovely Julia Hartley-Barnes, the tough but tenderhearted Tom McBride, and the gentlemen of gentlemen Jason Little.

Information On The Vapor Girl Inc.

It should be noted that the online store, as well as the retail stores, sell dozens and dozens of various vaping hardware, including cool mods that are hard to find elsewhere, and tons of accessories. You can tell in second just how much these two love the whole vaping scene.


Customer-Service email: [email protected]

  • The Vapor Girl Factory & Retail Store
  • 1821 N Fordham Blvd, Suite 4 & 5, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
  • Factory Retail Phone: 919-338-2982
  • Factory Wholesale Phone: 919-338-8182
  • OPEN 9-5 Monday-Friday
  • The Vapor Girl @ Falconbridge Shopping Center
  • 6118 Farrington Rd., Suite H, Chapel Hill, NC, 27517
  • Retail Phone:  919-973-4004
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