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If it’s November it must be time for another review of new flavors from The Vapor Girl. Today we are presenting six new eliquids from the gang out of North Carolina.

The Vapor Girl Empire now has 5 physical store locations, hundreds of vape gear products online and in the stores, and more than 200 eliquids, and there is no end in sight.

They are among the most prolific eliquid creators in the industry. I think it’s safe to say that if The Vapor Girl ever decided to launch their own eliquid subscription service they could send their subscribers new flavors every month for years to come, and never repeat a flavor, that’s how prolific and creative they are. The whole team must work night and day just to keep.

The Vapor Girl Label

The Vapor Girl is definitely a premium label. Using the purest extracted nicotine right out of North Carolina, and the finest PG and VG ingredients, along with top-shelf flavorings, each eliquid delivers the goods, both in flavor and vapor.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some flavors from The Vapor Girl that are hard to vape, mostly experimental ones like mashed potatoes, but more often than not these are eliquids that are very popular with the vape community, and the team.

This is our 12th review of The Vapor Girl line, so I’ll be brief about their options and pricing because you’ve read it before, or you can anyway. If you haven’t yet, then I urge you to read at least some of the other reviews to really get a good look at The Vapor Girl line.

Vapor Girl Sizes – Prices – Nicotine

Bottle Sizes/Prices – 12ML – $6.99 30ML – $15.99 50ML – $24.99

Nicotine Strengths – 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, and Zero-Nic

Bottle Options – Plastic or Glass ($1.5 extra for glass)

Our nicotine strength was a surprisingly low 6mg. We vape 18mg every day so that was not what we expected. That said, it worked out well because we had the chance to make up some coils for our drippers and we based our impressions on standard vaping techniques and dripping as well.

Certainly the flavors were stronger with the drips, but all in all, each of the 6 eliquids had plenty of flavor regardless of the hardware used.

Protocols – If this is your first Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review you might want to visit our Protocols page. This page goes into detail about how we approach every team review, what we look for and how we look.

Without understanding the complexity of a Spinfuel Team Review you might wonder how we came up with some of the impressions and decisions we’ve made below. So, pop on over the Protocols page. And don’t worry; we’ll be here when you get back.

The Vapor Girl Review

Okay then, now that you know we spend 72 hours vaping only the label we’re reviewing I suppose we can dive in and let you know about the six new flavors from Victoria and friends.


Tree Spirit - Vapor GirlTree Spirit

Tree Spirit Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is light and earthy but with a ‘berry’ sweetness.  Fabulous for all day!

Julia – 4.25 Stars

Very much an all-day-vape, I really enjoyed it for the entire 2nd day of the review period. However, I don’t get the ‘earthy’ part of it. To me, this is a sweet berry vape with a flavor that never quits.

Tom – 4.25 Stars

Definitely an all day vape with plenty of berry flavor, good vapor production, and it has a good amount of sweetness to it. It’s a kind of “fill your tank and forget it” vape, the kind you enjoy without marveling at it.

Keira – 4 Stars

Tree Spirit is not one of those eliquids that knocks it out of the park, it’s not magical or mysterious either. What it is is a good sweet berry vape. If I didn’t have similar vapes in my rotation I would add this one. I know it has to be a favorite for The Vapor Girl loyalists though. I liked it!

Jason – 4.5 Stars

I call eliquids like Tree Spirit “Workaday” eliquids. What I mean by workaday is that it does a fine job of delivering a very good flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and vapor to take you through the day without making a fuss. You won’t be yelling out that you’ve found your soul mate juice, but you will fill up a tank and vape it until it dry, and then fill it up again.

Soon, because you didn’t think about much, you’ll run out of Tree Spirit and wonder where it all went. That’s a helluva compliment to an eliquid.



Under Tow - Vapor GirlUnder Tow

Under Tow Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is a wonderful blend of black current and earthy tobacco with something lurking beneath the surface.


Julia – 3.5 Stars

Under Tow is one strangely good eliquid, and very complicated. First, my own preconceptions about it gave me the impression that, knowing The Vapor Girl’s willingness to go places other might not go, Under Tow could very well be an eliquid that tasted like the ocean. Sounds silly, I know, but it’s the truth.


What Under Tow is though is an eliquid with a beautiful black currant berry flavor supposedly combined with a tobacco flavor; only the tobacco component really isn’t there.

What is there, along with the black currant, is the taste of cut grass. If the black currant wasn’t as good as it was it would have scored a much lower score with me. I think they need to take a closer look at Under Tow and find out what that strange component is…and fix it.

Tom – 3 Stars

Reading the description to Under Tow got me excited that I might vape a great tobacco with a black currant flavor for the very first time. Sadly, that wasn’t to be. I tried vaping Under Tow in several ways and every time it was the same thing; a black cherry-like flavor that I did like, and some other strange flavor that I didn’t.

There isn’t anything I can really add to that except for maybe letting you know that the vapor production is really good, but if mainstream vapers are looking for a flavorful tobacco vape it won’t be found here.

Keira – 3.5 Stars

The black currant in Under Tow is strong and flavorful, unfortunately any hint of tobacco is hiding somewhere else. After spending some hours with this one I’d say that The Vapor Girl needs to rework this one with more tobacco… a sweet, full-bodied tobacco as a matter of fact.

If you drip, this is one you might want to have around for the black currant flavor alone. The vapor production is quite good, the throat (while dripping) is wonderful, and the particular black currant flavoring they use is spectacular.

So why just 3 Stars? Because a complete lack of a tobacco flavoring makes Under Tow a plain black currant eliquid if you vape it with mainstream gear, and that is totally unlike its description.

Jason – 3.75 Stars

During my time spent with Under Tow I had wondered if there was any chance that the bottle was filled with one of their black currant eliquids and not Under Tow. You can taste a really good, authentic black currant flavor but I just can’t taste any tobacco flavor.

That’s not like The Vapor Girl, they do a very decent tobacco line so if they were going to do a black currant and tobacco you would taste the tobacco, at least I would think so. In any case, this one was a little better than an average eliquid, but not one that I would normally vape.



marylou-punch - Vapor GirlMary Lou’s Punch –

A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – Mary Lou’s Punch Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is a trip down memory lane. It’s just like Victoria’s Mother’s special holiday punch for get-togethers. A tropical and refreshing treat.SPINFUEL CHOICE AWARD - Vapor Girl


Julia – 5 Stars

I really hope people read this review because if they don’t they will not realize how great this eliquid is. Mary Low’s Punch sounds like a fruit punch vape, Kool-Aid maybe. But let me tell you; this is one heck of a tropical vape! There is a pineapple ‘essence’ to it that really hits the spot, and other tropical flavors are delicate but wonderful.

But there is also a touch, a pinch, or a note of something almost ‘creamy’ about it. That secret element gives this awesome tropical vape a bigger body, a larger and slightly heavier flavor. This is going into my rotation for sure. Excellent!

Tom– 5 Stars

Not only is this a 5 Star tropical vape it is also one of the only all-day-vapes I’ve had that has a tropical identity. There is something at work here that defies logic, and I can’t figure it out. How to you get a tropical vape to deliver what is undeniably tropical but with a dose of something much bigger? Highly recommended!

Keira– 5 Stars

Am I vaping an incredible Pina Colada or am I vaping a tropical punch?” That’s what I kept asking myself because while I get almost all of a Pina Colada flavor, the coconut that you would expect in a colada mix isn’t there; instead it’s a creamy flavor, but only a note or two. Very pleasing and very satisfying. This is what tropical vapes should be like. A nice finish rounds out this delicious recipe.

Jason– 5 Stars

Have you ever grabbed a glass that you just knew was filled with coke but when you drank it the coke flavor was actually something like 7Up or Ginger Ale? That instant confusion has your brain and taste buds working really fast to solve the that disconnect… that’s what it was like for me when I took my first drag of Mary Lou’s Punch.

I expected a fruit punch, like Kool-Aid, and what I got was very tropical, with a hint of creamy-like notes that gave it body. A mind-blowing flavor, and one I plan to keep around.


Mystic Mouse - Vapor GirlMystic Mouse – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner –

Mystic Mouse Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is creamy, caramel delight that will take your taste buds on a mystical ride through time and space.

Julia – 5.0 Stars

First, Mystic Mouse is the coolest name ever for an eliquid. I wanted to love this one for the name alone. I kept imagining telling people; “Oh this? Its Mystic Mouse”… and having them stare back at me with a confused look on their face, “Mystic Mouse??”…

Mystic Mouse

Now, like a million other eliquid brands the description of Mystic Mouse is disguised in pretty pose rather than a straight up description, and that might not be the best way in this case. While Mystic Mouse is described as a mystical ride through space and time, it’s not nearly so fanciful. That said, is Mystic Mouse a good vape? No, It’s a wonderful vape!

Mystic Mouse is a truly marvelous combination of caramel and cream. The cream turns the caramel into something much smoother than most other heavy caramel eliquids, giving the eliquid a nice smooth, yet still deep flavor. You know how some caramel’s can be kind of harsh? Well, this one isn’t like that, at all. I’m adding Mystic Mouse to my rotation, and not because of the name, but because its an all-day-vape with caramel, not an easy feat.

Tom – 5.0 Stars

In a dripper the 6mg nicotine hits like a hammer. In mainstream vape gear I don’t get the hammer, but I do get the same, or near same, powerful flavor profile. That profile is a smooth, deep caramel vape with just the right amount of creaminess. The Vapor Girl did the Mystic Mouse proud! If I had an eliquid called Mystic Mouse I would trademark the name. Honest.

Keira – 5.0 Stars

One of the finest caramel based eliquids I’ve vaped to date. So smooth yet so full of flavor. What a great way to tame the power of caramel while maintaining the deep caramel goodness. I loved everything about this one, and it deserves 5 stars.

Jason – 5.0 Stars

I don’t think I’ve ever had a caramel based eliquid that also worked as an all-day-vape. If I have had one I don’t remember it. But man, this Mystic Mouse is just so creamy, so caramel-y that its hard to stop vaping it. I am so adding Mystic Mouse to my daily rotation. This is a must have juice for any time of day.

Alchemy - Vapor GirlAlchemy

Alchemy Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is a wild adventure through Candy Mountain, over strawberry fields, past lemon cove and right into the watermelon waves.

Julia – 4.25 Stars

While I didn’t much care for the actual flavor of Alchemy I have to say that the description was pretty much spot on. You do take a ride during each drag of Alchemy that begins with a strawberry note, turns into a lemony citrus flavor, and then brings it back home with a watermelon finish. I don’t know how they did it, but they did it. My only problem with Alchemy is I don’t care for that combination of flavors.


Tom – 4 Stars

Alchemy is a very complex eliquid that many will find delicious and others will find it just plain weird. There is a strange top note to this one, producing a flavor I’ve never tasted before. It finishes with a good watermelon flavor, but it just didn’t do much for me. Very accurate and complex description for Alchemy too. Executed very well.

Keira – 4.75 Stars

There is something about Alchemy that I adore, and there’s something about it that kind of puts me off at the same time. It happens at the very start of a drag, but by the end, by the exhale; I’m loving the flavor. If there were ever a real bit of alchemy going on with various flavorings this would qualify as one.

Jason – 4 Stars

I think the only part of Alchemy that I don’t like is the citrus flavor. Somehow the citrus just doesn’t blend that well with strawberry. Nonetheless, it’s a much better than an average vape. It’s complex… it delivers every flavor exactly as described, and with a dripper it hits like a freight train. If I had more time with Alchemy I think I could learn to love it, seriously.


Headless Horseman - Vapor GirlHeadless Horsemen

Headless Horseman Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is born from legend. A young man was walking down a dark path on his way to the market to sell his cart of fruit. When out of nowhere the headless horseman appears. He was scared but in this incident for no need.

The horseman rushed past him, leaving him unharmed but the vapor coming off as he went by and transformed the fruit. Saddened by his now frozen treats he wondered, “How will I sell these?” Upon arriving at the market the people were in love with the frozen fruit mix. And then two legends entwined in one.


Julia – 4 Stars –

Okay, the description is rather long, and a bit confusing, but the flavor is pretty damn good. I have never really enjoyed minty flavors much, although some of them are pretty good. As a cool vape this is one of the nicest I’ve had in the past few months. I think it’s the blend of all the fruits used…so well blended that it’s a singular flavor with plenty of vapor. Would I add it to my own rotation? No, because I wouldn’t vape it enough.

Tom – 3 Stars

While the amount of ‘cool’ in this flavor is pleasant ‘enough’ without going all menthol-like, there is a musky flavor that I do find a bit disturbing, and it hits right at the beginning of the inhale. However, the really weird part is that about 10 or 15 minutes in with vaping this eliquid it became a nameless vape that I continued vaping with no urge to stop.

I’m not saying I loved the flavor, but I certainly didn’t mind it once that muskiness became a nonissue. It’s hard to explain, I mean, how do you dislike an eliquid and like it at the same time?

Keira – 4.25 Stars

Different times of the day, whether you’re hungry or thirsty, and even what the weather is like can all affect how you feel about a new eliquid you’re trying for the first time. It’s the core reason we do our reviews like we do.

However, that being the case I admit to having had a negative experience with Headless Horseman the first time I tried it, which was about 30 minutes before I was going to sit down at the table and have dinner. At that time it ‘cool’, without a lot of flavor.

But, the next time I pulled a glassomizer out of my camera bag it was right after a long shoot with Julia and I was tired and thirsty. Then that same ‘cool factor’ felt like something I desperately needed, and my feelings about it changed.

I think it deserves the score I’ve given it if only because I think vapers who might be looking for a cool vape with citrus flavors might like grapefruit and might respond to it.

I won’t vape it again because as a rule I don’t buy or vape minty-menthol-cool juices much at all.

Jason – 3.75 Stars

Out of the six flavors in this review the Headless Horseman was the one I liked the least. There is a funky component to it that if off-putting. After talking it out with the group I think I’m going to have to go with a ‘combination of light menthol with a grapefruit flavor’.

It’s definitely citrus, and when you consider the citrus fruits grapefruit is only one that makes sense. It’s certainly not orange; it doesn’t have any kind of lemon or lime flavor either, so I’m left with grapefruit.

The vapor production was decent enough, especially after moving up the voltage past the normal range of my device’s suggestion, but at the end of the day, I just didn’t enjoy it much.




In addition to being prolific eliquid creators, The Vapor Girl is also a collaborative team of artists, each making contributions for ideas of new flavors. Sometimes those ideas don’t pan out, most times they do. Somehow they always find new ways to present new flavors and as vapers we all stand to benefit from that.


Without a doubt Mary Lou’s Punch and Mystic Mouse were the best of the six, taking home yet another two Spinfuel Choice Awards. Of the six, just one left the team disappointed, and that was the unusual “Under Tow”.


One thing we did notice of the six eliquids is the ample number of all-day-vapes. Because we do many reviews as a team we’ve become somewhat aware that more and more eliquid labels are pushing out more all-day-vapes than even just a year ago.

Buying all-day-vapes might save you money, especially in the long term, but there are many of us that enjoy changing out flavors a few times a day, its part of the adventure of vaping.

Then again, all-day-vapes make it easy to fill a large tank and vape the day away, never thinking about the next flavor. For those of us that want to change up the flavors anyway, well, there’s nothing stopping us from doing so even if we are vaping all-day-vapes.


Well, that’s a wrap. Until next time, this is the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team,


Julia, Tom, Keira and Jason