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The Vapor Girl is the most ‘eclectic’ e-Liquid brand in the marketplace right now. Victoria’s use of imagery would make Stevie Nicks feel right at home. Victoria’s non-standard flavors she chooses to tackle, like ‘pizza’, have really helped The Vapor Girl carve out a niche in the e-Liquid world as the place to go for a completely different type of vaping adventure. The Vapor Girl even chooses to carry unusual mods and tanks, such as the Sub 2.0 that we reviewed earlier this year. Eclectic? Indeed.

This is not the first review of The Vapor Girl e-Liquids, nor will it be the last. While there might be a particular e-Liquid that strikes an unfamiliar cord with the team there are many more strike the perfect cord. Last year we couldn’t get enough of Victoria’s “Sweet Potato” vape, but the apprehension we all felt before filling a clearomizer was palatable. “Sweet Potato?” Turns out it was, and remains to be one of our favorite e-Liquids, especially for those times when we can’t find the right flavor for an evening vape.

A Special Review

During the month of July, our annual ‘July is eJuice Month’ we set out to review between 4 and 6 flavors from as many of our favorite vendors as we can. In this review there are 10 flavors, 4 more than the others. The reason is that we had scheduled a Vapor Girl review for early June and then decided to bump it to July. The Vapor Girl was absolutely going to be in the July celebration, so having a review in June and then again the next month seemed to be a bit unfair. So, the 10 flavors we were set to review are now appearing here, in our July celebration.

Some of the e-Liquid flavors sound like they would be marvelous interpretations of traditional foods in vapor form, like Southern Style Banana Pudding, and Pink Moo, while others sound as like a mad scientist has been set loose in North Carolina. Pizza is one thing, but a vape called “Gazpacho”? Really?

We think many of you will be surprised by the review that follows, others…well…others who have been huge fans of The Vapor Girl for a very long time will probably think ‘Gazpacho’ doesn’t seem all that weird.

Here are the e-Liquids The Vapor Girl has submitted for review:

  1. Popcorn
  2. Strawberries and Champagne
  3. Marcboro Tobacco
  4. Pink Moo
  5. Sweet Tart Blueberry
  6. Iced Caramel Latte
  7. MNT. Dewdrops Raspberry
  8. Menthol Tobacco
  9. Pizza
  10. Banana Pudding – Southern Style

Is that a list or what?

The Vapor Girl e-Liquid Particulars

All TVG e-Liquids are available in a sampler size, 7ML, 12mg nicotine, in a plastic bottle for $3.99.

Size                Price              Container
12ML              $6.99              Plastic
30ML              $15.99           Plastic/Amber Glass ($1.50 additional)
50ML              $24.99           Plastic/Amber Glass ($1.50 additional)
Note* 30ML and 50ML glass bottles do not ship with eyedropper.

You can add a “touch of frost” to any flavor for fifty cents

Nicotine Strengths – 6MG, 12MG, 18MG, 24MG and Zero Nicotine

Note* The nicotine fluid used at The Vapor Girl is extracted from Tobacco plants grown in North Carolina.

PG/VG – All of “The Vapor Girl” e-Liquids are made with PG and VG and organic and artificial flavoring. We do not know the PG/VG ratios.

The Review Particulars

Assorted hardware, both batteries and attachments, were used throughout the review period. Because we reviewed all ten flavors we felt it necessary to bump the normal 72-hour period to 96-hours in order that all of the flavors could be thoroughly evaluated. For instance, some e-Liquids, by any vendor, are terrific morning vapes but are not that great in the middle of a hot afternoon.  The whole purpose of spending time with each flavor, for each vendor, is to discover as much about each one as we can.

We strongly believe that to record yourself vaping a new e-Liquid and giving your impression of it is probably the worst way to review an e-Liquid.

As a viewer you have no idea what the reviewer was vaping prior to the video. Did it cause his or her taste buds to alter the perception of the e-Liquid being reviewed? What time of day was it? Is it a morning vape, afternoon vape, desert vape? I could go on, the point being is that is someone is going to offer an opinion on any e-Liquid that person should offer an informed opinion. That person needs to vape the e-Liquid at various times of the day, under various circumstances, with an unclouded palette. This is why our e-Liquid reviews are so long, and require a 5-member team to do an e-Liquid justice. There is much more to an e-Liquid flavor than a first drag.


There are factors in determining the ‘score’ of an individual e-Liquid. Having said that, those factors have to be considered under various environments. In order for a “flavor” factor to earn 5 stars (our highest score), the flavor must be a terrific flavor under any condition. Is it a good flavor first thing in the morning? How about mid-day? Does it hold together in the evening? All of these things must be taken into account.

Other factors that determine a score are the amount of vapor that can be enjoyed in various e-cigarettes, and is it an overall satisfying ‘vape’.

A Word About Throat Hits – There are too many things that can affect the throat hit, from nicotine levels to the type of battery or eJuice delivery devices (carto, clearo, tank), and even the time of the day and the amount of vaping the person has done before trying out the new e-Liquid flavor.

Where our own scores for the “Throat Hit” becomes an unfair factor is when you can be led to believe that a certain e-Liquid flavor delivers a great throat and you decide to order it based on our review. Did you order the same PG/VG ratio that we used? Is the nicotine level the same? Are you going to vape with the same hardware we use? All of these things play a part in determining the throat hit for e-Liquid, and it is impossible to say whether you will experience the same throat hit that any member of the team experienced.

Beginning in this review we will no longer use the Throat Hit score when determining whether or not that e-Liquid should earn a Spinfuel Choice Award. We will still let you know what are experience was with respect to the throat hit, but even an e-Liquid completely absent of a throat hit could earn a Choice Award is everything else earns the top score.

Something else to keep in mind – Our job with a Spinfuel e-Liquid Review is not to talk you into buying an e-Liquid. Our job is to bring new brands, new flavors, and new experiences to you so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to travel down that road. Our team consists of five individuals with five different styles of vaping, and five different palettes for e-Liquid flavors. It is up to you to decide if the e-Liquid we review is worth your time and your money.

Our Newest MemberNichole – Before allowing Nicole to join the team we interviewed seven others. We chose Nicole for her knowledge about ‘flavor’. Nicole is a trained pastry chef, and she has been vaping for two years. She is most certainly an e-Liquid connoisseur, and she understands and appreciates menthol as well. (Finally!) Nicole is a very qualified reviewer on the Spinfuel Team who, like the rest of us, will work hard to discover if a brand, or even a single flavor from that brand, is worthy of your money and your time.


The Vapor Girl Ten Get Reviewed

So what are we waiting for? We have ten flavors to talk about, and believe me we talked… a lot.

The Vapor Girl Spinfuel Review 2013Banana Pudding Southern StyleSpinfuel Choice Award – “Banana Pudding (Southern Style) Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is yet another tribute to a North Carolina legendary dessert! The Southern Banana Pudding is a delightful mix of textures and flavors with Nilla Wafers used as a decorative “crust”, banana pudding as the main portion, and real, ripe banana slices interspersed throughout. Our banana pudding carries throughout a swirl of cookie and vanilla that makes this vape out of this world!” – The Vapor Girl

Tom: I have a soft spot for banana pudding. My mother makes the best banana pudding in the world. (Hi Mom!) The ratio of Nilla wafers (and it has to be Nilla Wafers!), and slow-cooked vanilla pudding (no instant pudding at my house), and banana’s that if left out for just one more day would be over ripe, are vital to a perfect ‘mom’s’ banana pudding. I know banana pudding… And if you also like banana pudding you are going to love this e-Liquid.

The Vapor Girl did an excellent job at delivering a real, honest-to-goodness, authentic tasting banana pudding in vapor form. The artistry used in this recipe to deliver just the right amount of banana flavoring, vanilla wafer and vanilla pudding flavoring is a remarkable achievement. It must have taken months to get this just right. Vapor was thick, with a nice aroma of banana, but the lack of the throat hit was noticeable. A higher nicotine level might have delivered a better one. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 2.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Angel Marie: I’ve never vaped a banana pudding flavor before but I have had plenty of banana variations. I expected this to be just another banana variation but it isn’t. I’ll be damned if this wasn’t an authentic banana pudding vape. It is so amazing what eJuice artists can do when they know what it is they are doing. I loved the rich creamy banana and vanilla flavors, the vapor production was huge, and although the throat hit was light I don’t think it would have benefited from being a harder hitting one. This was damn near perfect. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Nicole: I thought I had tried every banana e-Liquid combination there was. I never dreamed someone would try to make a banana pudding eJuice, especially a good one. Southern Style Banana Pudding by the Vapor Girl is extraordinary! The vapor tastes just like banana pudding! I really enjoyed this one, and the mixture of vanilla wafer and banana was splendid. Great vapor, little throat hit. If you like banana pudding this is a must try. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 2.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

John: Unlike the rest of this team this is not my first banana pudding e-Liquid, it’s actually my third. The first one was amazing, the second one wasn’t that good, but now this one from The Vapor Girl takes it too the next level of delicious. I loved it.

I think what drove it home for me was a better balance of the whole vanilla wafer thing. You can really taste the vanilla wafers and nice vanilla pudding. Of course the banana flavor is dominant, but the others are not buried, not by a long shot. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys any type of banana eJuice. The Vapor Girl did a wonderful job! Vapor was excellent as well. The only thing that wasn’t there was a throat hit, but to be fair we vape between 8Mg and 12MG nicotine levels, so you can’t expect much unless you get a high PG ratio, and the amount of vapor this was putting out I think it was a 50/50 blend. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 2.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Stephanie: This is a very authentic banana pudding vape that was really enjoyable. I think that with the flavoring used in this recipe the urge to go extra sweet must be strong, so I admire the Vapor Girl’s restraint in pulling back on the reigns. Banana Pudding is naturally sweet, but not overly so, which I was very happy with. The mixture of vanilla, vanilla wafers, and banana was very balanced. You could identify the banana flavor instantly, which is fine, but the vanilla wafer flavor was right there as well. A perfect execution. Oh, and the vapor output was awesome! 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 2.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

The Vapor Girl Spinfuel Review 2013Pizza The Most Original Flavor of the Year. – “Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is not a this is deadly serious. Our pizza is very delicious! Just like a fresh slice on the streets of Italy. You can taste the crust, tomato sauce, oregano and garlic, and the gooey melty cheese. Tastes like it was baked in a real pizza oven. An utter delight, and oh what a nice change from sweet or tobacco! Savory has never been so welcome!” – The Vapor Girl

Tom: Just seeing the name on the bottle, “Pizza”, made me think that there was just no way in hell that this was a flavor you could actually vape. As it sat in the office, in the dark stockroom in the office, I would glance at the calendar and it would tell me how much longer I had to wait to vape this eJuice. You see, we just can’t take one drag, decide we don’t like it and move on the next one. No no, that’s not allowed. If we hate it on the first drag we can put aside, but we have to give it three more chances, under different scenarios. So I knew, by counting off the days, that I would have to spend four sessions with Pizza flavored e-Liquid. And I was afraid. Very afraid.

I am now sure that I could write a 2000-word review of The Vapor Girl “Pizza”, and still not say everything I had to say about it. So, I tell you this much…

“When I opened the bottle and smelled the eJuice my mind raced back to the most authentic Italian restaurant I’ve ever dined in. The smell of Italian spices, oregano, cheese, tomato paste, it was all there… in the aroma. Suddenly I began to think, can this be a good sign? Should it be a good sign? Then I filled a clearomizer, let it sit for a few minutes, screwed it onto a battery, pressed the activator button and inhaled. Boom! There it is.”

PIZZA! Honest to god PIZZA! (heavy on the oregano). My mind begins to race because it is a combination of flavors I’ve had many times before, but never, NEVER, in a vapor form. My taste buds are sending signals to my brain and my brain is trying like crazy to make sense of it all.  Then, for an instant, my brain tells me it might just panic… but it doesn’t. Instead, like the quantum computer it ultimately is, it tells me that I am in a superposition* state, I’m eating pizza in a mom-n-pop pizza joint, and at the same time I’m at home, sitting in my favorite chair, and I’m vaping.

I must choose the reality I want to be in because until I observe it, until I measure it, I’m in both places. Luckily for me, the decision is made and the reality is me, sitting down, and vaping pizza. And I am enjoying it. Have I gone mad?

4 Stars (a special thanks for Julia and John for helping me understand ‘superposition’ in quantum mechanics)

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Angel Marie: I thought to myself, what if The Vapor Girl pulled this off? What then? What would a pizza flavored vape taste like? Our brain knows what a pizza looks like, it knows what it smells like, how it feels to bite off the tip of the slice, to suck in that falling piece of melted mozzarella cheese dripping with oil. Will our brains freeze up? Will we stand there, frozen in time, while we process this strange tasting vapor?

The Vapor Girl “Pizza” e-Liquid is at once the strangest tasting e-Liquid I have ever vaped, and it is the most interesting e-Liquid I have ever vaped. I can’t tell you if I liked it or not. I can only tell you that I loved the flavor, but somewhere in my mind I was telling myself that I shouldn’t. It’s pizza, it’s vapor, and it is very weird.

I will tell you this; until you vape Pizza eJuice you will never be able to say that you’ve “tried them all”. This is a flavor you will remember forever. 4 Stars

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Nicole: When I read The Vapor Girl’s description for Pizza I took it at face value. This is not a “joke” e-Liquid, and I definitely agree with that. What it is, surprisingly enough, is an authentic pizza eJuice that replicates the taste of pizza with lots of garlic and oregano and cheese. It was a strange flavor, that’s for sure, but I think everybody should at least try it, if for nothing else but to see just how far you can go with flavoring for e-cigarettes. The thing is, while Pizza might be a milestone, it’s not one I want to travel.

Flavor – 2 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

John: When the moment of genius, or madness strikes, it must be a reality shattering moment. I mean, what was the artist thinking here? Was it genius or madness? Was the artist on to something, or was it an overzealous reach into the dark corners of hyperrealism e-Liquid creation? I still don’t know. What I do know is that I didn’t have to vape it as long as did; yet I did just that. I vaped a 2.4ML clearomizer full and then refilled it and vaped another 2.4ML. Was I vaping for science, or was I vaping for the amazing pizza flavor? I wish I knew.

To avoid being called “pizza breath” you’ll need to follow up with a cool vape. Seriously. 4.75 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Stephanie: My God, what has the Vapor Girl done? What does this e-Liquid do for the world of vaping? Where will this all lead? My very first drag from my Halo Triton and clearomizer gave me such a strange feeling. How was I vaping pizza? Without a doubt the strangest vape of my life, The Vapor Girl Pizza is a must try e-Liquid.

Suggestion: If The Vapor Girl wants to revolutionize the vaping universe what she needs to do is buy a 1000 3ML bottles and throw in a free sample of this flavor in the next 1000 orders. She might also want to send a 10ML bottle to every other e-Liquid vendor in the US and ask him or her “are you ready to take the e-Liquid market to the next level?” This could be the first salvo in a revolution, or it could be a brave, but fruitless effort to take people to a place they just don’t want to go.

If nothing else, The Vapor Girl’s Pizza eJuice stands alone. I nominate Pizza for the most Original e-Liquid Flavor of the year. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3.5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

The Vapor Girl Spinfuel Review 2013Iced Caramel Latte – “Iced Caramel Latte Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl tastes like a fresh iced caramel latte from your favorite coffee shop! A tasty mix of dark roasted coffee drizzled with caramel and served on ice! Refreshing on a hot summer day!” – The Vapor Girl

Tom: Iced Caramel Latte is a decent caramel coffee vape with just a hint of coolness. Not menthol, but rather an icy cool touch as you exhale. The vapor was not a good as some of the others, although the throat hit was bolder. A solid “average” e-Liquid, and we’ve seen The Vapor Girl do much better. 3.5 Stars 


Flavor – 2 Stars – Vapor – 3.5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Angel Marie: I found Iced Caramel Latte to be lacking in everything except a harsh coffee flavor. I didn’t detect much caramel at all, and the “icy” part was very light. I’ve had some good coffee vapes before, and sadly, this one doesn’t measure up. It needs to be smoother, richer, and sweeter. 3 Stars

Flavor – 2.5 Stars – Vapor – 3.5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3.5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

John: I did not care for Iced Caramel Latte. I was coughing inside of 20 minutes of vaping. The Vapor Girl has produced some amazing flavors before, and will certainly do so again, but this time Iced Caramel Latte doesn’t add up to much. 3 Stars

Flavor – 2 Stars – Vapor – 2 Stars – Throat Hit – 2.5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

Nicole: I think the issue with Iced Caramel Latte is twofold; first the coffee isn’t anywhere near the quality of today’s coffee flavored concentrates and there is a real lack of caramel. It’s just a harsh coffee flavor that leaves you wanting. The vapor wasn’t nearly as good as TVG’s other flavors. This one needs work. 3 Stars

Flavor – 2 Stars – Vapor – 3 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Stephanie: I was looking forward to this one and was sorely disappointed by the harsh taste of the coffee flavor. Definitely not sweet enough, and The Vapor Girl does so many things right that its hard to believe this one came from The Vapor Girl lineup. Rough coffee flavor, with tones of bitterness you might find in a pot of coffee where the person that made it used way too many scoops. I too couldn’t catch the caramel flavor and the icy hints, while there, felt out of place.

Flavor – 2.5 Stars – Vapor – 3 Stars – Throat Hit – 3.5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

The Vapor Girl Spinfuel Review 2013Pink Moo – Spinfuel Choice Award – “Pink Moo Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is a blend of fresh picked strawberries and creamy vanilla which creates an extraordinary smoothie temptation!” – The Vapor Girl

Tom: Pink Moo is an exceptionally delicious eJuice that had me coming back for more and more. A splendid mix of ripe strawberries in this creamy vanilla base that felt like such a satisfying desert vape it could cure any sweet craving you might have. If you were trying to lose weight by vaping alone (not that you would) you could easily vape Pizza for dinner and top it off with a nice long vape of Pink Moo.  Sweet, thick and delicious… with tons of vapor and a surprising throat hit. I’m adding this to my daily rotation. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 4 Stars

Angel Marie: When I drive through a Steak N Shake I always order their strawberry milkshake. They are better than any other joint in this town. I could tell the difference between a Steak N Shake strawberry shake and any other Strawberry milkshake, so when I vaped Pink Moo I was knocked over by how close this is to the same delicious milkshake I crave once a week at least.

So creamy and thick with authentic ripe strawberries blended around delicious cream, you’ll want to vape Pink Moo until the cows come home. I loved the vapor production as well, thick clouds of sweet smelling vapor and a super nice throat hit. Not exactly complex, but with such a brilliant mix of just the right amount of flavors I’m going to say that this was not some haphazard blend, this was constructed to deliver exactly what you want from a strawberry shake. 5 Stars 

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

John:  When you really enjoy a vape you tend to take long, deep, drags from your e-cigarette and let it out nice and slow. Pink Moo provided that kind of vaping experience for me. I’m loving this delicious, vapor rich, super throat hit, concoction so much I’ve been stretching my remaining juice as long as I can, until I can order more. If you like creamy strawberry vapes this is one you must try. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Nicole: If I was being evacuated from my home (like if a hurricane were bearing down on us) and I could only fit a few bottles of eJuice in my bag Pink Moo would be one of them. I call an e-Liquid like Pink Moo “Comfort Vaping” because it is just so richly creamy, full of strawberries, and puts out so much vapor that you’ll never fret about not having the perfect sweet vape for times when only the best will do. As soon as this review is published my order will go in for a few of these flavors, and Pink Moo in a 50ML bottle has my name on it. So good! 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Stephanie: Unless you really hate strawberries you will adore Pink Moo. I mean that, completely and totally. It isn’t too often when I hit upon a perfect combination of creamy vanilla and ripe strawberries like I have in Pink Moo. Plumes of vapor, and excellent throat hit, and so satisfying that you’ll be so happy to have discovered vaping in the first place. 5 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

The Vapor Girl Spinfuel Review 2013Marcboro – “Marcboro Tobacco Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is the closest we’ve ever gotten to a Classic Red Cowboy Style Cigarette flavor. Along with our Menthol, Marcboro is our biggest seller!!!!” – The Vapor Girl

Tom: When you were a smoker, when was it that you really wanted to smoke a cigarette? After you eat a fairly large meal of course. So, since The Vapor Girl says that Marcboro is the closest thing yet to the Red Cowboy, what better way to find out then to wait to vape this until after I’ve had a big dinner? So it was off to Longhorn for a big steak, with a 510 cartomizer filled with Marcboro screwed onto a fully charged cig-a-like battery. After a delicious dinner I went outside and “lit up”. (There were 3 other men and 1 woman smoking real cigarettes)

Is it the Red Cowboy? No, no it’s not. Yet I couldn’t be happier about that. Marcboro is definitely a “cigarette-like” tobacco e-Liquid, with a very hard hitting throat hit and plenty of vapor. But the flavor, while good, was not very close to any cigarette I remember. It was better. A lot better. 4 Stars

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Angel Marie: If you want an e-Liquid that serves no other purpose than to give you the best possible throat hit and more vapor that you could possibly need, then Marcboro is something you need to try. It’s a close to a cigarette as you’ll find anywhere. Is that a good thing? Maybe for you it is, but not for me.

Don’t get me wrong; I loved the enormous amount of vapor the throat hit that was more like a throat punch by my movie-crush Jason Statham, but I just don’t like cigarette-style vaping anymore.

This class of tobacco e-Liquid is in a class all its own. There is no Cavendish, or Belgian, or Toasted Amber. No White Leaf, no Carolina Blend, no rich, great tasting tobacco… There’s no sweetness, no complexity, no character. It is, for better or worse, the cigarette experience and if you crave the real thing, the cigarette, then I suggest buying it and using it in a cig-a-like device like Tom did and what you’ll have is a safe cigarette. 4 Stars

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

John: I’ve had one other cigarette e-Liquid in the past 18 months, and this one is so similar I couldn’t believe it. I wonder how they really sell though. The Vapor Girl tells us that Marcboro, along with their Menthol version, are their top sellers so obviously there are many Vapers looking for this kind of juice. If you’re one of them, then you must try Marcboro; it’s a simple as that. Personally, I’d rather vape Pink Moo. 4 Stars.

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

Nicole: Marcboro is so close to a cigarette experience that it could probably make some Vapers crave the real thing. It vapes like a cigarette, it hits like a cigarette, and it tastes like a cigarette. I think the problem with people like John, Angel, Stephanie, and even Tom is that they don’t remember what cigarettes taste like and all this time spent vaping delicious flavors that are so far away from the cigarette experience that it’s like night and day.

I suggested that everyone take one for the team and actually buy a pack of the Red Cowboy and smoke a couple of them and then compare it to Marcboro. They wouldn’t do it, so I had to do it alone. Take it from me, when The Vapor Girl says their Marcboro is the closest thing yet, it’s true. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then by all means try it.  4 Stars

Flavor – 4.5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

Stephanie: Marcboro is scary eJuice. What I love about it is the incredible amount of vapor it puts out, even in a simple 808 battery and cartomizer, and a throat hit that is just plain remarkable. What I don’t love about it is how incredibly close to a cigarette it really is. I don’t know why anyone would spend all the time and effort they put into giving up cigarettes only to continue “smoking” with an e-Liquid like Marcboro. I suppose there must be a lot of people looking for that kind of vape though since Marcboro is such a big seller. 4 Stars

Flavor – 3 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

strawberrychampagneStrawberries & ChampagneSpinfuel Choice Award – “Strawberries and Champagne Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is incredibly desirable, seductive vape. If you love sweet, ripe strawberries and the taste of good champagne, this will make your toes tingle! We actually got Goosebumps trying this the first time! A powerhouse of a flavor, this is certain to delight!”

Tom: Its apparent now that The Vapor Girl can work some magic with strawberries! This is a marvelous combination of strawberries and whatever they use to create the taste of a delicate champagne. This e-Liquid produces tons of vapor and a great throat hit. I wound up vaping strawberries and champagne a lot longer that I should have, I just couldn’t put it down. Believe it or not, this is going on my rotation immediately.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Angel Marie: Although strawberries and champagne and Pink Moo share that strawberry flavor any similarities after that are non-existent. Pink Moo is rich and creamy whereas Strawberries and Champagne is lighter, with a bit of fizziness (how do they do that?) and you really get this champagne-like experience in vapor form. This is also a vapor powerhouse with a strong throat hit. If you like strawberries and you want something light, that will vape all-day while delivering vapor and throat hits you won’t believe you need to try this one. If I had to choose between this one and Pink Moo, it would be very close…but Pink Moo would win.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

John: Last year I wasn’t into strawberry vapes at all. It took months of vaping various strawberry e-Liquids from several vendors before I became a fan, and today I am a really big fan of strawberry blends.

I would say that Strawberries and Champagne is every bit as good as Pink Moo, but in a very different ways. One is rich and creamy, with a velvety feel and very thick vapor, the other is a light, fresh, and sparkly strawberry that definitively delivers a champagne-like vape. Vapor and throat hit are a little stronger with this one, but both are very gratifying vapes.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

Nicole: I would say I enjoy darker, heavier flavors over light and airy ones, so choosing between this strawberry blend of Pink Moo I would be more inclined to buy Pink Moo. But, Strawberries and Champagne is a marvelous e-Liquid that deserves as many allocates as Pink Moo, but with an entirely different flavor profile. Vapor is equally good in both strawberry juices but this one has a better throat hit. All in all though, I very much enjoyed this eJuice and would love to add it to my collection of juices.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

Stephanie: Strawberries and Champagne is a great eJuice. A delightful blend of just the right amount of strawberry and whatever it is they use to get the champagne airiness that gives this flavor it’s light feel. In addition to just the right amount of flavor it also producers a wonderful amount of vapor and throat hit you’ll remember. I am very impressed with this light and delicious blend.


Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

The Vapor Girl Spinfuel Review 2013Sweet Tart Blueberry – “Sweet Tart FLAVORS Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl tastes just like sweet tart candies! This has become one of my favorite flavors of all times. I find myself constantly mixing it with other fruits, as well as vaping it just by itself. So here we are, offering Sweet Tart Flavors for you to choose from! You may also add SOUR to your Sweet Tart Flavors for an even MORE exciting vape!” – The Vapor Girl

Tom: This is a little too overboard for me. I’m not a sweet tart fan, so there isn’t a whole lot I can bring to the table on this one. I can tell you that it definitely has the sweet tart flavor profile, and in this particular blend the flavor of blueberry is there in abundance. For those of you that like sweet tart blend you would find these excellent. Good vapor, decent throat hit.  3.75 Stars

Flavor – 3 Stars – Vapor – 4 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 4 Stars

Angel Marie: I am a HUGE sweet tart lover! At least I was when I was a few years younger. Let me tell you, if you’re into sweet tart vapes this is going to have you vaping up a storm. The sweet tart mix does not overwhelm the dominant flavor of blueberry, so they blend together very well. Good vapor, but not as good as Strawberries and Champagne. Still, I recommend it to sweet tart fans. 4.5 Stars

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 4 Stars

John: This is not my kind of e-Liquid, never has been. I get it though; I know some people love sweet tart candy and e-Liquids. I think that if you do like sweet tarts this is very close to that, if not exactly like them. Certainly not a series (the Sweet Tart Flavors are offered in several flavors), but I have to hand it to The Vapor Girl for being able to deliver them in a clean, fresh, vapor rich eJuice. 3.5 Stars


Flavor – 3 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4.5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

Nicole: If you’re trying to replicate a candy, in this case Sweet Tarts, then you need to understand what makes them tick. The Vapor Girl understands the magic behind making Sweet Tarts, and if you like that kind of eJuice you’ll love it. We vaped the Blueberry version and there was plenty of blueberry flavor to be had. This e-Liquid puts out a ton of vapor and a pretty good throat hit. Not my favorite candy, not my favorite type of e-Liquid, but not bad at all. 4 Stars

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

Stephanie: Sweet Tart Blueberry is an amazing accomplishment. After vaping for a while I couldn’t help think about what a sweet tart e-Liquid would taste like without the “flavor” part. In this case the blueberry, and the blueberry is pretty darn good, but the sweet tart part is a mystery. Overall I enjoyed vaping this for a while, though for me it is nowhere near an all-day vape. I would like to keep a bottle of this around for those occasions when nothing seems to do it.

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

The Vapor Girl Spinfuel Review 2013Mt. Dewdrops Raspberry – “Mtn. DewDrops Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl tastes very similar to the real, utterly unforgettable, mountainous drops of dew found in a can or bottle 🙂 A bit citrus-y, you can almost feel the carbonation. Wonderful as an all-day vape!” – The Vapor Girl

Tom: This flavor has to be the most shocking of the ten flavors. I knew for certain that I wasn’t going to like this flavor for the simple fact that it was a take off on Mountain Dew, a soft drink I cannot stand. But the fact of the matter is this is one magnificent e-Liquid. The raspberry flavoring does the trick too, because it does a great job overlaying the MT Dew taste, which is a bit of a citrus taste and some sweetness. Add to this unique taste a fantastic amount of vapor and a more than decent throat hit and it comes together as a fantastic and fun e-Liquid.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 4 Stars

 Angel Marie: What a unique presentation for raspberry flavoring! For some reason this combination works extremely well. Although I understand this is supposed to work as a Mountain Dew with raspberry flavor its much more than that, or at least it’s better than the sum of its parts. It’s a lemon-lime-raspberry and it will be a part of my regular vaping from here on out.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 2 Stars

John: I’m not crazy about Mountain Dew so for me this was another e-Liquid I did not expect to enjoy. And I didn’t… not for the first few minutes anyway. The something strange happened. I began to enjoy it.

I think it was the sudden citrus hit which I don’t normally vape. But, after that I tasted the raspberry flavoring much more, it lost some of its citrus-y flavors as well. After a while it tasted like a sweet-ish raspberry eJuice that was really enjoyable

Flavor – 4.5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 4 Stars

Nicole: Most of the time I don’t have to work at a flavor in order to know if I like it. Even the most complicated blend of e-Liquid will reveal itself to me fairly quickly. But there is always an anomaly isn’t there? For it it’s MT Dewdrops Raspberry. The first ten minutes were spent just trying to figure out what it was I was vaping. Was this a Mountain Dew lemon-lime flavor with hints of raspberry or a raspberry flavor with lime in it for hints of citrus? It took a long while for me to decide if it was thumbs up e-Liquid, or thumbs down. Ultimately, it’s a thumbs up, in a big way. I guess the only way I can sum it up is that is grows on you. Plenty of vapor and a really nice throat hit are an added bonus.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 5 Stars – Complexity – 5 Stars

Stephanie: MT Dewdrops Raspberry is a very different e-Liquid for me. I haven’t had much opportunity to vape citrus flavors, though I think I would enjoy more of them. I didn’t think citrus flavors could be all-day vapes and when I spend money on eJuice I want to spend on it on flavors I can vape all day without wanting to switch it out, especially if its only been an hour or so.

I found MT Dewdrop Raspberry to be sweeter than it was citrus-y, but it did have hints of citrus flavor so it made it very interesting and maybe something I could vape on a regular basis. Turns out I was right. This is one of my favorites from The Vapor Girl now.

Flavor – 4.75 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 4.5 Stars

The Vapor Girl Spinfuel Review 2013Popcorn: “Popcorn Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl tastes just like GREAT movie theater popcorn~ buttery, a little cheesy, great for vaping anywhere that you want to drive people mad with the delicious smell! Excellent vape for when you just don’t want sweet, and crave something savory!”

Tom: Who would have thought that popcorn would make a good vape? Not me, that’s for sure. Before I loaded up a clearomizer I wanted to see what it smelled like so I took a sniff… smells just like buttered popcorn.

Do you know how sometimes while vaping you take long deep drags fairly quickly? I vape like that a lot, especially if it’s a flavor I really enjoy. It’s kind of the way I used to smoke cigarettes. I’m definitely a Type A personality so there are times when I smoked too much, eat too much, and doing everything too quickly.

Vaping like I usually do with an e-Liquid like Popcorn is the worst thing you can do if you want to enjoy this flavor. Nice and slow, with deep drags gives you this marvelous, almost creamy vanilla popcorn flavor and it is heavenly. But it is also very rich. So, if you vape too much too quickly the taste will turn on you. Popcorn is a very unusual flavor, something you buy for an occasional guilty pleasure. I wouldn’t recommend it for an all-day vape.

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 4 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 3 Stars

Angel Marie: I didn’t care for Popcorn, but it’s certainly not The Vapor Girl’s fault. I don’t like popcorn, buttered or otherwise. I vaped it for a few minutes but then it tasted so much like buttered popcorn I couldn’t continue on.

John: I vaped popcorn eJuice before and I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t get through maybe about a minute with it and then I had to stop or get sick to my stomach. I expected the same thing here, but it wasn’t like that.

To me there is definitely these creamy vanilla tones on top of a buttered popcorn flavor which made it much more palatable then my previous popcorn vapes. It’s a very rich flavor, and therefore not something I could vape for hours. For those times when you’re in the mood it will make a fantastic vape. My suggestion; open the bottle smell the aroma. If the aroma is inviting then you’re in the mood, if not, then leave it alone and try again later.

Flavor – 4 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 3 Stars – Complexity – 4.5 Stars

Nicole:  I am so sorry, but I just couldn’t get past the smell. It smells exactly like butter popcorn and I hate buttered popcorn. I must abstain from this flavor.

Stephanie: Well, color me weird because I LOVED The Vapor Girl’s Popcorn. OMG the aroma alone is to die for. It smells exactly like the snack counter at the move theatre where that giant machine is pumping out fresh popcorn and those pump bottles of fake butter are sitting there waiting to drench the popcorn in your bucket. TVG did a heck of a job creating such an amazing flavor. I will admit that it is a very rich flavor but not something I could vape all day. Last night while watching a movie I decided to vape popcorn instead of making some. It was almost as good. Seriously.

Flavor – 5 Stars – Vapor – 5 Stars – Throat Hit – 4 Stars – Complexity – 5 Star


The Vapor Girl is definitely carving out a niche in the e-Liquid market that includes the fearlessness of going where others can’t or wouldn’t. Anybody who can pull off an e-Liquid that smells and tastes like a delicious New York style pizza knows a thing or two about flavor. We wish there were more vendors like this, willing to take risks.

The Vapor Girl’s list of e-Liquid flavors continues to grow, and while some of them are award winning and others are not, this trail-blazing company will continue to prosper if they continue to innovate.

True innovation in the e-Liquid segment of the e-cigarette market means finding new ways to create great juices to vape, by experimentation and dedicated development. Perhaps too many vendors want to make e-Liquids that appeal to the lowest common denominator, they are growing because thousands of new Vapers join our side everyday. The truly successful ones are going to hit and miss more often than by the ones that continues to safe it safe, but like in everything else, the trailblazers set their sails for the future and ignore the critics.

Best Flavor: Pink Moo

Worst Flavor: Popcorn

Spinfuel Choice Award: Pink Moo, Strawberries & Champagne, Southern Style Banana Pudding

Most Unusual Flavor: Pizza, by a mile.

Buying Advice – This is a tough one. We really enjoyed some of these flavors so much that they will land on our private e-Liquid rotations. Pink Moo is one that is a no-brainer for us; we’ll all add that one. Strawberries and Champagne will other have a few new fans after today. MT Dewdrops Raspberry was a major hit for some of us. And we can’t forget about the amazing Southern Style banana Pudding.

If you like the base flavors used in the above e-Liquids then we believe most of you will like The Vapor Girls’ “take” on them enough to make them a part of your own rotations.  We certainly did, with most of them.

We do recommend that everyone try at least a sampler size bottle of “Pizza” because its just do original, and if you like it you’ll really like it.

And there you have it. We hope you enjoyed our review and we hope we’ve done The Vapor Girl’s flavors justice.

As a part of our July is eJuice Month we sent Victoria of The Vapor Girl a few questions in order to catch up with her, see what she’s been up to, and maybe get a glimpse of their plans for the rest of the year. We present this short “interview” in a separate piece.

Tom McBride, Angel Marie, John Manzione, Nicole Henderson, Angel Marie, and Stephanie Sanders.