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UPDATE: Janaury 14th, 2013 – Today Vape Dudes e Juice has earned 9 Spinfuel Choice Awards for their Excellence in eLiquid Artistry. With more than 200 total flavors, Spinfuel only began to scratch the surface in a review of their product line. We are hoping to bring you further reviews of the various flavors in 2013. For more information about the Spinfuel Choice Awards, click here.

Vape Dudes e Juice Review – July 27, 2012

Of all the brands of American Made eJuice that we have been reviewing for our “July is eJuice Month” celebration (a now yearly event!) Vape Dudes offers more flavors than any of them, including a “flavorless” eJuice. (Up to 200 today) Now, normally that could very well stand as one heck of an accomplishment in and of itself but when you hear that each bottle of eJuice sold by Vape Dudes is made by hand, never in batches, well, it becomes the stuff of legends. “How in the world do they do it?” As it turns out, they do it very well indeed.

Vape Dudes is a young company owned and operated by Chris Snuffer and Jennifer Zeares. Only a couple of years old Vape Dudes has managed to grow at an amazing speed. With sales as far away as Australia and Hungary, as well as online sales and multiple resellers in Texas and the Midwest, Vape Dudes continues this fast pace without any signs of slowing down.

Does this incredible growth rate affect the quality of the eJuice? Certainly not. In fact, our experience with Vape Dudes suggests that their ability to maintain consistency and quality has never been better. This review was not the first time we had sampled Vape Dudes eJuice, so we had a preconceived idea of what qualities to expect and they did not disappoint. Several of Vape Dudes flavors were still in rotation among some of our team members and as such, they were familiar with some of the flavors submitted for review.

Vape Dudes offers their eLiquid in a variety of blends, from 100% PG to 100% VG and just about every combination in between. Nicotine levels (including zero) are 6, 11, 16, and 24MG. You have the option of adding a touch of “extra flavor”, which we think is a great idea for those heavily into certain flavors. (John, for instance, is crazy about coconut and banana and would probably opt for extra flavoring in blends that included one or the other).

We should also note that Vape Dudes uses a “Point System” that allows their customers to earn points for purchases. These points can be used to get free stuff. What’s really nice about this is that is with their pricing structure you’re not paying any extra to make up for the point system, so this is a real, honest way to earn free stuff.

Pricing: Pricing is excellent for an American Made juice; Vape Dudes offers a 10ML size for $6.49 and a 30ML size for $17.49.

For this review we are sampling a total of 21 flavors. The team consisted of John Manzione, lead writer this time out, along with Tom McBride, Jason Little, Chelsey Laney, and Lisa Johnston.

The hardware used in this review were the ProVape ProVari, Vapor King Storm 2.0, NicStick’s eGo-T, Johnson Creek VEA makes a return visit, and Halo G6 and Element batteries. 510 and KR808 Cartomizers, Cartridges, and Vape Dudes own Texas Tuff Tanks, along with DCT’s from Totally Wicked and Apollo eCigs.

Point System: We rated our experience as follows: (Keep in mind that our scores on based on what we think of the flavor, and if it is accurately described. However, our taste buds weigh heavier on the score than an accurate description)

  • 5 Stars – It doesn’t get any better. I LOVE it.
  • 4 Stars – Good stuff. Would vape again.
  • 3 Stars – Average quality, okay taste.
  • 2 Stars – Not horrible, but not very good.
  • 1 Star  – I think I’d rather smoke an analog.
  • 0 Stars – Someone call Poison Control!

Time: The team spent 72 consecutive hours with Vape Dudes eLiquid.

Initial Impressions: (Characteristics) – Vape Dudes eJuice is very clean, clear, and fresh. No aftertaste and no “base” taste that plagues many prefilled branded eCigs. All flavors produced top-notch vapor (all blends were 50%PG/50%VG at 24MG) and the throat hits were all splendid.  Some flavors stuck out more than others (see below) but on the whole, each flavor was accurately described by Vape Dudes and enjoyed by the entire team. Some scored higher than others, but this was based on specific likes and dislikes of the team. The vast majority scored extremely well, and each member of the team had their favorites. Vape Dudes is highly recommended.

Review Process: Once the 72 hours expired all notes were handed into the lead writer, where they were read and collated. The 3-hour meeting is captured below in truncated, narrative excerpts.

The flavors listed below are in no certain order… we just picked them randomly, out of a hat (well, a box really).

And So It Begins…

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Cinnamon Roll (Award Winners) 50/50 – Vape Dudes described this as, well, a Cinnamon Roll. Did the Team agree?

John: 5 Stars – I used to have a problem with Cinnabon, in that whenever I passed one I stopped and fed the craving. That’s why I topped out at 265 pounds and had to move to Florida for my health (I’m much better now thanks). So, I said a little prayer before trying this one.  The last thing I needed was to get hooked again. I mean they do have 2 of have them in town. I gave this flavor a 5 star rating because it really delivers the flavor of a cinnamon roll. Scary but delicious.

Tom: 5 Stars – You know me and sweet vapes; I didn’t rate this one as high as I could have. Still, they nailed the flavor of a real cinnamon roll. Too sweet for me to make this a regular.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – I could vape this every night after dinner and every late-night snack. A great desert vape; tasted the cinnamon roll every time. Delicious!

Lisa: 3 Stars – While I thought they did a great job delivering the taste of a real cinnamon roll I didn’t really like it. But, to be fair, I don’t eat cinnamon anything, so there’s that.

Jason: 5 Stars – A cinnamon vape! I really liked it a lot, but it’s not an everyday vape so I can’t give it my maximum rating. Accurate taste though!

Mocha Java Drizzle 50/50 – Vape Dudes doesn’t go overboard with their descriptions of the flavors they offer. “Chocolate Caramel Coffee” – And the Team said!

John: 4 Stars – While I think this is a good flavor I’m not in love with it. I could taste the coffee and the chocolate, but not so much the caramel.

Tom: 4 Stars – I agree. It lacks something, the caramel I think. Once again a little too sweet for me.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – This is one people have to try! I loved it. Just the right amount of chocolate, caramel and coffee in this marvelous blend. Gimme more!

Lisa: 5 Stars – Some coffee blends just hit home, and this is one of them. I tasted more caramel than chocolate, go figure.

Jason: 5 Stars – Sometimes a flavor can get confusing, and sometimes they hit it on the head. Vape Dudes hit this one on the head, a perfect combination. Pleasantly surprised.

Ice Ice 50/50 – Clean menthol. Someone should offer to write poetic descriptions for these flavors. Vape Dudes doesn’t offer much here other than letting us know it’s a cool vape. The team said:

John: 3.5 Stars – Not crazy about menthol, and this is a very cool menthol. Too cool for me.

Tom: 3 Stars – No, this one had way too much menthol for me. No tobacco menthol, just menthol. But at least it wasn’t syrupy.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – A very cool, very clean, smooth on the draw menthol. I loved it.

Lisa: 4 Stars – A good, clean, smooth menthol flavor. I expected it to be somewhat harsh. It wasn’t.

Jason: 3 Stars – Too cool for me. But ya know what? People that love these cool menthol flavors are going to love this one.

Shades of Grey 50/50 – This is an “earl grey” flavor, light and definitely not sweet. What did the team think?

John: 5 Stars – Hit it out of the park! Never did I think a tea-flavored vape would be any good. This was awesome in so many ways.

Tom: 5 Stars – Incredible, and right up my alley. Although I am a tobacco guy, this tea flavor was beautiful. Earl Grey? Indeed.

Chelsey: 3.5 Stars – For every reason you guys loved it, non-sweet, tea flavored, dry, this isn’t it for me. I didn’t like it.

Lisa: 4 Stars – Tea flavored vapes must be new because this is the first one I’ve seen. I liked it. Would I by it? Maybe once. For people looking for something different, try this one!

Jason: 3 Stars – I definitely tasted the tea, which is why I didn’t care for it. This is one of those flavors that will appeal to a certain type, not everyone.

(Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Award Winner)Key Lime Pie – A Key Lime Pie flavor. The team was not split on this one.

John: 5 Stars – Lime! I loved it before and I loved it here. Lime is a great flavor to vape. Key Lime Pie in every drag.

Tom: 5 Stars – Lime is a good flavor, and it’s not too sweet. I loved this one. There is something about lime that makes a semi-sweet, semi-tart vape that’s just right.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – I just had a slice of Key Lime Pie a couple of weeks ago and I adored it. This has the exact same taste. Vaped very true to the flavor too!

Lisa: 5 Stars – I think we all agree about Lime being a nice flavor for vaping. I enjoyed Key Lime Pie a lot. This will go into my rotation.

Jason: 5 Stars – Key Lime Pie was my last flavor to vape because I wanted to save any fruity ones for last. As it turned out it was also one of my favorites. These guys know what they are doing, and they do it well.

RB Float 50/50 – (Naturals Line) 100% Natural Flavoring (made in the USA) – 100% Kosher, USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin (made in the USA) – 100% Kosher, USP Grade Propylene Glycol (made in the USA). Nicotine sourced from tobacco leaves hand picked in California (Made in the USA). Root Beer Float. Well Team?

John: 4 Stars – Root Beer is a good flavor to vape, when it’s smooth, rich, and doesn’t feel harsh on the throat. This is a flavor that can cause you to experience heartburn or indigestion. Seriously. Thankfully Vape Dudes has made a really smooth RB Float. I liked it and it didn’t cause any discomfort.

Tom: 3.5 Stars – Sweet, a little too sweet. I agree with John, some flavors, RB among them, can give you heartburn. That sucks! This one did not so I’m happy about that. For me it was too sweet.

Chelsey: 4 Stars – Yes, it is sweet but it’s not too sweet for me. The Root Beer was rich and smooth, with just a hint of vanilla ice cream (or vanilla anyway). I liked it.

Lisa: 5 Stars – Not only was RB Float very reminiscent of an old fashioned Root Beer Float; it also produced plumes of vapor that was impressive. A good throat hit. An all-around great vape!

Jason: 4 Stars – Root Beer is an awesome flavor and when used properly it can reach greatness. While this had a lot of root beer flavor it didn’t reach greatness status. Hey, not all of them can. I certainly did enjoy it though.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013(Award Winner)Island Coconut 50/50 (Naturals Line) – Vape Dudes tells us “all natural goodness of the coconut into our Naturals Island Coconut. Skip the vacay and get swept away with a bottle today.” How did the team feel?

John: 5 Stars – I love to vape coconut flavored eJuice. I’m always trying different concoctions looking for the best one. Have I found it with Island Coconut? Until something better comes along, YES! I loved this vape like it was my own. So coconut-ty, so rich, so…excellent!

Tom: 5 Stars – A rich, smooth, vape with tons of vapor and a great throat. It has everything you want in a great vape. I would, and have, vaped Island Coconut for hours on end. Beautiful job! And, while sweet it wasn’t candy sweet. Island Coconut has a nice coconut sweetness.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – Without a doubt an awesome flavor! This blend has just the right amount of coconut with subtle hints of other island fruit, like pineapple. Not a Pina Colada, better than that!

Lisa: 5 Stars – Speaking of Pina Colada, Island Coconut was better than the traditional Pina Colada. More coconut means more richness. Even the vapor was thicker and the throat hit was pleasant. Perfection!

Jason: 5 Stars – A vape we can all agree on, this is a clean sweep 5 Star vape. As it should be. Island Coconut is nearly a perfect “tropical island” vape. I wonder if this is a huge seller or does the customer base choose the Pina Colada, which I agree is good, but this is better.

Buttery Nipple 50/50 – A mix of butterscotch and cream. A popular flavor with Vape Dudes customers, but how did it relate to our team?

John: – 4 Stars – If you like butterscotch this is your flavor. I loved the vapor production, the throat hit was light but effective, and it had a good sweetness to it. My only problem is butterscotch is not one of my favorite flavors on anything. I certainly enjoyed vaping it, but I don’t think I would put it into my rotation.

Tom: 3 Stars – Another sweet vape, and on top of that one of the sweetest flavors you can vape, butterscotch. Maybe it would work better as a butterscotch tobacco blend.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – I LOVED this Butterscotch vape! Though I hate the name, too sexual. I couldn’t imagine asking my husband to “hand me the buttery nipple” in front of my son. Still, I loved it in many ways!

Lisa: 5 Stars – LOL Chelsey, Buttery Nipple is the name of a butterscotch drink! I don’t drink them, but that’s what it is. For me, this is a great flavor. Very sweet, rich, and delicious.

Jason: 4 Stars – I’m a butterscotch fan, so I loved this one too. The reason it didn’t get that 5th star is because after a while the flavor changed on me. Maybe it was a case of too much of a good thing. I came back to it a few hours later and it was delicious again.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013(Award Winner) Blue Honey 50/50 – Vape Dudes describes this as

Honey is one of the most beloved creations of nature in the world. Bask in the distinctive flavors of honey and blueberry combined in this vape. A strong, sweet yet slightly earthy taste with blueberry undertones.” Our team says:

John: 5 Stars – The very first time I tried this I didn’t like it. I was expecting a honey-based tobacco and what I got was blueberry honey. Then, a day later my brain must have made the adjustment and it has become my all time favorite Vape Dudes flavor. I enjoyed it even more than Island Coconut, now my 2nd favorite flavor. This is perfection.

Tom: 5 Stars – A perfectly balanced sweetness to the blueberry, therefore, a damned awesome flavor. This is also MY favorite flavor from Vape Dudes. Damn fine!

Chelsey: 5 Stars – If I had to choose a single flavor from Vape Dudes this would be the one. I don’t know if this is ‘accidental genius’ or a deliberate attempt at creating the perfect vape. Either way, it’s a winner. Loved it.

Lisa: 5 Stars – Blue Honey has everything you want in an eJuice. Good balance, great vapor, no aftertaste, and very satisfying. Blue Honey is an incredible flavor that deserves a special place in your collection.

Jason: 5 Stars – I think if my house was broken into and I was robbed the first thing I would do is check my eJuice stock to make sure they didn’t get my Blue Honey! That’s how good this is. I want to keep a healthy supply of this juice in my rotation at all times. Unforgettable.

Classic Tobacco 50/50 – Vape Dudes tells us “Our Classic Tobacco isn’t flashy, but simple and smooth providing that delightfully rich tobacco experience you expect. “ Our team said this:

John: 5 Stars – A very rich, real tobacco flavor that will have you thinking Vape Dudes created this by liquefying tobacco leaves! Closest to real tobacco than I’m used to. Excellent!

Tom: 5 Stars – This flavor is so close to an actual cigarette that it scared me a bit. I loved my analogs, and this is close to a really good cigarette. Do you want to smoke cigarettes because you love the taste, but you don’t want to die of heart disease? Buy Classic Tobacco from Vape Dudes, Marlboro Reds baby!

Chelsey: 3 Stars – You guys are right, almost an analog cigarette in liquid form. I don’t want that in a vape.

Lisa: 3 Stars – Way too close to tobacco. For some people this is going to be a big deal. Too “real” for me, sorry.

Jason: 4 Stars – Loved it a lot. It didn’t reach 5 Stars because it was a real tobacco flavor. Confused? Sorry, I love tobacco flavors, but when it gets this real, I have to walk away for fear of returning to my ciggies.

Strawberry Ice 50/50 – Described by “the Dudes” as “All the strawberry you love with the menthol you can’t live without.” What does our team think of this menthol/Strawberry marriage?

John: 3 Stars – I understand that there are some people that love menthol, unfortunately most of us here don’t. I like the Vape Dudes strawberry flavor, but adding menthol to the mix and you get something I don’t particularly enjoy.

Tom: 3.5 Stars  – Menthol and Strawberry? No thank you. I get where you’re coming from, and I’m sure some people love this flavor, but menthol is tricky and when it’s applied to strawberry? Very tricky.

Chelsey: 3.5 Stars  – While I loved the strawberry flavor I feel like the menthol messed with it too much. I’m not against menthol at all, but these two flavors didn’t marry well enough for me.

Lisa: 4 Stars  – I liked it the most I think, and while I enjoyed the vape I don’t think I would buy this flavor.

Jason: 3 Stars – If you are a menthol fan AND you like strawberries then you’ve found your magical flavor. If for any reason you don’t like one or the other, you will not like this one.

Fuzzy Navel 50/50  – “Fuzzy Navel is peach and our special orange blend. This really does taste just like what you’d think a Fuzzy Navel would taste like.” The team thinks…

John: 5 Stars – The Fuzzy Navel cocktail is delicious, so when I vaped this I was thinking about the cocktail. And you what? They hit the nail on the head with this one. I was shocked really. Want to vape a Fuzzy Navel? Now you can. Bravo!

Tom: 3.5 Stars – Just too sweet for me. This is a desert flavor, with no hint of tobacco. If that’s what you want you’ll love it. Me? Eh. I wouldn’t buy it.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – Oh man, this is the Fuzzy Navel cocktail in vapor form. Delicious and unbelievably fantastic. Highly recommend to anyone looking to vape an orange/peach combo.

Lisa: 4.5 Stars – Orange and Peach are two of my favs; even though orange flavoring is tricky. Vape Dudes pulled this off in a delicious way. Loved it!

Jason: 5 Stars – This gets the 5 Star treatment from me for one reason; they nailed the taste of the Fuzzy Navel cocktail!

Hazelnut Coffee 50/50 – Vape Dudes says “Our delicious original coffee combined with hazelnut.” Our Team says:

John: 5 Stars – First, the Vape Dudes coffee flavor is outstanding. A nice, rich yet smooth coffee that doesn’t get harsh. Now, add in their delicious Hazelnut flavoring and you get this amazing vape. Not too much coffee, not too much hazelnut, greatness in each vape.

Tom: 5 Stars – Not too sweet, very smooth, rich coffee and hazelnut flavors. What more can I say? Oh, I know. This is going into my rotation right away.

Chelsey: 4 Stars – Loved the hazelnut, but the coffee was a tad too strong for me. An “abrupt” throat hit, but rich flavors bring this home as a good vape.

Lisa: 3.5 Stars – Too strong for me.  Strong hazelnut and strong coffee equals a vape that was good on the first couple of drags and then got overwhelming, fast.

Jason: 5 Stars – This is what a hazelnut and coffee should taste like. I loved it. Will buy this one and keep it in rotation.

eJolt NRG Drink (Caffeine eLiquid with real Caffeine!) – This is Vape Dudes attempt to create a Red Bull eJuice, a caffeine drink, but leave out the caffeine. Did it work?

John: 2 Stars – NO, not for me. I dislike Red Bull cola, and this is a lot like that. So, no, just no.

Tom: 2 Stars – Hate Red Bull so I wasn’t even interested in trying this. But I did, and I did not like it.

Chelsey: 3 Stars – I DO drink Red Bull and they do reproduce the flavor here. But, I didn’t like the cola flavors as a vape.

Lisa: 3 Stars – It is what it is, Red Bull vapor. It doesn’t work for me.

Jason: 2 Stars – Couldn’t find anything about this eJuice that I liked enough to go above a 2. I don’t drink coke or coke-like products, so this held very little interest for me. Not a good vape.

Peach Tobacco 50/50 – Vape Dudes tell us “Our classic tobacco combined with Georgia peach.” Simple enough. What does our team say about Peach Tobacco?

John: 4.5 Stars – Not my first Peach Tobacco, but certainly one of the best. Peachy with a nice tobacco touch this one is a rich, smooth, and vapor-rich vape that deserves to be tried. Not the most glamorous but it certainly works hard for your love.

Tom: 5 Stars – One of the best peach tobacco flavors I’ve tried to date. A perfect blend of peach flavors and tobacco. I like the Vape Dudes tobacco so mixing in a high quality peach flavor and you’re bound to have a classic here.

Chelsey: 4 Stars – A solid, rich, smooth Peach Tobacco that was a pleasure to vape. Throw in great vapor production and a nice throat hit and you have a winner in your cartomizer (or tank). I liked this one a lot.

Lisa: 4 Stars – I agree with Chelsey, this is a nice Peach Tobacco flavor. Good combinations of each flavor, I enjoyed it very much.

Jason: 5 Stars – Probably one of the best peach tobacco’s I’ve had to date. Smooth and rich, with just the right amount of Peach. Great throat hit too, so pick some of this up the next time you’re buying eJuice.

Campfire 50/50 – Fire-Cured Tobacco Flavored eJuice – Vape Dudes describes this as “Everything you love about an American smoke is found in the Campfire. Earthy with a slight sweetness, the tobacco flavor is smooth and balanced. You definitely taste the fire-cured tobacco with undertones of honey. This is a fire-cured tobacco flavor that can be enjoyed by both cigar and tobacco lovers alike.”

John: 4.5 Stars – When Vape Dudes mentions “cigar” in their description they are hitting on something you should know; this is strong like a good cigar, and tobacco lovers will enjoy the hell out of it. Large throat hit, tons of vapor. Not for weak of heart, this can kick your butt.

Tom: 5 Stars – Campfire is my ultimate tobacco blend. This is a man’s vape with strong tobacco flavors and a magnificent throat hit. My favorite.

Chelsey: 3 Stars – Much too strong for me. I like the flavor but the throat hit knocked me back. Not for those looking for pleasant, easygoing flavors.

Lisa: 3 Stars – This was like smoking a cigar. Strong flavor, strong throat hit, and strong vapor. Not my style, but Tom loved it.

Jason: 4 Stars – I enjoyed this a lot, but not as an all-day vape because it does kick your butt. Strong.

Mai Tai 50/50 – Vape Dudes describes Mai Tai as “A perennial favorite combination, this signature blend is combined with tropical fruit notes and provides a true island experience.”

John: 4.5 Stars – A very pleasant fruity experience. Not like Pina Colada, or Island coconut. If you want tropical fruits this is the flavor you need. Not too sweet, and the fruit is smooth.

Tom: 3.5 Stars – Too fruity. Not too sweet though. Just not crazy about fruity flavors, but if you are this is one you’ll like a lot.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – I loved this from start to finish. Tons of fruity flavors, smooth and light.

Lisa: 5 Stars – This was all kinds of love for me. All the tropical fruits I love, pineapple, passion fruit, oranges, and maybe a bit of lime thrown in.

Jason: 4.5 Stars – Not a hint of tobacco, just a great mix of tropical fruit. A really nice blend that is awesome on a hot day. Light and fruity, you’ll love it.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013(Award Winner) Pina Colada 50/50  – Piña Colada is a combination of pineapple and coconut. Did it work here?

John: 4 Stars – I know this couldn’t be as good as Island Coconut because a Pina Colada doesn’t use coconut as strongly as Island Coconut. But, on its own, as a real Pina Colada this is fantastic. My problem is that I would choose Island Coconut every time.

Tom: 3 Stars – Too sweet again. Not enough coconut. Does it taste like a Pina Colada? I don’t really know because I’ve never had one. It’s not terrible, but I wouldn’t vape it again.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – Oh my God this was amazing! Just the PERFECT blend of a real Pina Colada. As john indicated, if you’re looking for a stronger coconut than look to Island Coconut but if you are looking for an authentic Pina Colada you’ve found it with this.

Lisa: 5 Stars – Chelsey hit it on the head. The perfect Pina Colada! Not too much coconut (as John would love). I loved this one and plan on adding it to my collection.

Jason: 4 Stars – I’ll admit that I order Pina colada’s (to drink) when I’m down on South Beach in Miami, that and Mojitos, so I knew what to look for here. They nailed it, again. Man, these guys are good!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013(Award Winner)Coconut Cream 50/50 – Vape Dudes says “This sweet and creamy vape is one of our favorites” and our team says:

John: 5 Stars – Coconut Cream is exactly as it sounds, a creamy coconut vape that is incredibly delicious! I don’t know how you make a coconut taste “creamy” but they sure did and I love it!

Tom: – 4 Stars – Wow, what a great idea. This is not your usual coconut fare; this really does have a creamy taste to it. Very nice, very smooth. Tons of flavor and vapor.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – Coconut Cream is so creamy and delicious I almost fell off my chair. Stunningly awesome! How did they do it? It’s like taking a piece of real coconut and slathering butter on it. Awesome!

Lisa: 5 Stars – Very flavorful. Intensely satisfying. I want more and I want it now!

Jason: 5 Stars – A wonderful mix of coconut and cream. Makes me wonder if I could cut up pieces or coconut, pour cream on top, and eat it. Probably not, but boy does this make a great vape.

Maple Island 50/50 – Vape Dudes says, “Fine Maple Rum Tobacco blended with more than a hint delicious tropical fruit”. Did it work? Let’s see what the team has to say:

John: 3.5 Stars – I wanted to like this one. This is nothing like the description though. I thought this was harsh, and not very satisfying. I think this is a miss.

Tom: 4 Stars – This was a fine vape. Not incredible, nothing really special, but certainly not bad.

Chelsey: 3 Stars – I was thinking some kind of maple syrup taste but instead I got this rum flavor with tropical fruit ON TOP of a tobacco base. It just doesn’t work for me.

Lisa: 3.5 Stars – A tobacco-based Pina Colada is an accurate description. The problem with me is that it should be tropical fruity or tobacco, not a blend of both. Some fruits make a good tobacco blend, like Peach or Blue Honey, but tropical fruit? Not nearly as good.

Jason: 4 Stars – Unlike the rest of you I thought Vape Dudes did something clever here. Tropical fruits, a little rum, on top of a very rich, almost pipe tobacco taste. It works for me.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013(Award Winner) Banana Mama 50/50  – “The Banana Mama is not JUST banana flavor. We are much more creative than that. This flavor is fit for any vaping connoisseur. Banana, a hint of pineapple and a splash of coconut are all combined to recreate this island sensation. “ The team says:

John: 5 Stars – I think the name of this flavor could be somewhat misleading. I expected the banana flavor to be not only the main flavor, but also the “only” flavor. The actual blend is much better than that. This has banana flavors, which I love, but it’s also a tropical fruit mix. Totally delicious, you will love it.

Tom: 5 Stars – Banana and coconut, with a touch of pineapple. Wow, what a winning combination. 4 Stars only because I expected more banana because of the name. But, wow, this is a great vape.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – I would so buy this all the time for my rotation of favorites. Just the right amount of banana that takes this otherwise Pina Colada blend to new levels. Inspiring!

Lisa: 5 Stars – I taste an equal amount of banana and pineapple, very little coconut. Still, a great flavor I would vape every day if I could. Marvelous!

Jason: 5 Stars – I didn’t expect to give this blend 5 Stars, but I’m doing so because it’s just so damned good! What a great combination. If I ordered this I might ask for a bit more banana, and a little more VG, that would be perfection for me.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013

American Standard – “American Tobacco is a combination of several types of American tobaccos to create a truly fine vape. This tobacco vape is light in color. Maple undertones so if you don’t like maple, this might not be for you.” –

John: 5 Stars – This is one of the closest flavors to a good tobacco cigarette that I’ve ever tried. American Standard is like a Winston or Marlboro, good flavor (for a cigarette), sort of dry, non-sweet, but very good for those times when you think you need a real cigarette.

Tom: 5 Stars – Once I vaped American Standard I began judging all “cigarette-type” vapes to it. It is exactly the flavor you need when you are craving a cigarette. I’m surprised VapeDudes can get it this close. Definitely a 5 Star blend!

Chelsey: 5 Stars – A non-sweet, massive vapor-spewing masterpiece of a ejuice blend. Not that I want to vape this all the time, because I wouldn’t, but this flavor is so close to that of my old cigarette brand that I need to keep some around for the times in my life when I think I might borrow a real cigarette from a stranger.

Lisa: 5 Stars – American Standard is so much a cigarette-like flavor that it scares me. I think if I vaped this for a while I might want to smoke a cigarette. I keep a bottle of this stashed for those rare moments when I feel weak. Nothing like it anywhere.

Jason: 5 Stars – An award-winning flavor if you ask me, and you did. Like everyone else I agree that American Standard is so close to that of a real cigarette that some times this is nothing else I can vape but this.


Spinfuel Choice Award 2013

Pineapple Upside Down Vape – (Award Winner) – “Taste the flavor of Jamaica with this banana themed mix. Banana, pineapple and a splash of coconut are combined to recreate this island sensation. Garnish your senses with this refreshing vape.” And the bands says….

John: 5 Stars – I’ve vaped this flavor more than any other flavor from any other brand. I have ordered this and reordered this one more times than I can remember. As soon as my last bottle is opened I order a bottle. Taste exactly like a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Excellent in every way.

Tom: 5 Stars – A sweet, cake-y Pineapple Vape that is simply the best desert vape in the bunch and the one I am most likely to choose when I want something sweet. I’ve had a couple of other pineapple upside down flavors before and since but none of them can get close to the real flavor.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – PUDV (Pineapple Upside Down Vape) is the freshest tasting flavor of the collection here today. I ordered this flavor as soon as I could and never looked back. VapeDudes sometimes makes it look easy, but it is far more complex than you might think. i was in love with this flavor while I had it. Now I am awaiting the arrival of another bottle. Delicious!

Lisa: 5 Stars – If you like Pineapple Upside Down cake, and who doesn’t, you will love this blend of just the right fruits and cake flavors. Like the others, I adore this flavor.

Jason: 5 Stars – What a successful blend of just the right amount of flavoring! I’m loving this flavor and I hope VapeDudes will always have it in stock!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Bananas Foster (Award Winner) – “Foster a Banana today! Our take on the iconic dessert – a smidgeon sugar and a whole lotta banana.” – A great flavor

John: 5 Stars – One flavor I keep my eye on. I vape this at least 4 times a week, for 6-8 hours at a time. I fell for this one the moment I tried it. Buy this if you like bananas, otherwise don’t bother because this is the best banana flavored desert you’re going to find. I’ll stay with this one for life.

Tom: 5 Stars – Almost too sweet but not really. I love the desert and I get it when I go to a fine-dining place. So, how could I not love this? Fact is, I do. Lots of banana flavor with a tad of great, sticky, sugar.

Chelsey: 5 Stars – If you even like banana flavors a little bit you’re going to love Bananas Foster. VapeDudes has so many good flavors its difficult to decide what you are going to vape. When that happens it comes down to this and Pineapple Upside Down Vape. Such an awesome tasting vape.

Lisa: 5 Stars – Unbelievably delicious tasting flavor. How do eLiquid artists get so close to something like this? Truly genius art work with Bananas Foster. I want more.

Jason: 5 Stars – It was neck and neck with this one and Pineapple Upside Down. If bananas flavors is something you like in a vape get ready to have a party in your mouth. Seriously though, this is just like the desert. I’m loving it.

The Wrap Up

Our team went through a lot of different flavors in just 3 days. Sometimes that’s plenty of time to decide, while sometimes there isn’t. During the meeting to discuss our notes we pretty much stayed with our original thoughts, the only one to get a huge boost was the Coconut Cream. Without a doubt this is a standout flavor.  We were generally disappointed with only a couple of flavors, the worst being Maple Island. Most of all, out of this number of flavors our team found a higher percentage of great 5 Star eJuices than ever before.

We found that the number of flavors, more than 200, and the number of options for each flavor, may at some point become too much to handle. We hope that doesn’t happen because this is a company that sells outstanding eJuice at outstanding prices. The number of flavors on their website that lack a full description can indicate a “rushed” company that just doesn’t have the time to spend writing provocative descriptions of their eLiquids. Our understanding is that Vape Dudes is growing very quickly and our hope is that they are able to keep up with demand.

Vape Dudes is first and foremost an eLiquid company. They also sell hardware and accessories at great prices. This is a trend you see more and more eLiquid companies moving to with good reason, being able to pick up all your supplies from one vendor is a convenience many of us appreciate.

We highly recommend Vape Dudes for their truly delicious American-Made eLiquids. Be sure to catch our Interview with Chris Snuffer, co-owner of Vape Dudes.

John ManzioneJason Little, Chelsey Laney, Lisa Johnston, and Tom McBride

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