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Totally Wicked Odyssey Review

“…a bottom-mounted fire button…tube-mod marvel…”

But First…

I’d like to tell our readers that Totally Wicked’s new Odyssey is smaller than you might think. Why is that important? From the photos that I have seen I expected a much bigger PV. I was pleasantly surprised that it was quite a bit smaller then the photos indicate. Trust me, that is a good thing.

Oh, and just one more thing… FIVE year Warranty. Five. Years.

Okay… Let’s now we can start…

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Odyssey is constructed with the precision of a fine watch. Each piece fits together with the tiniest of allowable tolerances. It’s as though you are purchasing a ‘bespoke eCigarette’ and you have just taken delivery of it.

The Odyssey is made of a high-grade stainless steel. At first glance it might give you the impression that it’s a heavy behemoth. It’s not. Instead, a ‘completed and assembled’, ready to use the Odyssey doesn’t feel heavy at all. The balance is phenomenal and the weight is evenly distributed. It feels great in the hand.

Have I mentioned the 5-year warranty?


The presentation of the Odyssey is like a black-tie affair, what with its blue pin-stripe box, finely printed Guarantee Certificate, Owners Manual, and it’s Certificate of Authenticity. This stuff isn’t some marketing gimmick either; it’s a reminder of how important quality is to Totally Wicked. This is the first, of hopefully many, hardware products designed and made by them.

With the partially disassembled hardware on the top level of blue pin-stripe box, and its paperwork and charger, et al, on the bottom level, you’ll truly feel as though you’ve added an ‘heirloom’ to your assets and that it will be handed down for generations to come. At least I did.

Sounds impressive, and it is impressive.

From my description you probably think this is some wildly overly expensive eCigarette that will appeal to the rich and famous. Would you? Really? Nah…

But you would be wrong; the Odyssey, with all its ‘fine’ attributes, of which there are many, sells for less than half of the most high-end PV’s. At $99USD this is a PV anyone (well…) can afford, and finely crafted as to be worthy of becoming an heirloom as well. (And I’m sure that any of the ‘rich and famous’ who vape the Odyssey could very well be one of those “sought after PV’s” that the celebs MUST own.)

SMeLiquid Poster HeavenintheDark This is not me sucking up to Totally Wicked. I really felt this way when I first laid eyes on it, and even as I write this review today. (I’m vaping the Johnson Creek Silverthorn with the Odyssey as I type this)


The BEST Personal Vaporizer on the planet?

No, there’s no such thing. The Odyssey isn’t the best PV on the market, but as far as being a precision crafted marvel I’d put it up against anything in its class. And it would win every time.

And how about that 5-year Warranty?

The Specs For The Odyssey



The Odyssey is powered by a (Totally Wicked branded) 14500 900mAh (lithium-ion) protected battery (about the size of a AA battery); rechargeable and running with a self-contained micro-electronic circuitry and microprocessors, which makes it one of the safest batteries around. Since they are Totally Wicked branded you can count on these 14500’s to be of very good quality. The only down side to such a battery (for use in general mods) is that they shut down if the device draws too much power. For the Odyssey it’s a perfect fit.

The Odyssey box contains two of these batteries and a double-battery charger so you’ll never need to worry about not being able to use your Odyssey because of the lack of power. That is, of course, if you remember to keep one charged while using the other.


During my ‘longer than anticipated’ review period I averaged more than 7 hours between charges, and I’m a heavy Vaper, (deeper pulls or drags, and more drags per minute than most other Vapers), so I was more than delighted with the life of a fully charged battery. The 14500 900mAh can be recharged up to 300 or more times before it begins to degrade. But the best thing about these batteries is that when you need to replace the ones that came with your Odyssey the cost of each battery is just $5.99USD.

The Odyssey is the both the first full-blown PV by Totally Wicked, and the first PV designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. This is a further indication that we are slowly (albeit very slowly) moving toward non-Chinese manufactured hardware in the PV market. As the first offering by Totally Wicked this is one wicked product to release as and introduction to UK manufacturing.

The 510 Standard

Thankfully, the Odyssey is built to accommodate most 510-threaded cartomizers and atomizers, even 3-third party DCT’s, not to mention Totally Wicked’s own DCT’s. You might want to consider these options down the road, since the slim, designed-for-the-Odyssey DCT that comes with it not only adds to the sleek design of the piece, but it’s a damned fine DCT in its own right.


The Odyssey Tank

It’s worth spending a minute or two talking about the tank that comes with the Odyssey. This is no ordinary tank; it was made to be an integral part of the Odyssey experience. The glass tank is protected by the stainless steel cover (which slides up) and contains a dual coil cartomizer (more on this later) and its design makes for a special seal when in place that looks downright inspired.

tank o

The Stainless Steel Filler

Filling the tank is easy. The Odyssey ships with a ‘filler’ piece made of the same stainless steel of the body and tank, and when fitted into the open end of the tank, and then sliding up the steel cover above the tank to secure the filler in place, I didn’t lose a single drop of liquid once, and I refilled this tank half a dozen times. (More on this below)


Like I mentioned above, the Odyssey comes disassembled and on display on the top level of the presentation box. The lower body, upper body (DCT), a plinth (decorative piece that gives the Odyssey a boost in its balance and sleek appearance), the steel drip tip, and battery(s) as well as the Filler piece make up the components of the PV.

I urge you to read the owners manual carefully in order to get the maximum benefits of a PV of this nature, and to make sure that each piece is placed into position the right way, the first time out. Believe me, I was so happy that I read the manual first rather than try and guess what goes where and when… it was a successful assembly that I was proud of. (If you knew me you’d understand)

The Assembled Odyssey

Assembly takes a bit longer the first time you put it together, but only because the Odyssey is probably the first PV with this type of precision and design, but afterwards it’s a snap to take it apart and put it back together.

Once you’ve assembled your Odyssey and inserted a fully charged battery, it’s time to fill your tank and begin vaping. Which is quite easy using the above-mentioned ingenious filler.

Filling Your Tank

You’ll see a white cap over the top of your Dual Coil Cartomizer which is the normal cap you see on all cartomizers, you can discard it. With the DCT it is not necessary to use the cap because the stainless steel drip tip will fit nicely into the cartomizer. Even the drip tip is specially made to cause a secure, and leak-free fit.

To fill your DCT you place the steel ‘filler’ into the cartomizers top end and twist/push it into place until you feel it sort of ‘snap’ in. (its not an actual snap, but you’ll know it when you feel it) Pull the steel cover from the tank upward until it reaches the mid-point of the filler, it will knock up right into it. Once in place that filler isn’t going anywhere and it will then be safe to fill your tank with your favorite eJuice without leaking.

Tip the Odyssey to a 45-degree angle (or so) and slowly pour the liquid from your juice bottle until the tank is about 2/3 to 4/5 full. You will want to leave some air in the chamber.

You can easily see the juice in the tank through the open slots on the steel cover. Once filled to the desired level carefully remove the Filler and slide it down the steel tank cover until it snaps into place. (Notice all the ‘snapping into place stuff?)

With a full-ish tank you will want to prime the cartomizer so you don’t try to vape it while dry and risk burning out the built-in atty in the cartomizer. You’ll need to drip in somewhere around 20-25 drops, maybe more, into the filler material in the carto, until it is well saturated with eJuice.

The best advice I can give you on filling the cartomizer, or any cartomizer in your future, is to drop in several drops (carefully so as not to allow juice to fall down into the center hole, which would flood the atomizer and coils. You drip in several tops and wait for the material to draw into the filler material, and then apply a few more drops, repeat as necessary until the cartomizer is soaked and saturated. I like to tap the cartomizer on a hard surface, like my desk, so that the juice seeps in faster.

You should then wait about 15 minutes once the cartomizer and tank are full and saturated for the best vaping experience. (Though most people don’t wait, and who could blame them, it does give the flavor of the juice a richer taste. Really.)

Once your tank and cartomizer are filled and saturated put the steel drip tip into the top of the cartomizer, making sure it’s securely in place. Now, go make a sandwich, watch an infomercial, take a bathroom break… give it 15 minutes. Or not… your call, but I’d do it, so…ya know…

Now It’s Ready To Use –

My Real World Experiencewith the new TW Odyssey

So, how does the Odyssey stack up? How well does it work? Is it worth the $99USD?

First, don’t be silly. It’s worth way more than the $99USD asking price. The precision quality alone makes this a great value.

Other than having the push button that activates the battery on the button of the Odyssey, this PV operates like every other PV you have or have used.  Becoming acquainted with the bottom button was a breeze. Within a few minutes I was holding the Odyssey with one hand, while using my pinky finger as the trigger finger, resting it on the push button.

While discussing the push button I have to mention that I love the half-turn you can make with the button that keeps it from being depressed. As long as you remember to turn the button half a turn you can keep it in your pocket, or anywhere else, and never have to worry that the battery will activate, which can drain your battery and/or burn out your atty.

My First Vape With The Odyssey

I had filled my DCT with a very smooth, very nice tobacco eJuice made by Ginger’s eJuice, called “Carolina Blend”. I like this blend because it delivers a rich and flavorful tobacco taste, with great vapor. Using ‘Carolina’ as a first vape in the Odyssey will give me a good indication on how ‘true’ the PV is.


If you’ve been vaping long I’m sure you’ve come across a PV or mini-eCigs that give out a sometimes slight and sometimes huge taste difference using the same juice. I’ve found using a juice that you are absolutely sure of, that you know the characteristics of, in a new PV or with a new cartomizer or atty, you can get a good idea of how true the PV/Carto/etc. will be.

Had the ‘Carolina’ blend tasted wildly different in the Odyssey than I would have known in an instant that this PV wasn’t for me. I was very happy to discover that the Odyssey gave me a great tasting Carolina that I recognized instantly, and I knew it would operate, as it should as I moved forward. From the first drag to the last, it was smooth and flavorful, and the vapor production was first rate.

The Odyssey puts out a straight 3.7-ohm, which in itself is nice, and if you use a proper resistance carto, preferably the one that comes with the Odyssey, you’ll be just fine.

Performance Since The First…

In the time since my first use of the Odyssey I’ve changed the eJuice flavor and brand more than a half dozen times. That means I have had to clean the tank, not the easiest thing in the world to do. Because we are reviewing so many different flavors from almost a dozen juice companies I didn’t want to reuse a cartomizer. I wanted an honest flavor coming from the Odyssey (and every other PV in the July celebration), so using a new cartomizer was the only fair thing to do. That meant the only part of the Odyssey that really needed cleaning was the tank itself.

Removing the cartomizer is pretty much the same as for any DCT; push the cartomizer forward, catch the lip and pull it out. Cleaning the inside of the tank was a matter of running warm water through it as much as I could, then soaking it overnight. Drying the inside of the tank had to be done with Q-tips since I didn’t have time to air dry the tank. This method was pretty straightforward and simple, and it seemed to work just fine.

So far, repeated cleaning and refilling have worked out well, no leaks, no complaints.

The Future

I’d either like to see a variable-voltage Odyssey Two next year, or I’d like to play around with different cartos to find the perfect setup for the Odyssey, and I mean the perfect setup for “me”, which might be different for you. While I enjoyed using the Odyssey, I’m not completely sold on it. The tube-shaped mod isn’t something I would use in public, while out at the beach or in a restaurant, but then again I don’t vape in public with anything other than a mini-eCig battery and cartomizer. At home or in the office though, it was and continues to be a fun PV to use. Nearly everything I vape today is done at 3.7-ohm anyway, so the Odyssey works fine the vast majority of the time, and with the tank it came with.

Final Words…

I get to use a lot of PV’s in my job, and I’ve used some great ones and some pretty bad ones. To me, there is no such thing as the “greatest PV in the world” so to make such comments is to give into the hyperbole of the company’s marketing department, or trying to earn points with the company. I don’t do either one, ever. And that’s why reviewing the Odyssey for Totally Wicked was such a pleasure. No interference, no pushing for a great review. In fact, I was asked for a plainspoken, truthful review so that if there was anything I thought was lacking they could use that information going forward.

I’m not interested in declaring any PV as the best one in the world, nor the best one I’ve ever used. All these things are subjective. What I am interested in telling you are things like, does it live up to the hype, is it quality, does it deliver a great vape, will it last, is it compatible with other accessories… should you buy it. These are things I can honestly tell you from an objective position.


Is the Odyssey of good quality? No, it’s of GREAT quality. Does it deliver? A resounding YES, it delivers. Will it last? Absolutely! Did I enjoy using it? Yes I did…and still do. Does it live up to the hype? What hype? I think Totally Wicked as been downright quiet about the Odyssey. They are proud of it, as they should be, but I don’t see them making any outrageous claims.

Should I buy it?

Well, here are some indications that the Odyssey would make an ideal PV for you:

When you look at photos of the Odyssey, does something inside you say; “I want this”.

Do you want a PV that is built to last, with an almost zero-point tolerance in its components?

Do you vape now at 3.7-ohm?

Are you okay with it not being a Variable Voltage?

Are you looking for a PV that will last you decades; that you could hand down to the next generation of Vapers; a product that screams quality?

Does $99USD fit into your budget?

If you answered “yes” to these questions than the answer is obvious, go buy the new Totally Wicked Odyssey and enjoy yourself.

Oh, one more thing; that 5-year warranty? Pretty great, yes?


John Manzione / Editor