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Introduction for the Suorin Air Plus – Though many question the form factor, you have to hand it to Suorin. Their several series of pod mods have been considered by many ‘pod mod users’ to be a gold standard of sorts for the industry.

Though JUUL pod mods might have the name recognition (and the market share, let’s be fair), true VAPERS understand the importance of Suorin in the recent pod mod bonanza.

Luckily, nothing has changed with the all-new Suorin Air Plus.


Fortunately, newer pod systems are beginning to realize that not ALL users of inexpensive devices want a tasteless, vapor-less, mouth-to-lung experience. The new Suorin provides the traditional MTL pod/coil combo and a DL pod/coil.

Suorin Air Plus Pod Mod Review

The Official Word

BLUE AND SIDE - Suorin Air Plus Pod Mod ReviewThe Suorin AIR Plus Pod System elevates the original Suorin Air V2 to new heights, integrating an upgraded 930mAh rechargeable battery, improved 3.2mL pod capacity, and two different cartridges for free-based and nicotine salts E-Liquid.

Upgrading capacity from 2.0mL to 3.2mL, the Suorin AIR Plus contains more juice than its predecessor.  Suorin has improved the cell capacity to 930mAh  with 5-Level LED indicators.

At the base of the reinvented pod, Suorin has included the new Oil Baffle Design, preventing e-liquid from leaking.

Suorin has now provided two options for the pods, one measuring 0.7ohm optimized for free-base nicotine and 1.0ohm for nicotine salts, respectively.

Suorin Air PLUS Pod System Features:

  • All-In-One Design
  • Dimensions – 93.2mm by 49.9mm by 9.9mm
  • Integrated 930mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Max Wattage Output: 22W
  • Voltage Output Range: 3.3-4.2V
  • Superior Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Fillable Pod System – Replaceable Cartridge
  • 2mL Juice Capacity
  • 7ohm Resistance – Optimized for Free-Based E-Liquid
  • 0ohm Resistance – Optimized for Nic Salts E-Liquid
  • Horizontal Coil Atomizer
  • Organic Cotton
  • Bottom Fill System – Silicone Stoppered
  • Oil Baffle Design – Prevents Leaks
  • Gold-Plated Magnetic Connection
  • Not Compatible with Suorin Air Pods
  • 5-LED Battery Life Indicator Light
  • MicroUSB-C Port
  • Available in Black, Silver, Mocha Grey, Red, Gold, Teal Blue

  Not Compatible with Original Suorin AIR Pods

Suorin Air PLUS Pod System Includes:

  • 1 Suorin Air Plus Device
  • 1 Suorin Air Plus Cartridge
  • 1 Warning Card
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 USB Charging Cable

Initial Impressions and Aesthetics

For me, any vape device shaped like a credit card is a little weird. I always feel like I’m tuning an instrument or playing a pan flute when putting these rectangular devices on the lips. But truth be told, the slightly larger and thicker form factor goes a long way toward making this a more comfortable vape.

PACKAGING - Suorin Air Plus Pod Mod ReviewHow tall? The Air Plus is likely taller than most of the dual-18650 mods in your collection. Obviously, it’s not as thick, but there’s a more substantial feel to the design that makes the Air Plus seem like more of a vape mod, and less of a novelty.


What’s even better is that the Air Plus is heftier, too. Even though previous editions have been plastic-framed, the zinc-aluminum casing is a welcome addition, and a definite step up from older models. There’s still plastic to be found on the exterior, but it’s not nearly as prevalent as it was, and the Air Plus benefits from it.


(Don’t go sticking it in a back pocket, though. It’s durable, not indestructible.)


Another nice addition is the USB-C charging port – a much faster, more reliable protocol than the norm, and something that makes a handy pod mod even more convenient.


But perhaps the best addition of all? The pods themselves, which hold 3.5mL of e-liquid. These snug-fitting and capacious tank sections are top-quality, right down the easily viewed, translucent plastic, which allows users to see exact liquid levels, as well as the condition of the narrow coils permanently placed in the center of the piece.


If I had to describe the Suorin Air Plus in a two-story elevator speech? It’s a bigger, better edition of the design Suorin fans have adored since the beginning.

Standout Features of the Suorin Air Plus

I know we mentioned the pods already, but the coils on the Air Plus need to be praised a little more. Not only do these spaghetti-thin coils have increased surface area that promotes smoother juice flow, they also last a damn long time. Not by pod mod standards, but rather by the overall vaping industry.

4 COLORS - Suorin Air Plus Pod Mod ReviewThe two included pods have 1-ohm and 0.7-ohm heads, which doesn’t seem like much of a difference until you vape them. As expected, the 1-ohm pods deliver a snug, but flavorful and warm draw. While they weren’t quite suited for nic salt juices, any PG-heavy freebase liquid will flow beautifully, giving MTL vapers a lot to like.


But the 0.7-ohm head is what intrigued me more. Though it’s a mere 0.3 ohms lower than the MTL head, this coil delivered bright, no-nonsense flavor and direct lung cloudage… from a pod mod. While both pods are top-tier, the lower-resistance option is the one I envision most converts using.


Also, I need to remind you of the longevity. Both pods gave me 10 days of steady vaping before a slight muted flavor took hold. And even that was tolerable for a few more days. Very impressive performance for a pod coil… and proof that the line is blurring between pod mods and advanced vaping devices.

Vaping the Suorin Air Plus

FULL AND SIDE - Suorin Air Plus Pod Mod ReviewWe need to lead with the one key negative of the Air Plus – the device battery life. While it certainly wasn’t the worst we’ve seen from a pod mod, the massive cloud and flavor production taxes the 900+mAh battery pretty hard. Frankly, I expected more cell capacity from a device like this, considering the sheer size of the mod, as well as the steady 22-watt power output.

USB-C Charging!

Thankfully, the USB-C charging is speedy and gets the Air Plus back to usable levels in no time. Just keep an eye on the five bright LED light indicators and you’ll be fine.

Authentic Smoking?

Beyond that, the Air Plus does its job well, offering an authentic smoking experience with the 1.0-ohm head that stays true to the series’ roots, while not alienating advanced vapers checking out pod mods for the first time. It might not be a fog machine, but the Air Plus offers a respectable restricted lung vape experience, which is more versatile than most pod mods of this ilk.

Warm Vapor?

My only real concern with the vape quality is that the mouthpiece (and vapor) is a little warmer than I prefer. Obviously, that’s a point of personal opinion, but I DID notice that the excessive warmth tends to mute the flavor, rather than enhance it. During some heavier testing sessions, I often lost track of the liquid’s flavor profile, and just tasted “hot” in my mouth, especially with certain liquids.


Also, the size wasn’t a concern to me personally, but I can imagine many newcomers will take issue with a pod mod of this size, considering stealth is a key driver for most pod vapers.

POD -Suorin Air Plus Pod Mod ReviewReplacement Pods – SUORIN AIR PLUS REPLACEMENT PODS


– Solid, durable construction

– Excellent, large capacity pods

– Outstanding coil life


– Vapor is too warm

– Battery life is middling

– Flavor is passable, at best

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score

Our hats are tipped to Suorin for sticking to their guns through all of the current pod mod trends. While the large, boxy Air Plus might not be everyone’s cup of tea, design-wise, the look and feel comes together nicely. If only the flavor and battery life measured up to the coil life, vapor production and overall quality of the experience.

Based on what characteristics of various pod mod systems, we’ve designed a scoring system that we believe lends itself to recognizing the best, and the worst of any pod system. Generally speaking, the reviewers at Spinfuel VAPE have our reasons for disliking 99.99% of all pod systems. That said, these systems must be given a sort of score nonetheless.