The Macujo Method Explained

How “Aloe Toxin” Rid Shampoo Removes Toxins from Your Hair

Have you ever tried any particular procedure for cleansing your hair by detoxing it or removing weeds out of your hair? Are you going to appear for a hair drug test and want to clear your hair in every sense? The Macujo method is one of the best, scientifically proven and medically legal methods of getting weed out of your hair in an easy and effective way. This method opens up the cuticles of your hair, getting you to the hard part of the hairs cortex, and flushing out the dirt particles, small dandruff particles, and other irrelevant substances which makes your hair unmanageable and greasy.

The Macujo method is scientifically explained as a seven-step procedure used widely for hair cleansing and is in practice for more than a decade…

Requirements for performing the Macujo method:


  1. A clear shampoo containing salicylic acid
  2. Aloe rid shampoo
  3. White vinegar
  4. Tide detergent
  5. Gloves (preferably rubber)
  6. Zydot Clean shampoo
  7. Clingfilm
  8. Heavy supply of warm water and a bathtub

This method is very similar to Jerry G method and consists of the following seven steps:

Step-1: The first step of the method is to stop consuming weed. After passing the test successfully, they can continue consuming marijuana.

Step-2: The second step offers you to wet your hair with warm water. People should make this thing clear that their hairs should be moderately wet, not damping wet.

Step-3: The third step is to apply Heinz or white vinegar into the hair and scalp. The vinegar should be applied to the scalp thoroughly.

Step-4: Massage clean and clear onto your head with the vinegar properly

Step-5: Put a shower cap on and let sit the mixture for about 30 minutes on your hair.

Step-6: Wash your hair with aloe toxin rid shampoo and warm water.

Step-7: Finally, wash off your hair using a mixture of tide detergent and warm water to wash all the toxins and chemicals from your hair properly.

And…The Macujo Method is Done

This completes the seven-step procedure of the Macujo method. Users can repeat these steps as many times as they want. With proper directions and precautions their hair is truly clean. They are ready to go for the Drug Test. 

Does the Macujo Method actually work?

When it comes to the effectiveness of the Macujo method, this method has proven to be 90% more effective than other similar methods of removing hair weed easily. As any remedy or method works on person to person, this method has given results in the first go only. However, for some others, this method proves right after its second application. Overall, this method is the best till now for hair follicle drug test and removing weed from your hair.


  1. Despite its cost, it worked very efficiently and proved 90% more effective than other home remedies and similar methods.
  2. This method works on most types of hairs, be it thin, light hair, or heavy, thicker patterns. However, it works more effectively on thin and light hairs than thick and darker ones.
  3. Apart from its effectiveness, one of the best advantages of the Macujo Method is that people can perform this method in their own homes. Everything you need to perform this method can be easily found in your homes or can be easily purchased from your local supermarket. Thus, it is an easy, affordable, and really effective method to follow to pass the drug test.


  1. Getting such large quantities of different shampoos is not easy and can leave you broke. So, the first disadvantage of this method is its cost. It is expensive. Not everyone will want to spend so much on their hair.
  2. Using the original Aloe rid is very important; otherwise this method may not work irrespective of how many times you wash your hairs.

Additional tips to follow to make this method more effective

  1. Regular exercise and proper diet could be helpful in processing or flushing THC out of your body.
  2. Drink plenty of water to release more toxins in the form of fluids from your body.
  3. You can also add any herbal supplements to flush out toxins more easily and effectively from your body.

Apply the Macujo Method to your hair at least twice a day for 5-6 days before the hair drug test. In case you are not a regular weed smoker, once a day for seven days is more than enough for you to pass the hair drug test with flying colors and remove all the toxins from your hair.

The Macujo Method for Detoxing Your Hair