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The Interview With Rocket Fuel Vapes

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SPINFUEL: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit for this interview. How long has Rocket Fuel Vapes been in business and how many eLiquid ‘flavors’ did you launch with? How many flavors do you have now?

 Rocket Fuel Vapes: Our official public launch date was June 1st, after several grueling months of multi-round flavor development. We originally launched with 20 signature flavor blends and we’ve added two additional blends in the meantime with plans for more to come.

 SPINFUEL: Safety is a huge factor today. What kind of measures do you take to make sure that your e-juice is safe for vaping? What methods do you use to prevent contamination or other factors that can harm or spoil your product?

 Rocket Fuel Vapes: Safety and sterilization are our biggest priorities.

 We only purchase ingredients from suppliers offering MSDS information to consumers, and ingredients that are free of Diacetyl and other potentially harmful additives.   

 Our lab is temperature controlled and free from sunlight, equipped with an autoclave for sterilization, and only authorized personnel may handle raw materials and products in the production phase. We won’t compromise the safety of our customers or jeopardize the integrity of the industry by overlooking safety measures.

 SPINFUEL: Are all your ingredients American sourced?

 Rocket Fuel Vapes:  Absolutely and without compromise!

 SPINFUEL: What is your “House Blend” with respect to PG/VG ratios?

 Rocket Fuel Vapes:  Rounds of revisions and test panels have indicated that 70PG / 30VG is the optimal ratio for our eLiquid flavor blends. Contingent on capacity at the time of order, we’re happy to accommodate customers with special PG/VG needs.

 SPINFUEL: Do you ever revisit a flavor already in your inventory to tweak it based on customer feedback, or when a flavor is done it’s done, period?

 Rocket Fuel Vapes: We don’t make modifications once a flavor has been introduced to the public.  We want to keep our flavors consistent. However, customer feedback is critical in the development of future additions to the Rocket Fuel lineup.

 Every flavor blend we develop is sent out to a variety of testers. The test panels give us feedback on the blend, we make our adjustments, and then we send it out for more feedback. We repeat this cycle until we’ve got just the right taste, texture and complexity. In fact, that’s how Ol’River tobacco got its name. It took months to develop! When we finally felt like we had a winning tobacco flavor, we named it after the friend and fellow Vaper who helped us perfect it! Needless to say he’s on the lifetime VIP list!

 SPINFUEL: When developing a new flavor what type of hardware is used for vaping? In other words, do you vape your eLiquids with a variety of batteries, cartomizers, clearomizers, dripping atomizers, etc.?

 Rocket Fuel Vapes: The PV’s we use for testing are: Lavatube V2, Innokin SVD, ProVari, Silver Bullet, and several eGo batteries. We also test all of our eLiquids on several different tanks and atomizers. Specifically, we use Genesis-Style rebuildable tanks, Boge cartomizers (both low & high resistance), Vivi Nova Tanks, and Kanger ProTanks. There are so many different ways that people are vaping out there. We want our juice to taste great regardless of individual vaping preferences, so we test them in as many different true-to-life environments as we can.

 SPINFUEL: Do you mix your customer’s orders as they come in, one by one, or do you prepare your eLiquids ahead of time?

 Rocket Fuel Vapes:  It depends. For example, orders with custom specifications will need to be mixed at the time of order. We carry a delicate and responsive level of inventory to make certain customer orders are shipped on time without compromising the shelf life of the product.

 SPINFUEL: Do you recommend to your customers that they steep their eLiquids before using? What is the average steep time, if any?

 Rocket Fuel Vapes:  Our eLiquids are designed to be enjoyed immediately. A few of our flavors, specifically our tobacco blends, have the ability to develop a bit further with steeping, but that depends solely on personal preference.