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The Great Vaping Internet Treasure Hunt : Day 2

Five Days. Five Questions. 30 Great Prizes

Spinfuel is participating with The Smokers Angel on a Treasure Hunt

Are you a vaping mastermind?

Element Vape

It’s been some time since we ran an ecigarette quiz, and we’d thought you might like another chance to show off your vaping knowledge.

So every day this week you’ll find a new question, each one provided by a different vaping blogger.

Over 800 brands at great prices, Breazy!

And every day you’ll get another chance to win the six great prizes below.

The Prizes


Every day we will select one person with the correct answer to win all of the following prizes:

1. A Variable Voltage Battery
2. Aspire Dual Coil Clearomiser
3. Aspire Mini ET Clearomiser
4. Your choice of our bling batteries (metal or decorative!)
5. Five Aspire replacement coils
6. Five bottles of 10ml UK Premium Halo Eliquid

Two Ways to Enter

Entering is simple. Simply find the answer (unless you already know it, of course) and either:

1. Post the answer on twitter. Simply follow @thesmokersangel, and insert the answer using the hashtag #vapehunt and referencing us (@thesmokersangel), so we know you have entered.


2. Post the answer in the blog comments HERE.

(If possible, use the blog comments rather than the Facebook comments, as it’s much easier to contact if you win a prize.)

Treasure Hunt: The Questions

Day 2 – Today’s Question comes from SpinFuel Magazine

Q: In Spinfuel’s “Fun with Concentrates” column, what was John Manzione’s now abandoned  “quest”?

You’ll find the answer at Spinfuel eMagazine


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The Art of Vaping
The Art of Vaping

About The Author

Jim is the editor of Spinfuel's Vapers News. Every day Jim scours the Internet, newspapers, magazines, and anywhere and everywhere else to find the most important articles that are of interest to vapers all over the globe.

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