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Disposable e-Cigarette Are Reviewed

Not every eCigarette company makes a disposable e-cigarette, but most do.  For instance, White Cloud did offer a disposable e-cigarette a while back but because of ‘quality control’ issues they have since ceased making them. The other company is South Beach Smoke, a new-ish company that launched in 2010, so they may, at some point, offer a disposable eCigarette of their own.

Spinfuel Magazine is a huge proponent of “trying before buying” whenever you can.  Sadly, that is rarely an option for most vapers, so they turn to online reviews or word of mouth in an attempt to find a product they might like. Every e-Cigarette or e-Liquid brand tastes different, so you never really know whether or not you like it until you try one yourself. You can also trust the information you’re getting from others, like Spinfuel, but when it comes right down to it, tasting is believing.

We hope you will find the information below useful. Our opinions, impressions, and evaluations are all honest, and as unbiased as we can make them. Again, taste is subjective and taste often evolves. We may like one brand or product now and a year later we might like something else. You will too. All we can really tell you is what we think “now“.

Disposalable E-Cigarette – The Reviews

While some disposables use the same eLiquid found in their counterpart rechargeable Starter Kit battery/Cartomizer, others do not. This could be problematic for the reviewer and the reader. You, or one of our reviewers, could like or dislike the disposable e-cigarette offered by a brand only to find that the rechargeable counterpart from the same brand is blended differently and tastes differently.

Note* The practice of using one e-liquid in a disposable and another in a pre-filled cartomizer for the rechargeable version is unfortunate, it is misleading as well.

Each of our reviewers were given certain brands to consider. Below are their impressions of the disposables, separate from the more extensive reviews of the brand’s rechargeable Starter Kits, containing  batteries and cartomizers.

Lisa Johnston did not write a review on disposables because she maintains a strict zero nicotine promise and the products that were sent for review all contained high levels of nicotine.  Chelsey wanted to review the disposables,  but we recommended against it because the e-cigarette companies sent “High” level nicotine disposables, and Chelsey wants to reduce the amount of nicotine in the eliquids she uses. That left just Tom and Jason to conduct the review.

Tom McBride reviewed the disposables from:  Crown7, Smoke Frii, and Green Smoke.

Jason Little reviewed the disposables from Blu Cigs, V2 Cigs, and Apollo.

Blu Cigs Disposable e-Cigarette

Without a doubt, the taste, vapor production and overall feel of Blu Cigs Classic Tobacco and Magnificent Menthol were identical to their cartomizers and battery products. The disposables are an excellent representation of Blu Cigs, and every potential customer should purchase one of these before making any decision to invest in a starter kit.

The Blu Cigs disposables contain 24mg of nicotine. You might notice that the Full Flavored Cartomizers have just 16mg of nicotine. Why is the disposable stronger? Well, it turns out that according to Jason Healy, CEO of Blu Cigs, that there is a very good reason behind the added nicotine levels to the disposable tobacco and menthol eCigarettes. Mr Healy told Spinfuel, when asked about the strength differences; “It is stronger. The disposable is meant as a first step into ecigs and while still supplies significantly less nicotine than a cigarette is at least a better first step down.”.

Because I like the Classic Tobacco by Blu Cigs I also liked the Blu Cig disposable every bit as much. The Disposables are longer than the Premium100 battery/cartomizer because they are not rechargeable and need to hold more ‘battery power’ and eliquid. Since they contain about 400 puffs of vapor (supposedly), or equals up to 1.5 packs of cigarettes (depends on who counting the puffs) versus 1-pack for the Premium100 and .5 to .75 for the Premium (mini), the disposables are larger by necessity.

My local Walgreens sells the Blu Cig disposable for $9.99.  When buying disposables on the Blu Cig site you’ll find they are sold in packs of 4 for $39.95, or just about $9.99 each. If you live in a state with sales taxes you might save a bit by buying online, unless your state requires sales tax to be collected when buying online. Overall, the Blu Cigs disposable is a decent disposable. Good flavor, okay vapor, but it doesn’t get 400 puffs, not even close. In addition, they are expensive. Recommended when you need an e-cigarette on the go, or as a test to see if electronic cigarettes are for you. Score: B+

V2 Cigs Disposable e-Cigarette

V2 Cigs has won many awards for vapor production, and the disposable does put out a decent amount of vapor. The vapor production is on par with the rechargeable kit from V2. However, and this is important, the e-juice used in the Disposable line is NOT the same e-juice that is used in the rechargeable line. Do not make the assumption that because you enjoy the disposable you will enjoy the rechargeable, or vice versa.

The V2 Disposables are sold in packs of 3 ($24.95) and packs of 10 ($74.95). V2 rates each disposable at equal to about 2 packs of cigarettes, or 350-400 puffs. 350-440 puffs? Blu Cigs (above) tells us that 400 puffs are equal to 1.5 packs of cigarettes, so which one is right? Neither.

I’ve been dealing with these kinds of numbers since I began evaluating eCigarettes months ago. I’ve decided to simply look for the “puff” number and be done with it. When looking at V2 Disposables in that light, they are just about equal with Blu Cigs disposables, depending on how you “smoke” it. Neither brand will deliver the spec’d number of puffs, not if you vape it as you normally vape. Look for about 150 puffs from V2. 

V2 Disposables are available in two nicotine strengths, full flavored 18MG or Light, 0.6mg of Nicotine.

Unfortunately, the taste of the V2 Cigs Disposables is terrible. I tried them on three separate occasions and each time I couldn’t get past 3 or 4 puffs without feeling sick to my stomach. I can get by on a V2 Cigs rechargeable battery and a Red tobacco cartomizer, but the disposable is something else altogether. While I strongly advise that you still try a disposable first in most situations, this time it won’t do any good, other than to indicate whether you can enjoy vapor as much or more than cigarette smoke. Score: D

 Apollo Disposable e-Cigarette

Apollo,  offers their disposables in Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry, and Vanilla. The offer all the flavors in High, Medium, and Low nicotine levels. Apollo places their puff output to about 500 puffs or equal to 2 packs of cigarettes. They list for $15 but right now they can be had for $12. A little more expensive than Blu Cigs or V2 Cigs, but they claim to last longer and the selection is wider than the others.

So, in the real world, do Apollo Disposables hold up? To be completely honest I got through only two disposables for the evaluation (but another half dozen over the many weeks) and Apollo never reached the 500 puff number. Maybe all 3 brands determine their puff count by counting the number of puffs from field mouse, but in the real world, with real vapers, no disposable delivers even close to 300 puffs. Not “real” puffs by a real vaper anyway. Score: C-

In conclusion

Disposables should be great way to find out if you are going to like the rechargeable from the same company, but only when they use the same e-juice, otherwise it’s a bad idea to use a disposable to test out the company’s true eliquid flavors. That said, a disposable is a good product for traveling because they are portable and disposable. Whether it’s for a day or a month, you can grab a few and toss them in the luggage and you’re all set to go.

Of the three we tested, Blu Cigs were the most flavorful, and had the hardest throat hit (something I look for), so I definitely buy a few of them to keep on hand.  V2 Cigs offered a bit more vapor production, but the flavor wasn’t as “rich” as Blu Cigs. V2 is also made from Chinese eLiquid while Blu Cigs is made from Johnson Creek, which is an American made eLiquid. Which would you choose?

– JL

Crown7 Disposable e-Cigarette

I’m starting out with the Crown7 because without a doubt Crown7 was one of my favorite brands out of the 8 finalists. In fact, I have since quit smoking and have taken up a torrid affair with Crown7 eCigarettes, the full flavored nicotine strength, regular tobacco version rechargeable, and I supplement them with both regular and menthol Crown7 disposables. These are, in my mind, the finest disposable (or single use) eCigarettes you can buy.



Crown7 Regular USA Blend Tobacco:  18MG Nicotine

Full, robust tobacco flavor, with a nice throat hit which gives this disposable the sensation that I’m actually smoking, not vaping.

Crown7 makes no claims that I can see, about how long they last or how many puffs you can get, so my real world experience is the information I can give you by my own vaping experience. I take long, slow hits, which the Crown7 didn’t seem to mind, and I was able to start the day with a fresh disposable and have it last until mid-morning the following day. Based on how I used to smoke I would say it was about 1.5 packs. I have no idea how many puffs because I lost count after 175 or so.

Crown7 Menthol: 18MG Nicotine

Okay, this is the only time I’ll allow a candy to describe a “good” eCigarette experience. Andes Mints, that mint and chocolate thin candy wrapped in green foil is exactly what this disposable tastes like. (Unfortunately the rechargeable eCig menthol by crown7 does not taste like the disposable). When I tried this disposable I was expecting it to taste exactly like the menthol flavor of the Crown7 Cartomizer. Sadly, it does NOT. That was a big disappointment! Perhaps one day Crown7 will change the formula for the rechargeable menthol so it matches the disposable. Or maybe not.

The Crown7 rechargeable version in Menthol was perfectly fine, but not much more than fine. Completely generic Menthol. Certainly nothing to write home about. At the same time, the Menthol Disposable is the very opposite. It was easy to “over-consume” on the nicotine in this one simply because I just didn’t want to stop smoking it (vaping it). That being the case, I would love to know why Crown7 would use a different formula in their disposables since they are aware that this is where most people start.

Crown7 Disposables are $12.99 each, plus shipping. For 1.5 packs of cigarettes that’s expensive. Still, if I had to travel for a day or longer I think it would be sweet to have a couple of these on hand. If I could afford it. For the time being these Crown7 Disposables will have to be an indulgence. SCORE: B

Green Smoke Disposable e-Cigarette

Next up is Green Smoke. Just about everything Green Smoke does is completely average for a Chinese eliquid cigarette company. This goes for their disposables as well. They come in 6-packs and are called “Vapors”. Green Smoke claims that each disposable is equal to 30 cigarettes and they are so far off base its embarrassing.

Vapors comes in Absolute Tobacco (their biggest seller) and Menthol Ice. You can mix and match the quantities all you want, and they are all 1.8% nicotine. (18mg)

The Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice are the same flavors used in the rechargeable. These are a great product to see if you are going to like Green Smoke as “your” brand without diving in and buying an expensive Starter Kit and wind up returning it because you don’t like the taste.  I didn’t like the flavor, nor the puff count. Score: D-

Smoke Frii Disposable e-Cigarette

I know I have mentioned this before but it’s worth mentioning again. When I tell people about Smoke Frii I get the same two responses every time. The first is how it’s spelled and pronounced (its pronounced FREE, not FRY) and the second is “Who are they?” I’m always surprised by this because of all the companies we are evaluating Smoke Frii does a lot of marketing. I suppose the marketing isn’t working as well as it should.

Smoke Frii was started back in 2009 as a company that was supposed to provide a satisfying and safer alternative to analog smoking, or real cigarettes. They’ve been around longer than some, like South Beach Smokes, and they don’t make a lot of headlines despite the marketing. They do offer about the same quality of the others, which is not much at all.

The disposables by Smoke Frii follow in the same tradition as their rechargeable device. They taste like Chinese eliquid, which they are,  and they are expensive as hell. $14.95 per disposable is what you will pay for a Smoke Frii that lasts between 100-150 puffs (compare to Blu Cigs 200 puffs at $9.99) and contain 16MG of nicotine.

Smoke Frii offers the disposables in tobacco and menthol, and are the same  flavors  found in the rechargeable Smoke Frii Starter Kit.  A great way to try out the product for a good fit without having to buy a starter kit.


Despite having only written about the Smoke Frii, Green Smoke, and Crown7 disposables I have tried many others. All of them offer something different, but not that different, except for Blu Cigs.

– TM

Final Word

Disposable eCigarettes can play a vital role in choosing the right brand of cig-alike but they are expensive when compared to the rechargeable versions. While we advocate knowing ahead of time what your eCigarette is going to taste like, we completely understand any hesitation to spend money on a disposable. If the eCigarette companies take our advice and offer “sampler” size eCigarette disposables for a buck or two, using the exact same eliquid that go into their cartomizers, it could really generate a more educated consumer. But we wonder, are they interested in educating vapers, or simply making money?

Jason Little • Tom McBride