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John Reviews The Baby One Vaporizer

The Baby One – Affordable Vaporizer For Early Vapers

Baby One – Use Coupon Code is SFBO10 At Checkout.

The Baby One, available in black or white aqueous ceramic coating, is a small, but powerful vaporizer with a built in battery designed with two things in mind; affordability and ease of use. In both categories the Baby One succeeds. At $29.99 ($19.99 with an introductory $10 off) this is one of the most affordable vaporizers on the market that actually performs well with a subohm tank.

But, let’s address the immediate concern upfront. While the Baby One works extremely well with Baby One in Blackthe Kanger Subtank (it was designed with the Subtank in mind), it’s not a device for the hobbyist vaper, but more of a device for early vapers, and/or vapers looking for a device they can depend on as a secondary or emergency vaporizer when the time comes. For $20, or even the MSRP of $29.99, sticking a Baby One in your backpack, briefcase, handbag, or wherever you have the room for this small vaporizer, makes a lot of sense.

What Is An Early Vaper?

Before moving forward with this review, I think it’s a good time to inform our readers about a change in how we address new vapers. Over the past 4 years Spinfuel has seen “new” vapers called a variety of names, some of them quite negative and none of them truly accurate. The only difference between a man or woman that uses a cig-a-like and a man or woman that uses the latest Temperature Control box mod with Ni200 coils or expensive RDA’s is “experience”. The vaper just beginning his or her journey isn’t a “noob”, or a “newbie”, or a hundred other names, they are simply “early vapers”. Spinfuel will use this term to describe a person who hasn’t been vaping very long, in hopes that others will begin to pick it up and stop referring to our new brethren with negative connotations.

The Baby One is a terrific device for the early vaper because the wattage, battery capacity, and amperage rates are such that the vaporizer does a good job with some subohm tanks, and more importantly with the Kanger Subtank. Recognizing the Kanger Subtank as the easiest and most varied tank on the market today, the designers behind the Baby One chose the Subtank as the device to “tune” the performance of the device. Whether you decide to use the Subtank Nano, Mini or Plus, you’ll get a good vape with both the 0.5-ohm coil and the 1.5-ohm (new) OCC’s from Kanger.

The Specs

The size of the Baby One is 3.7 inches tall and 22mm (.8-inches) in diameter, making it a perfect fit for 22mm tanks. At less than 4 inches tall you can easily fit the Baby One just about anywhere. The Voltage spread is 3.5v to 4.2v. Amazingly, the Baby One offers a Wattage Range of 40w to 80w, depending on the coil in the tank, and can fire down to a super low resistance of 0.15-ohm. The battery inside is a 2600mAh 18650. The Baby One also has a universal 510 connector. It’s also worth noting that the company behind the Baby One went with the aqueous ceramic coating as a way of making the device durable and long lasting.

Black and White Baby OneWhen you purchase the Baby One you receive the Baby One unit, a USB cable charger, and the manual. With the official Specs outlined above you can see why the Baby One makes a great backup device for experienced vapers and a nice choice for early vapers looking for a better experience than any cig-a-like device can deliver, and at an affordable price.

The wholesale supplier with use, Ave40, is the exclusive reseller of the Baby One, designed and manufactured by 5M Technology company in China. My friend Jack sent a few of them to us to check out because he wanted our honest feedback. I told him exactly what I am relating to you in this review. Jack and I talked about getting the Baby One into the hands of both early vapers and those vapers looking for an inexpensive backup device for about $20. Jack came up with a Coupon Code so Spinfuel readers can grab one at the low introductory price of just $20, until August 1st 2015.

Baby One – Use Coupon Code is SFBO10 At Checkout.

Real World Usage Report

I expected the Baby One to be taller than it is. It is short, just a bit taller than the 18650-battery inside the device, and the gold accents really stand out nicely. The Firing button is firm, responsive, and the ‘grate’ or ‘mesh’ exterior of the button gives it a touch of elegance as well. The aqueous ceramic coating was an excellent choice for the finish, adding a deep color to the white and black, and allowing it to stand up to a lot of use.

The Baby One delivers a very good vape, but here we need to better define what I mean.Baby One box and vaporizer

Because it was tuned to work best with the Kanger Subtank Mini I spend most of the last 7 days using the Subtank. I also spent some time using it with the eGo One Mega tank, 0.5-ohm coil, and the Delta 2 with the 0.5-ohm coil. The vape is somewhat different with each tank.

Subtank – All 3 Subtanks work equally well, which is obvious since they all use the same OCC. However, I have to say that while the 0.5-ohm OCC performed well, I could sense that I could certainly push more wattage to it than was available to me with the Baby One. Not a lot, but some. In addition, when I switched out to the new 1.5-ohm OCC the performance was spectacular. Massive vapor and explosive flavor from the higher-ohm OCC. The Baby One did a fine job adjusting the wattage when it sensed the coil change.

Joyetech eGo ONE Mega – The Mega tank is also a 22mm tank and it looked great sitting atop the Baby One. Using the half-ohm CL coil the performance was good, though not as good as the Mega tank atop an eGo ONE Mega battery.

Joyetech Delta 2 – With the half-ohm coil as your only option, and the characteristics of that coil needing more wattage than other half-ohm coils I did not get what I would consider a great vape from the Baby One with the Delta 2. Oh it fired, and it produced a good amount of flavor and vapor, but the Delta 2 coil head is very powerful and the Baby One doesn’t have enough ‘Oomph’ to maximize what the Delta 2 can do.

Tanks and Tanks

Keeping in mind that the Baby One was fine-tuned (like the universe) to work best with the Kanger Subtank I would highly recommend using it with the Baby One. The Kanger Subtank, upon the release of the Kanger Subox Mini, offers a black tank and a white tank with the same aqueous ceramic coating and the Baby One sports identical shades of the black and white Subtanks… a perfect match.

Why Not The Subox Mini?

I’m sure many of you will say that since the Baby One is fine-tuned to work with the Kanger Subtank ceramic-coated tank then why not buy the Subox Mini instead. It’s a valid point. Although its not exactly comparing apple to oranges, there are quite a few differences between the two, and for some vapers the Baby One comes out as a better solution.

Cost – Using the selling price of the Kanger Subox Mini from MyVaporStore and Vapor Authority, two of our favorite US online vendors, the Subox Mini kit is $79.95 and $74.95 respectively. The Kanger Subtank Mini, available in black or white, is $32.95 and $29.99, so let’s do a little math.


Subox Mini – $79.95 (includes the tank) – $32.95 = $47.00

Vapor Authority

Subox Mini – $74.95 (includes the tank) – $29.95 = $44.96

The Baby One is $29.99 ($20 until August 1st), which makes the Baby One $17 dollars less than the Subox ($27 less until August 1st), if the Subox is purchased through MyVaporStore, and $14.96 less ($24.96 until August 1st) than the Subox when purchased through Vapor Authority. From the cost standpoint the Baby One is a better buy. But there are other considerations as well.

The Subox Mini is a box mod… the Baby One is tubed shaped. Both have the same aqueous ceramic coating in the same colors. However, the Subox has one feature the Baby One does not… Variable Wattage control.

If Variable Wattage is important to you and you’re willing to pay more for it then your choice is made, the Subox is right for you. What about other vapers? Who are the vapers that make the Baby One the better choice?

Baby OneWhen money is the prime concern the Baby One will always come out on top over the Subox Mini. There are also vapers that just don’t want a box mod. There are vapers that want a vaporizer that can fit neatly just about anywhere, and there are vapers who will want a no-brainer device where a color coordinated Subtank can be used without regard for dialing in the correct wattage. The Baby One calculates the wattage, much like the eGo ONE line, and delivers just the right amount of power to the Subtank. Add this ease of use and the cost difference and you can see where the Baby One is the better option.


Let’s Get Real

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here. The Baby One is not a game-changer. It’s not some awesome vaporizer that everybody needs to consider. So what is it? That’s the easy part; the Baby One is an attractive, durable, reliable and small vaporizer that is affordable to just about every vaper. Like the Subox, it’s tuned to work with the black or white Kanger Subtank, and for early vapers looking for the least expensive way in to the world of 510 glass tanks with a subohm option, the Baby One is the best choice.

Drop twenty bucks (till August 1st) on a Baby One and I’ll bet that after using it for a while you’ll be damned happy you sprung for it.

John Manzione