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The Art of the Deal – Some headlines out there are telling people the FDA decided this, or that, about vaping. But whatever you might think about the new Vaping Regulations swooping in to save part of the day, know that there is but one man that could have carved this new shit into policy. His name is Donald Trump.

Love the man, or hate the man, Trump is (and was the only person capable of) the one that used his business acumen to mold the lesser of two evils in the vaping industry.


Trump - The Art of the Deal VapingThe man listened to all sides, trimmed off the hyperbole, cut away the downright lies and distortions, and got to the truth, then made the decision. It’s what Trump has always done. If you had doubts that Trump would forget his strengths when he became president, rest easy. The Art of the Deal saved Vaping.


All Parties Win, All Parties Lose – The Art of the Deal


Flavor Ban (for a few minutes) This Flavor ban, which goes into effect 30-days after it’s registered later this year, (important wording here) will not include menthol and tobacco flavored cartridges, i.e., closed pod systems, and will also exclude open tank systems and flavored e-liquids that are found in vape shops, and online vendors like Element Vape, exclusively.


Flavored E-Cigarettes Are a Waste Anyway


I’m sure many Vapers out there today are unhappy about the flavor ban on closed pod systems. We here at Spinfuel Vape couldn’t be happier. Nicotine Salt e-juice are extremely high in nicotine, the pod systems last days instead of months or years, and the pods/coils are expensive. But most of all, no one should need 50mg of nicotine to come off cigarettes.


Before pod mods there were dozens of brands of e-cigarettes, we called cig-a-likes because they looked like tobacco cigarettes. The highest nicotine (using traditional e-liquid made with freebase nicotine) was 24mg. Millions or smokers got off tobacco using these awful products, with half the nicotine of today’s nicotine salt e-liquid.


Teenage Vapers Won’t Stop

This particular Art of the Deal President Trump put together will satisfy most people, which was its only goal anyway. But as a deterrent for young people? Nope. Teenagers love to find ways to circumvent laws, and they most assuredly will.

The New Art of the Deal

Officials in the Trump administration say that starting next month (February) they would begin to take action against companies that were still making or selling e-cigarette cartridges (pods)— in mint, fruit or dessert flavors, as part of an effort to reduce the soaring rate of teenage vaping. It won’t help, but hey, good for them.

Remember, to get a deal that people can live with, both parties only have to “feel” like winners AND losers. Teenagers vape for the buzz of 50mg nicotine salts, not flavors. But never mind…


By prioritizing enforcement against the products that are most widely used by children, (remember, children now include 18, 19, and 20 year old’s)  our action today seeks to strike the right public health balance by maintaining e-cigarettes as a potential off-ramp for adults using combustible tobacco while ensuring these products don’t provide an on-ramp to nicotine addiction for our youth,” said Alex M. Azar II, the health and human services secretary.


Vapers Win Big


The large audience that visits Spinfuel VAPE rarely come here to read a review about a pod mod, closed or open. Yes, open pod mods get more action here than closed pod mods, but we sorta stopped reviewing closed pod systems a year ago. (we really do not like them).


Our core audience comes here to read what we have to say about mods, sub-ohm tanks, MTL or DL type tanks, RTA, or RDA’s, Squonk mods and BF-RDA’s… and freebase 3mb or 6mg nicotine e-liquid. In other words, 99% of what we write about will remain legal, and actually encouraged by the President as an off-ramp from tobacco. A huge day for all the Vapers we know.


Adults Can Vape – Freedom Wins Through The Art of the Deal


Let’s face it, the #WeVapeWeVote got the message across to certain politicians that our presence as bigger than anyone thought. While millions pounded Twitter and Instagram, people were forced to consider the facts, not the zealots who hate for reasons they do not understand.


But the biggest Win for the entire country? Our President stood up to Big Tobacco. Trump must have told them, “You can’t stop this. The Tobacco industry is dying, let it die with dignity.” (I made that up, but maybe it went down something like that)


Imagine any other president standing up against the tobacco industry.

In Conclusion


PMTA’s are still on the table. While some of the best brands filed their PMTA paperwork several months ago, others won’t be able to survive without changes. We’d like to see a complete withdrawal of the PMTA. We don’t think a withdrawal will happen, unfortunately. But perhaps this administration will. An administration that seems to be behind vaping as an effective tool against smoking. Some work on the current PMTA could lower costs, procedures, and more. We understand the need to make sure the e-liquids used are safe. (imagine another hysterical vape related incident!) But let’s not put them out of business if their making good, safe, e-juice.


Revisiting the Spark that Started the War


Let us all remember; this vicious war began when some criminals decided to cut liquid THC with Vitamin E acetate. It caused thousands to get seriously ill and killed a whole lot of people. Sadly, so many assclowns jumped on this. It had ZERO to do with Vaping e-juice. It almost killed an entire 9-billion-dollar industry. Do you have any doubt that President Obama (who ignored the opiate war) would have worked out an art of the deal similar to Trump’s? Be honest folks.


There is much left to do, but at least for now we can celebrate. Small wins turn into bigger wins. Let’s get to work.