Tesla Stealth 100W Box Mod Review

100W – 4.2v – LiPo

Tesla Stealth 100W Box Mod Review Spinfuel eMagazineI’m going to start this review of the Tesla Stealth 100W Box Mod with the admission that I do not like this strange bird of a box mod. I don’t like the firing button on the top of the device, I don’t like the sunken down atomizer position, nor the straps that are supposed to keep the tank secure, and I’m not all that fond of having 100W of power that I have no control over. And it’s awkward to hold, and even more awkward to vape with. Finding a comfortable position to hold it and press the fire button? Impossible.



… On the 3rd night of my review time I had several friends over to watch the series finale of Person of Interest, and every single one of them inquired upon the Tesla Stealth and wanted to try it out. Everyone, and I mean everyone, loved it.

About half the people that were there are Mainstream Vapers. People that vape daily, but they don’t care about vaping politics, nor get excited over new gear or a new brand of eliquid, they just vape because they like it. They liked/loced the Tesla Stealth because it was small, lightweight, had a built-in battery, and didn’t require any knowledge of much of anything.

The others there that night were people like me; people that think of vaping as a hobby, and they are just as passionate as I am about every aspect of it. These guys liked/loved it because of the same reasons as the Mainstream Vapers. The only difference between the two ‘groups’ is that the hobbyists wanted it as a backup piece, or an emergency piece, definitely not as a primary mod, and the Mainstreamers liked it as a primary, worry-free device.

I guess it really does take all kinds…

The Review

Tesla Stealth 100W Box Mod Review Spinfuel eMagazine

For this review I am limiting it to the Box Mod only, not the Starter Kit that includes the Tesla Shadow Sub-Ohm tank, which I think is an average tank. The reason I wanted to review just the mod is because if the Tesla Stealth can use any atomizer or tank up to 22.5mm in diameter, then this would be how I would use it…with multiple tanks of different heights, different coil types, and so on.

The Tesla Stealth is just $30.95 (Element Vape), and while it may have 100W of power, the mod does not have power adjustment buttons, nor a display. You will not know how many watts you’re pushing to the atomizer. So the question must be asked; How do you utilize that massive amount of power without being able to manipulate it?

More important than the Tesla Stealth’s form factor, here’s how that “up-to-100W” power system works.

Like mechanical mods, the Tesla Stealth outputs a voltage level, up to 4.2v, directly to the atomizer. The wattage factor comes into play dependent on the atomizer used.

For example; the minimum resistance that the Tesla Stealth can handle properly is 0.1-ohm. If the user were to build a coil with such a low resistance the Tesla Stealth detects that resistance and supplies enough wattage to maintain a steady 4.2v to that coil. However, with certain coils you may want or need more than 4.2v, which is where power adjustment buttons come in.

For instance; as I type this I am vaping with a Target 75W by Vaporesso with the cCell tank, using the .9-ohm Kanthal coil head. My wattage setting is modest 32.6w, but the voltage output is 5.35v… certainly more than 4.2v.

When I used the same cCell tank in the Tesla Stealth I got an okay vape, but the cCell tank and coil head were screaming at me that they wanted more. I couldn’t do anything about it. The cCell tank on the Stealth produced average flavor and average vapor, although cool vapor, and that’s not what I want from it. Using it on the Target 75W I am able to reach beyond the 4.2v and yet still stay far away from that 100W output. It is no longer a certainty that X resistance will need Y voltage or Z wattage.

Tesla Stealth 100W Box Mod Review Spinfuel eMagazine

So, although the electronics inside the Tesla Stealth can calculate the resistance and adjust the output, it can only do so up to 4.2v, which sometimes just isn’t enough. This is why Variable Wattage literally killed the Variable Voltage devices. And, if I used this particular tank on the most expensive mech mod in the world, the performance would be, at most, the same as the $30 Tesla Stealth.


Tesla Stealth – Vaping Made Easy

The Tesla Stealth is not equipped with Temperature Control technology. It couldn’t be, not with the chipset it uses. So while you can use a whole bunch of different tanks, and even some RTA’s like the Gemini RTA from Vaporesso, you would need to limit your coils to Kanthal or Stainless Steel. Remember, Stainless Steel heating elements can work with Wattage mode of TC SS mode. Though, despite being able to use Stainless Steel coils, it’s still not a TC device.


Tesla Stealth 100W Box Mod Review Spinfuel eMagazine

When the user has an atomizer equipped with a coil that fits the capabilities of the Tesla Stealth they needn’t worry about power adjustments, or finding that ‘sweet spot’. The Stealth will try to do its best to find it for them, calculating the wattage it needs to send to the coils in order to keep a steady voltage going. What concerns me is knowing the range of resistances that will work fine with the integrated circuits in the Stealth mod. The range is supposed to be 0.1-3.5-ohms, but there is a lot more to a coil head than the wire. As you might already be aware, some .5-ohm coil heads max out at 30 watts, some find their sweet spot at 60-70 watts. The Tesla Stealth has no idea what else is a part of the coil/coil head, it just registers the coil resistance.

On the plus side, when the user switches out the atomizer/tank there is no need to go searching for the appropriate power level. The user can vape with a low resistance atomizer for a while, then switch out for an atomizer/tank with a resistance of, say, 1.5-ohm and not have to do a thing with the settings. For one, there is no way to make adjustments to the device in first place. For another, it takes the guesswork out of the equation. But the result is often not the optimal vape.

As you can see, for someone like me, there isn’t enough control left in my hands to adjust the vape the way I like it. For others, apparently

Tesla Stealth 100W Box Mod Review Spinfuel eMagazine

most of my friends, that’s okay. Maybe I’m expecting too much from this inexpensive mod.

Features and Specs

Once you read through the features and specs, we’ll pick up where I left off…

  • Dimensions 70mm x 49.5mm x 5mm = Tiny
  • Constructed from zinc alloy with durable rubber finish = Nice soft feel
  • Big angled fire button – Blue and Red LED lights indicate good or bad voltage range
  • Tank is stored inside mod – up to 22.5mm
  • Fits tanks with diameter of 22.5mm or less, but taller than the inset size
  • Maximum Output Power: 100w
  • Lowest atomizer resistance: 0.1Ω
  • Highest resistance – 3.5 Ω
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 4.2V
  • Max Output Current: 40A
  • Powered by a built-in 2200 mAh 1S LiPo
  • USB charging:5V/1A
  • Pass-through capable
  • Standard safety features for 2016 devices


Tesla Stealth 100W Box Mod Review Spinfuel eMagazine

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? 2200mAh LiPo? That’s a nice amount of power stored up in such a small device. The rubberized paint job is thick, very soft, very comfortable to hold. Resistance range of 0.1 to 3.5 ohms is also excellent. 40A of constant current output? Very good indeed. Pass-through charging/vaping is always nice. And 1-Amp charging means a quick charge. But there is one thing still missing that should keep most advanced vapers away…. Control.

Bottom Line

After all is said and done, I would recommend the Tesla Stealth to NEW Vapers, or mainstream vapers looking for easy-of-use device and an adequate vape. I would not recommend it to vapers like me, anyone that wants to control as many aspects of the vape experience as can be had. That’s just the truth.

I have no issues with the quality of the device, the Tesla Stealth is a well-made, attractive device with impressive specs. For vapers that don’t mind not having a display or a way to adjust the vape, then this is a fine and dandy device, and for $30.95 it sure won’t break the bank.


New Vapers – B+

Advanced Vapers – C-el

Tom McBride

Below I have included in a video that was sent to me from a friend that really like the Tesla Vape. I’m including it here to illustrate how some reviewers can sell ice to Eskimos. But, my job is not to sell anything, it’s too inform… and I hope I have done just that. – Tom