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Forgive the speedy turnaround, but I was too excited to wait. Because the Tesla Punk is an absolutely fantastic vape mod, and a new figurehead in my collection. Hyperbole? Not really – once you get a hold of this substantial beauty, you’ll understand why I’m glowing so much to start a review.

There are just a few nitpicky things that keep the Tesla Punk from all-time all-star status, but they’re so minor, you’re probably going to yell at me in the comments section. Until then, read on to see why the Tesla Punk should be on your shopping short list for 2018.

Tesla Punk 220W Steampunk Box Mod Review - Spinfuel VAPE
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Initial impressions of the Tesla Punk Box Mod

When you pick up the Tesla Punk in its packaging, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s a wealth of extras in the box. And the offerings are certainly good, to be sure. But that weight you’re feeling? That’s almost entirely the Punk.  No, this is not a “toss it in your pocket and forget it” vape device.

Sure, at 86x56x30mm, you can certainly carry the Tesla Punk in a pocket or purse, but you’ll definitely know it’s there. Tesla lists the Mod at 200 grams in heft, but I think that might be conservative. Of all the Mods in my collection, this is by far the heaviest.

But with the heft comes stunning design, most notably the thick glass that covers both sides of the Punk, allowing both the steampunk accents and the circuitry to be visible to the user. (A subtle, but effective LED light further enhances the effect.) Also gorgeous is the rock-solid beveled edges, which frame the Mod without overshadowing the steampunk-style gears and cogs.

One mild concern I had during our preview was the potential for catastrophic damage if the heavy, glass-covered Punk fell onto a hard surface. I also said I didn’t plan to test that. Well, the universe had other plans. Because my brushed zinc alloy test Model took an inadvertent tumble from a four-foot high table onto a hardwood floor.


Thankfully, this unexpected test turned out fine, with both the glass and the metal surviving without a scratch. Clearly, Tesla designed the Punk for everyday use. That said, I do NOT recommend trying this at home, because things could have gone a lot worse under different circumstances.

Finally, the other nitpicky issue I had with the Punk is the slide off battery door, which detaches completely. While this door is secure once it’s in place, it’s far too easy to remove. And, by detaching entirely, I can see users accidentally misplacing it. I’m not going to lambaste the Tesla Punk because it lacks a battery door hinge, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have been a welcome decision.

The Tesla Punk Box Mod

Steampunk Mods We Can Actually Afford

The Tesla PunkA  is fusion of “steampunk” design elements with a bit of the futuristic RGB LED Light-up functionality (the the Mod doesn’t actually need), the Tesla Punk 220W TC Box Mod does indeed deliver a unique design of a  transparent chassis and intelligent chipset that meets the needs of modern Vapers, but with a cool factor of steampunk influences.

Operating the Tesla Punk Box Mod

Beneath the ornate steampunk exterior comes a surprisingly simple user interface. Though the display itself is fairly rudimentary – with all pertinent information at the ready – Tesla chose to keep the focus on functionality, so the gorgeous design could take center stage. The balance is perfect.


Users can easily make adjustments to resistance, wattage, voltage, preheat, coil material and more, via the bright screen and simple button interface. But it never gets in the way of the overall aesthetic.

Another welcome item was the 0.5-ohm increment adjustments, which make it easier and faster to scroll to a desired wattage. Like I mentioned in the preview, I appreciate control and customization, but I don’t necessarily see a major difference from tenths of a percentage, and neither will most.

Thanks to the Punk’s control setup, navigating the menu trees is easy (made easier by well-documented instructions). I still wish the third button was used for something other than activation and adjustment of the LED backlight, but in terms of simplicity, Tesla has done well with this chipset, and I only hope other companies take notice of how streamlined the system is.

The buttons themselves are pristine. Both the control buttons and the fire key are beautifully constructed, with a reassuring throw to each of them. The fire key, in particular, has an outstanding clicky feel.

The up/down controls sit in a slightly recessed cutout so they’re flush with the edge of the Mod. At first, I didn’t think much of this design choice, but when taking the Punk out for the night, I never had any issues with random button presses or inadvertent adjustments.

The USB charge/upgrade port works well, though I wasn’t thrilled with the speed of the charging itself. The documentation doesn’t indicate whether or not it’s 2-amp charging, but topping off my 18650s took longer than expected. Using an external charger is always preferable for safety, but here, it’s probably best to leave the USB for upgrades only.

Vaping the Tesla Punk Box Mod

Now that my little nitpicks are out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. Vaping the Tesla Punk was an absolute pleasure, from first puff to last. Regardless of what types of coils I threw at the Punk, it adjusted and offered nothing short of stellar vape quality.


Starting with my usual “stress test” I’m thrilled to report that 220 watts is no myth, as the Punk hits these heights with ease – yes, even with 18650 cells. As expected, vaping at these levels dramatically reduces battery life, but the Punk never once stuttered or skipped a beat when trying to push its limits.

At my usual 70-90 watts, the Punk’s battery life was much better. Though not a world-beater in this category, Tesla has created another efficient, reliable device that can get most users through the waking hours before needing to swap cells.

Thanks to the streamlined menu system, making temp control adjustments is easy, even for those new to advanced vaping devices. I broke out my previously reviewed iJOY Captain RTA (mostly because of how well it matched the Tesla Punk look and feel) and built an all-new Ni200 coil to start. Within seconds, I had my temperature set, my resistance locked, and was vaping.

Now, I might not be the most intricate TC vaper, nor do I make a ton of adjustments once I get to a desired setting, but I can say the Punk’s simplified operations made me more adventurous. I tinkered with wattage adjustments and preheat settings throughout the experience, and the Punk never threw up an error, or booted me to a menu – things I experience far too often in Modern Mods.

My only minor complaint was that it was far too easy to activate the LED backlighting when vaping the Tesla Punk. Though the button is positioned above the up/down controls, I found myself unexpectedly showered in light more than once. Hardly an actual problem.

The Wrap Up

And My Score for the Tesla Punk Mod

So, for those keeping score at home, my “big” complaints about the Tesla Punk are a detachable battery door and an oddly positioned LED light button. If those are my only gripes, it’s pretty safe to say this is a damn good vape Mod.

But, truth be told, the Tesla Punk is so much more. It is, at once, elegant, powerful, high-performing, classy and high-end. Its striking looks are backed up by some of the smoothest ramping and heating I’ve seen in a while, and flawless functionality with virtually any atomizer.

There’s no doubt it’s large, but the Tesla Punk Box Mod is a tremendous piece of craftsmanship, and an instant showpiece for your collection.

Score: A

Tesla Punk 220W Box Mod Specs and Contents

Tesla Punk 220W Box Mod Specs:

  • Measurements: 56 x 30 x 86 mm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Made from zinc alloy & ABS & PC materials
  • Classic OLED screen
  • Retro punk style design
  • Transparent faceplates
  • LED lights: Can be set to 5 alternate Modes
  • 510-threaded connection bezel
  • Output Modes: VW / TC Ti / TC Ni / TC SS / TCR
  • Power Mode output range: 7 to 220 W
  • Temperature Mode output range: 200 to 600℉ (or 100 to 300℃)
  • Power Mode resistance range: 0.1 to 3.0Ω
  • Temperature control resistance range: 0.05 to 1.0Ω
  • Utilizes dual 18650 batteries

Tesla Punk 220W Box Mod Contents:

  • 1x Tesla Punk Box Mod
  • 1x Micro-USB cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Gift Box