Last Updated on December 6, 2019 by Team Spinfuel

Anyone with teenagers, or anyone that smoked as a teenager back in the day, cannot be surprised that there has been a big increase in the number of teenagers taking up The Art of Vaping™. This is NOT a bad thing folks, all it means is that teenagers can THINK.

From Politico, this bit says it all;

Big jump in teen e-cigarette use despite public outcry over vaping perilsData released Thursday reveal a big increase in e-cigarette use by high school students, with more than a quarter saying they vape despite a lung disease epidemic and widespread public health outcry that has pitted President Donald Trump against congressional Democrats.

Read the above words carefully, and listen for the REAL reason kids are vaping…

Vaping flavored or unflavored pod mods or other vape products poses NO danger. These teens are NOT using THC cartridges laced with Vitamin E acetate, which is deadly. They are simply VAPING.

Sure, Vaping has been in the News every day for months, and that will cause people, teens and adults, to take notice. So what? (to quote Police State Cuomo) Now, if this was a report that there has been a big surge in teens buying bootleg THC cartridges then we’d be alarmed as well, but they are not. They are vaping, that’s it.

Teen Vaping™ Sees Big Surge Despite Outcry

More from Politico

FDA will continue to develop policies to prevent teen tobacco use and use ‘aggressive enforcement and compliance efforts’ along with public education campaigns, said acting FDA commissioner Admiral Brett Giroir.

Wait. Why the hell did Politico print the above? “prevent teen tobacco use“? They are vaping, kinda the opposite of smoking tobacco, isn’t it? A good example of reporters causing even more convoluted bullshit in the minds of parents.

Banning Flavors Do Not Help

Look, banning flavors of e-cigarettes isn’t going to help. I would rather my kids vape flavored e-juice (as long as they stayed away from 50mg nicotine salt pod mods like JUUL), than smoking tobacco cigarettes. And teens that “do drugs”, like inhale THC cartridges, are going to do so no matter the government does. It’s called “using drugs“.

Spinfuel VAPE doesn’t have any pull in the public arena. We talk about vaping. We report on new vape products, we publish news on vaping. We’re not the Washington Post or the New York Times (hell, we’re not even the Concord Monitor). But we do KNOW the vape community. And we know how to put this crisis to bed.

  • Ban High Nicotine Products – 24mg maximum
  • Raise the age of buying e-cigarettes to 18-21 years old
  • Realize that”inhaling THC Cartridges” is not vaping, it’s “doing drugs”
  • Make the manufacture of Bootleg THC Cartridges a Jail-Time Felony (5 years)
  • Call Vaping a Smoking Cessation Product
  • If your teenager vapes, find out what’s being vaped. Then TALK about it.
  • If your kids are “doing drugs”, call the authorities, they will thank you someday

The Big Surge

There are 3 issues being convoluted into a single issue in order to Ban vaping in favor of Big Tobacco. 

Teen Vaping™

Using Drugs like THC Cartridges cut with Vitamin E acetate

Teen and Adult Smoking Cigarettes

Know The Issue at Home

Do not allow the media or the government to mess with your head. If you find a pod mod (JUUL) in your Teen’s pocket, don’t panic. Remember when you were a teen and either you smoked cigarettes or had friends that did. Was there any panic. Know the TRUTH; Vaping IS 95% SAFER than smoking cigarettes.

It has always been easier for a teenager to get their hands on tobacco cigarettes then to get ahold of e-cigarettes. The initial investment in an e-cigarette setup is a lot more than a pack of cigarettes. Believe me, you would rather your teenager vape than smoke.

Drug Use is Not Vaping

Lastly, if your teen is using drugs, like THC cartridges or meth, or whatever, it has nothing to do with Vaping. Face it, inhaling anything to get high is Drug Use. Vaping strawberry e-liquid is NOT.

Get to know the REAL facts. Don’t be fooled by this Nanny State. And if you want to blame anyone or anything on the surge of teenagers picking up e-cigarettes? Blame the Media, blame your governor. Teenagers will be teenagers. Remember YOUR Teen Years.