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A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

 “It is the mission of to provide you with wholly unique and delicious e-liquids at affordable prices. Not pre-bottled, pre-mixed and sitting on the shelf liquids, but custom, quality, “made to order” e- liquids allowing YOU the freedom to customize your OWN vaping experience.”


It should be noted that Tasty Vapor originally wanted the team to review several of their premium “dripping” eLiquids. When we informed them that we’re really not set up for 3 days of dripping and couldn’t really give it our best, we switched to reviewing several of their 1-ounce eLiquids, all 18mg and 24mg nicotine blends. Maybe somewhere down the line we’ll set up a way for the team to do reviews for ‘drippers’ only, but until that time we’ll stick to doing what we know best…vaping eLiquid with glassomizers, clearomizers, tanks, and even a cartomizer or two.

Tasty Vapor sent along the following eleven eLiquids for this, our first, Tasty Vapor review…

  • Tin Box Mint
  • TastyFinger
  • Atomic Cinnacide
  • Premium Vanilla Custard
  • Burmauii
  • Café Macchiato
  • Frosted Oatmeal Cookie
  • Mai Tai
  • Island Punch
  • Alien Blood
  • Lemon Poundcake

Without giving too much at this point, I can tell you that we had a (mostly) nice time with these 11 eLiquids over 72 hours. With the numbers of eLiquids Tasty Vapor produces I hope to see a few sequel reviews for this prolific eLiquid company.

Bottling, Labels, Pricing, and Options

The bottles we received were a soft, squeezable plastic with a sharp needle-nose tip for easy filling, no matter what you’re going to fill. While droppers are nice, plastic tips like these make filling our glassomizers and clearomizers easy work. Unlike some eLiquids that are shipped in hard plastic that makes squeezing them a chore, these bottles made the job super easy. The caps are not childproofed and they were not shrink-wrapped. We hope to see these methods enacted before too long. Even so, there was no leaking during shipping.

The labels are large and practically wrap around the entire 30ML bottle. The label features the logo, tagline, nicotine warning and ingredients, as well as the flavor, nicotine level, and the VG ratio, but these are hand written on the labels, not printed.

The standard price for their 1-ounce bottles is $16.00. That’s just a tiny bit more than 50 cents per ML, an affordable, middle of the road price.

You have several options to choose from when ordering. You can add some customization to your chosen flavor, but these options do not increase the price of the bottle. Options include adding more sweeteners, changing up the PG/VG ratio and choosing between 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg and 36mg nicotine.

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – In Brief

Our 4-person team, Julia (me), Tom, Jason, and Keira used our own hardware, as we usually do now. The clearomizers and glassomizers included the X.Jet Spider, Aerotank Mini, Regular, and Mega, an Aspire Nautilus, and a few Aspire BDC Vivi Nova-S glassomizers.

Scoring was identical to all other Review Team scoring, and any eLiquid earning a 5 Star score from all 4 team members are automatically awarded with a Spinfuel Choice Award. Only the lead writer knows in advance of the publication of the review which eLiquids, if any, earned the Spinfuel Choice Award.

The team scored the eLiquids on flavor, complexity, vapor production, and vape satisfaction. While we may comment on the throat hit it has no bearing on our score anymore. All eLiquids in this review were either 18mg or 24mg nicotine and if the throat hit was light or nonexistent that would have been strange. The combination of 20% VG (80% PG) and a high nicotine pretty much guarantees a pretty awesome throat hit. We see no reason to handicap the review when all the eLiquids delivered good throat hits based on those two components.

An eLiquid scoring a single Star is what we like call “Unvapeable”, and a 5 Star score means that for that team member, the eJuice was excellent in all areas we score. It does not mean YOU will like it. It may not mean that YOU think it’s a great vapor producer, or a satisfying vape. But, at the same time, if 4 team member all believe its an excellent eliquid you can at least take comfort in the fact that it wasn’t just one vaper, and it wasn’t for 5 minutes of vaping.

Review Method

Unlike other eLiquid reviews you may see or read around the Internet, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team spends a full 72-hours vaping the eLiquids under review exclusively. That means for those 3 days no one on the team will vape any other eLiquid. We make sure to vape each eLiquid in the review at various times of the day, from first waking up in the morning to the last vape at night.

An eLiquid flavor can appear to change depending on many factors. What you’ve just eaten, how long you’ve been awake, how tired you are, and even how ‘vaped out’ you become by the end of the day. We could not judge an eLiquid without vaping them under as many circumstances as we are able. That’s what we believe makes a Spinfuel eLiquid Review different, and more accurate, then other reviews.

 Tasty Vapor – An Overall Evaluation

During the discussion portion of our review, after the 72 hours are up and all four team members meet to discuss our impressions, we all came to the conclusion that out of all eleven flavors there wasn’t a single “all day vape” among them. That’s not to say that YOU wouldn’t find them to be an all day vape, but for us, it seemed as though each time we tried to extend our vape time with any flavor we would wind up with “vapers tongue”, or the flavor would just disappear. Even the eliquids that scored enough for a Spinfuel Choice Award suffered from this phenomenon. While some made awesome impressions on us, and can be vaped for quite a while before losing their flavor, it should be noted that to get the best results from the eleven eliquids reviewed here you should limit your time with each them. Our suggestions are to fill a small clearomizer, no more than 1.4ML or 1.6ML and then change up the flavor when it’s gone.

Tasty Vapor Review – Eleven eLiquids

oatcookieFrosted Oatmeal Cookie – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Just like Mother used to make! This flavor will instantly take you back to the smell and taste of those delicious store-bought oatmeal cookies. Everyone that’s tried it, loves it, swears by it.  So will YOU!” – Tasty Vapor

Julia: I feel in love with Frosted Oatmeal Cookie the minute I started vaping it, which was in the middle of the day. The authentic oatmeal cookie flavor is to die for, and you can really taste the “frosted” component of this flavor as well. It made me feel all warm and toasty, and delivered great big clouds of delicious and warm vapor. I would recommend this to anyone who likes oatmeal cookies. As a flavor to wake up to, and a flavor to go to bed with, Frosted Oatmeal Cookie was delicious under any circumstance. In my rotation now. 5 Stars

Tom: I certainly didn’t think I was going to like Frosted Oatmeal Cookie, but I did. For me though it was important to drive up the warmth of the vapor to get that “just out of the oven” flavor that you crave if you grow up in a house with a mom that loved to bake oatmeal cookies, like my mom did.

The flavor is so accurate, so rich, and so indescribably delicious that I knew this one would find a home in my rotation. Surprisingly good vapor for a VG of only 20%, and of course a wicked good throat hit, this combination delivered one of the best, most satisfying vapes I’ve had in a while…in short durations. When you vape this, and you should, get the vapor nice and warm, you too will fall in love with it. 5 Stars

Jason: Tasty Vapor’s Frosted Oatmeal Cookie has just a pinch of either cinnamon or gingerbread spice in it. Probably gingerbread, and it gives it a delicious contrast to the frosted component as well as blending perfectly with the whole oatmeal cookie flavor profile. This is one eLiquid the vape community needs to hear about because it’s a damn near perfect oatmeal cookie eLiquid.

The sweet, rich, oatmeal and frosting flavor made me want to take long, deep drags, and as I did I was delivered to vapers heaven where the vapor is warm, thick, and satisfying. I will most definitely keep a bottle of this one in my rotation permanently. 5 Stars

Keira: Oh my God is this the best tasting frosted oatmeal cookie that I’ve ever had? Yes! (It’s also the only one I’ve had) This Frosted Oatmeal Cookie is for every vaper out there that likes real oatmeal cookie cookies and would love to experience that same flavor in vapor form.

However, I don’t think this is an all-day-vape at all. For the first, I dunno, 30 minutes or so, the flavor was just fantastic, but after that it became almost tasteless. Well, maybe not tasteless, but I couldn’t tell what I was vaping anymore and that oatmeal cookie flavor was completely lost. So, for me Frosted Oatmeal Cookie will be one of my favorite vapes to begin the day, or early evening, but only for a short time. Still, it is an excellent juice and I happily award it with 5 Stars.

tinmintTin Box Mint

“Like the famous mints, this e-liquid is “curiously strong”, and sure to please!”


Julia: I didn’t really like this one all that much. I was looking for that Thin Mint flavor, or even the opposite, the Altoid Mints flavor, and I didn’t experience either one. What I did experience was almost a minty metallic flavor. Pretty decent vapor, a strong throat hit, but just not something I would vape. If this had delivered an Altoid flavor I would have scored it a little higher then my ultimate score of 3 Stars

Tom: Tin Box Mint is definitely trying to emulate the Altoid mints but it falls short. After trying different times of the day, and even approaching it as the first vape of the day I swear I get a slight tobacco flavor buried over by a minty/menthol type flavor. Vapor didn’t seem that great with this either, which wasn’t all that surprising considering the VG level was only 20%. You know though, it’s not a bad flavor, but it’s not for me. 3 Stars

Jason: A strong mint vape Tin Mint Box tries to be Altoids and misses the mark. While it is a heavy mint flavor it isn’t very clean. And that’s the best way I can describe it, not very clean. Vapor was fair, but barely, with a strong throat hit. It was somewhat disappointing because some of the juice by Tasty Vapor is excellent, this one, not so much. 3 Stars

Keira: For some reason, and I am probably wrong, I think Tin Box might have started out as a menthol tobacco flavor and at some point down the line they changed course and decided to amp up the menthol, or mint, and abandon any mention of tobacco. But unless I’ve lost my ability to taste the proper flavor, this one has a slight tobacco flavor. 20% VG leaves little vapor production, and the 24mg nicotine produces a huge throat hit. I wonder how well this one sells, and I wonder if the vapers that do buy this buy it as a strong menthol tobacco. I’m saying it’s a 3.5 Star juice

TastyFingerTastyFinger – “One of our older and most favored recipes.  Named after a popular candy bar of a similar name, you’ll find this absolutely spot-on and equally delicious.”


Julia: Certainly one of the more enjoyable eliquids from Tasty Vapor. It’s very much like a butterfinger vape, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. But, despite it being a delicious vape with a deep, dark-ish butterfinger flavor, it wasn’t special enough or me to award it the full 5 stars. I liked it, I would vape it again, and all the things you want in a butterfinger vape are there, including nice big clouds of vapor. But it is a bit boring after a while, so for that reason I give it 4.5 Stars.

Tom: Butterfingers are my favorite candy bar, by far. So I couldn’t wait to fill a clearomizer with this juice and give it a good vape. I wasn’t disappointed; it is the vapor form of a butterfinger. Excellent vapor production with this one and a good throat hit. Tastyfinger is a chocolate and peanut butter blend that almost convinces you that you’re vaping the candy bar itself. Sweet, rich, and satisfying, TastyFinger gets 5 Stars from me.

Jason: I enjoyed TastyFinger but not nearly as much as Tom did. I certainly could taste the butterfinger candy bar flavor, and the vapor and throat hit were not a disappointment. The recipe works, and the result is a satisfying, sweet dessert vape, but for some reason I couldn’t get all excited about it. It is an idea that was well executed, but not innovative. I want a reason to drop an eLiquid I have in my rotation and add a new one to take its place. That, to me, is a 5 Star eliquid. Tastyfinger, as good as it is, is not going to take the place of any eliquid in my current lineup. Still, I score this a solid 4.75 Stars.

Keira: Tasty Vapor says that this eliquid is one of their oldest and one of their most “favored”. I can believe that because when it comes to a butterfinger candy bar who among us wouldn’t love it? Tasty Vapor developed an eliquid that replicates 99% of the butterfinger flavor experience; it’s like vaping the candy bar itself. Add to that a more than fair amount of vapor and a solid throat hit and you have yourself a very popular eliquid. Does it deserve the Spinfuel Choice Award? Almost, but not quite. 4.5 Stars

atomic fire ballAtomic Cinnacide – “Easily Tasty Vapor’s BEST SELLER! Naturally sweet with a strong cinnamon kick. Tastes JUST like the traditional jawbreaker candy. This is the daily vape of a great deal of our customers, and ourselves!

WARNING:  High concentrations of cinnamon in liquids such as this CAN and HAVE eaten through plastic cartridges, cartomizers, clearomizers, and tanks.  This product is NOT recommended if you’re using polyethylene or similar plastic gear.”

Julia: Well, we’ve seen this flavor before, so Tasty Vapor isn’t breaking any new ground here. This is their version of a high cinnamon eliquid. As with other high cinnamon flavors I liked it, but only for very short periods. You can’t vape another flavor immediately after vaping this one because it will alter your taste buds for a couple of hours. Good vapor, excellent throat hit, as the high cinnamon representative it does a good job, so for that reason I giving it 4.25 Stars. Will break plastic tanks within the first hour, so use glassomizers only. 4.25 Stars

Tom: I have one of these high cinnamon flavors in my collection, and I use it whenever I need something hard, spicy, and can break up my boredom with my usual suspects. There is nothing particularly different about this one, it is what it is, a strong cinnamon vape. I think most vapers should have one in their collection, but whether it is this one or another brand, it doesn’t really matter, it serves the same purpose. Sweet, spicy cinnamon, good vapor, hard throat hit. 3.75 Stars

Jason: I vaped Atomic Cinnacide a few different times of the day and I think its safe to say that this is one for late nights, and the juice you might want to use after a night out. Its snaps you out of the doldrums, that’s for sure, and can certainly blister your plastic tanks. Not bad at all, just not innovative or particularly inviting. At best, 3 Stars

Keira: First you have to ask yourself why you want to vape a strong cinnamon juice, and then decide how much you want to vape it to decide if its worth buying a bottle. A part time vape to be sure, Atomic Cinnacide can be a fun vape in small doses. Does it break new ground? No. But it does enlarge the menu and that’s something. 3.75 Stars

Premium Vanilla Custard – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “This stunning dessert flavor was created specifically for our High VG line. Just like the pudding, it features condensed cream and rich vanilla overtones. A delicious choice for an all-day vape.”

Julia: The Tasty Vapor description includes the words “Just like the pudding”, and that is exactly right. I have made on the stovetop vanilla custard pudding a hundred times at least, and not the instant stuff either, I’m talking the cook and serve kind. Premium Vanilla Custard tastes exactly, and I mean exactly, like the warm vanilla pudding that you ‘taste test’ while you cook it. That truly rich, truly vanilla, flavor will fool your taste buds so convincingly that you’ll think you’re vaping the actual pudding, not the ingredients of eliquid. I was, and remain, very impressed. Vapor, flavor, and throat hit all hit where it should, making this a certain contender for the Spinfuel Choice Award. 5 Stars

Tom: The best way I can describe this premium vanilla custard is this; you will love the flavor so much that after a certain amount of time, when the flavor (or your taste buds) begin to change you will be disappointed to the edge of tears. This is the kind of luscious vanilla pudding that you savor, that almost makes your heart skip a beat because your brain’s pleasure center goes haywire, and you never want to stop. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last more than an hour or two and then you have to take a sizable break before you can go back and get that same flavor. If there was a way to create this kind of flavor that would last all day it would probably become the #1 flavor in the vape community. Even better with warm vapor, this award winning juice is almost too good to be true. 5 Stars

Jason: Tom and I vaped Premium Vanilla Custard several times a day, often together, and we kept coming up with new ways of describing the flavor that we can’t reprint here. We loved it. We loved a lot. But something this good has to have a fault, because there is no such thing as the perfect ejuice. What makes this vanilla custard too good to be true is that it just isn’t capable of delivering the same awesome flavor all day.

There is something inherent about this eliquid that does something to your taste buds, so after a while the flavor profile changes dramatically and you reach a point where it has to be put away and your taste buds need time to recover. I want to coat my tongue with this flavor and taste it 24/7, but that’s impossible. So for now, I vape it 4 times a day, 10 minutes at the time so that when I do vape it the flavor remains in tact. Vapor and throat hit are almost irrelevant; you’ll want it for the intense flavor that is going to bring tears to your eyes. Vape warm for a heated, almost liquid flavor experience. 5 Stars

Keira: Attention vanilla custard fans… Your vape is ready. Tasty Vapor’s Premium Vanilla Custard is to die for, plain and simple. Delicious vapor clouds full of flavor. A vanilla custard eliquid so good that it makes you rethink what you believed about great vanilla custard. Now a part of my daily rotation, I can’t imagine the day that I don’t find the time to vape it. 5 Stars

burmaniiBurmauii – “This is another of our most popular and complex cinnamon-based flavors.  What you will taste from the start is a luxurious, ground cinnamon flavor lent by Indonesian cinnamon bark oil, Cinnamomum Burmauii, from which this liquid gets its name.  Built around this, is a rich blend of complimentary flavors that will have you in a state of vaping paradise.  Pour a cup of coffee, put on some nice music and relax yourself into this truly indulgent flavor.”


Julia: Unlike Tasty Vapor Cinnacide, Burmauii tastes like a different type of cinnamon. Not as spicy, and definitely more of a ‘cooks’ cinnamon than a candy cinnamon. I like it, I like quite a bit, but I’m not crazy about it. But I don’t think I could be crazy about any high-cinnamon ejuice.

The problem with vaping an eliquid like this is that it will take you a couple of hours to work that spicy flavor out of your taste buds, so the best time for vaping it is either late at night, as your last flavor of the day, or after dinner or drinks when you know you’ll going to brush your teeth soon. It will limit your vaping opportunities because you won’t be able to put it down and try something else. Vapor production was good, but not great, and the throat hit was more spicy then a thump. I score it 4 Stars

Tom: I’m not sure why Tasty Vapor would have something so close to their Cinnacide vape. I would hope it wasn’t just to continue filling their dance card, but I can’t think of any other reason. Well, maybe if a vaper likes a high cinnamon flavor but find Cinnacide too hot and spicy they could choose Burmauii instead. Good vapor production, but a lighter than expected throat hit round out the properties of this eliquid. I won’t add it to my collection or rotation, but I would imagine that there are plenty of vapers who would like it as their cinnamon of choice for their collection. For that reason I score Burmauii 4.25 Stars

Jason: This is going to be short and to the point. Burmauii is a less spicy Atomic Cinnacide eliquid. Yes, there is a ground cinnamon flavor instead of that sweet, candy cinnamon of Cinnacide, but other than that there isn’t any other differences. I was not thrilled about it, and I wouldn’t vape it in Cinnacide’s place. Vapor was okay, but just okay, and the throat hit was much lighter than I expected. 3.75 Stars

Keira: Like Cinnacide I had to ask myself if I would invest the money for an eliquid I would seldom use. Although this one is not as hot as Cinnacide, and therefore probably a bit more accessible, it’s still not something that will have mass appeal. I’m not saying that every eliquid has to have mass appeal, they don’t. But it does have to serve a purpose other than an expansion to the lineup. The only thing that makes any sense is that Burmauii is their spicy cinnamon offering that would appeal to the vapers that find Cinnacide too much. That’s not enough for me. Okay vapor production, I say Burmauii scores a 3.75 Stars

CAFE MACHIATTOCafé Macchiato “A nice roasted coffee flavor. Creamy, with hints of other flavors that are sure to please. We can’t say too much without giving away the recipe, but we can say it is a longtime Tasty Vapor Bestseller!”


Julia: The flavor of Café Macchiato is so pure, so authentic, that you think you’re going to wind up with coffee breath after just a few minutes of vaping. What’s really nice about this coffee vape is that the bitterness you get in some coffee eliquids is absent here. It’s just a pure macchiato flavor, sweet, but not overly so, and very satisfying. Intense flavor, lots of vapor considering the 20% VG, and a whopping throat hit at 24mg nicotine. Not an all day vape by any means, but a great morning or late night vape. You get the same effect that you’d get with a real cup of coffee. 4.5 Stars

Tom: As most people know, tobacco and coffee eliquids are my mainstay juices. Granted I vape a lot more tobacco than coffee, but when I’m not vaping for a review there is a coffee vape in my day, morning time mostly. So? Café Macchiato? One thing it is not is a latte sort of vape, it’s definitely coffee, without the steamed milk and heavy sweetener. Tasty Vapor talks about other flavors that are sure to please, but they are not that easily identifiable. Maybe a hint of cinnamon, and sometimes I sense just a hint of vanilla, though not always, so I can’t swear to it. In any case, a good vapor producer, a mean throat hit, Café Macchiato is a solid 4.75 Stars

Jason: It’s easy to see why Café Macchiato is one of the best sellers for Tasty Vapor. It is as authentic as any coffee vape I’ve had, with a real sense of roasted coffee. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they used a real coffee extract made from coffee beans, not a flavoring. I wouldn’t say it was a sweet vape, but there is no bitterness in it, and it is sweet enough to think that you were vaping a real coffee blend with a touch of sugar. Café Macchiato is the real deal, and a very satisfying vape for coffee lovers that enjoy coffee eliquids. Good vapor, a very good throat hit, I would be very surprised if this one wasn’t a big seller. 4.75 Stars

Keira: A good coffee eliquid is not as easy to find as you might think. Hundreds of brands of eliquid out there and I would say more of them have a coffee blend than do not. But most of them are neither too sweet nor creamy, not that I mind that, or too strong, like a cup of old black coffee. Café Macchiato has a natural roasted coffee blend, it isn’t bitter, and it’s strong enough to feel like you’re vaping real Italian coffee but not so strong that you think you’re vaping black, unsweetened coffee. I can’t think of a single thing Tasty Vapor could do to make this better than what it already is. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind a companion vape that uses this exact recipe and then adds a nice creamy component and perhaps another cube of sugar. I would have both in my rotation. As it stands now, Café Macchiato is a part of my morning rotation. When my next order comes in it will be an evening rotation as well. A solid winner, and 5 Stars from me.

maitaiMai Tai – “The Mai Tai cocktail was invented blocks away from our Oakland factory, at the famous Trader Vic’s. Legend has it the bartender mixed it up for his Tahitian friends, who, upon sipping, exclaimed “Mai Tai!” which literally translates to “Very Good!” And very good it is. Layers of tropical fruit balance rum and orgeat flavors to make this mouth-watering concoction. Clare’s Mai Tai offers a fruity vape without overbearing sweetness, and all the flavors of the tropics. Very good!”

Julia: I’m not sure about this Mai Tai ejuice. It definitely has a real Mai Tai flavor to it, but that flavor may not work for everyone as a vaping flavor. During the 3 days of vaping these eliquids there were times when Mai Tai really hit the spot, a solid 5 star vape, but then there were time when it didn’t. When it worked it was the real Mai Tai drink, when it didn’t it was like Hawaiian Punch, only not as sweet. For an ejuice with only 20% VG it produces more than enough vapor, and the combination of high PG and high nicotine (18mg) it packed a whollop of a throat hit. Not many eliquids leave me conflicted after the review period, and I’ve usually made my decision before the end, but with Mai Tai, I’m still not sure. For that reason it earns 4 Stars.

Tom: If you really understand that a Mai Tai is not the same as many other tropical blends I think you would really enjoy it. The problem comes in when people expect it to be another version of Pina Colada… It’s not. A Mai Tai is not nearly as sweet for one thing. Tasty Vapor mentions using a flavoring that tastes like orgeat syrup, and that is what makes the vape different than most tropical drink eliquids. Orgeat syrup has almond notes, and can be used as the only sweetener in this recipe, which is why Tasty Vapor mentions that it isn’t overbearingly ‘sweet’. Bottom line for the Mai Tai; if you love the drink, if you order Mai Tai’s when you’re out on the town, then you will love this eliquid. If you order sweeter tropical drinks then you may not like it as much as you would, say, Tasty Vapor’s Island Punch, which is a lot sweeter. In my book though, this is 5 Stars.

Jason: I’m not the guy that orders Mai Tai’s when I go out. I’m a beer drinker, not a tropical drink drinker (huh?). There are 3 eliquids in this review that are “tropical fruity”, and this Mai Tai is the least sweet, but the most “tropical”, if you leave coconut out of the mix. I enjoyed vaping it, I hear it has a real Mai Tai flavor, but it’s not something I would vape normally. Good vapor, good throat hit, and an excellent recipe, that equates to Mai Tai being a solid 4 Stars.

Keira: There is only one word you can use to describe Tasty Vapor’s Mai Tai, and it is authentic. Well, I guess you also use delicious, tasty, and others if you love Mai Tai’s; this is as close as you’ll get to a real Mai Tai in vapor form.

I like many tropical eliquids, but I also like my tropical eliquids to be sweeter than this. I would probably choose Island Punch over Mai Tai if I were going to add one of them to my rotation. Although I enjoyed the experience of vaping a Mai Tai it won’t be on my rotation or in my collection. Mai Tai doesn’t excite me, at least not like a fantastic Pina Colada anyway. Great vapor for a low VG recipe, and a solid throat hit, so it earns a high score for being executed well. If you like Mai Tai’s you’ll love this ejuice. It is a 4.5 Star juice.

Island PunchIsland Punch – “Modeled after the popular Polynesian punch of a similar name and EXACTLY like the real thing.  This will be one hard liquid to put down or put away, it’s just so damned good.  One good puff and you’ll see exactly what we mean.”


Julia: Don’t let the innocent name fool you, Island Punch is a tropical drink, and boy is it ever a good one! Sweeter than the Mai Tai, stronger than a typical Pina Colada drink, Island Punch is a more intense tropical drink that would appeal to most tropical eliquid vapers. Lots of vapor coming from Island Punch, as well as solid throat hit. Vaping with warm vapor or cool(er) vaper, you’ll experience a satisfying, fruity vape that you will want to add to your rotation. I’ve added it to mine. Keep in mind that Island Punch is not an all day vape, you’ll lose the flavor after a couple of hours and then will need to recover before vaping it again. 4.75 Stars

Tom: Depending on where the Mai Tai section will wind up in this review you’ll either read this before or after the Island Punch review. It is a sweet tropical blend that will have broad appeal to vapers looking for a good tropical fruit vape. The sweetener they use in this recipe gives Island Punch a ‘dry’ sweetness, separate from the tropical flavors. It also produces a lot of vapor and carries a big stick of a throat hit. As long as the flavor profile carries through the various PG/VG and nicotine options I believe that there will be very few complaints about it. A tropical blend that gives other tropical blends a run for their money, I wouldn’t mind vaping it more often. Not on my rotation, or in my collection of eJuices, but if offered I’d fill up my tank, no questions asked. Island Punch is a good choice if you want to try a Tasty Vapor tropical fruity blend. 4.25 Stars

Jason: For a sweet tropical eliquid Island Punch is good blend. Lots of tropical fruit flavors, strong flavors, with enough sweeteners to make it a satisfying tropical blend. I’m not that much in to tropical eliquids but if you are I’m sure that this would be one of your favorites. Excellent vapor and a healthy throat hit, this one could be exactly what you’re looking for. Long, deep drags and high wattage will give Island Punch a warmth and intense vapor and deeper flavor. Sweet and fruity describes it well. 4.5 Stars

Keira: After spending 3 days vaping Island Punch off and on I’ve come to really enjoy it. I like my tropical flavors on the sweet side and this is definitely on the sweet side. I can’t get over how good the vapor production is on all these flavors that shipped to us with just 20% VG in them. Island Punch makes me wonder how big my clouds could be if the ratios were reversed. Not much more to say about this one, other than the fact that while it won’t appear in my rotation often I wouldn’t mind having a bottle in my collection for times when nothing but a tropical vape will do. 4.5 Stars

Alien Blood – “What is it exactly?  Sorry, that information is classified.  What we CAN tell you is that all the folks who have tried it, LOVE IT!  It can best be described as a fruity blend that’s out of this world.”


Julia: Alien Blood has a foundation of sweet coconut with a mixture of other tropical fruits that I cannot pinpoint. But you know, I don’t have to. The fact that the base line flavor is sweet coconut is enough for me, and maybe for you too, if you are a coconut fan like me that is. Not the best vapor producer, or throat hit maker, but I still like it a lot. It gets better after a few vape ‘sessions’ too. 4 Stars

Tom: I have to admit that my first encounter with this alien was not a pleasant experience. It could have been because it was my first vape of the day, about 7 in the morning, or it could have been something else. But after a few hours of 10-minute vaping times I began to like it more and more. Alien Blood is definitely a fruity vape, and if I am not mistaken it has coconut with a hint of pineapple flavor. That’s halfway there to a Pina Colada, minus the other ingredients, including Rum.

While I tried various methods of vaping Alien Blood I found that pushing the wattage up to produce the most vapor, and the most warmth, without burning it, the better I liked it. This is an eliquid that won’t see time in my collection, but for vapers who like tropical vapes I think you’ll really like it. If I had to choose between this, the Mai Tai or the Island Punch I would pick the Mai Tai because it’s the more original flavor and the least sweet. My score is 3.5 Stars.

Jason: I’m not all that crazy about an eliquid that keeps me guessing about the flavor components and Alien Blood did just that. The flavor was pretty good, the vapor was okay, and the throat hit was solid. I’m not much of a fan of Alien Blood but I would bet that many people who have tried it liked it. I can’t think of anything else worth mentioning. 3.25 Stars.

Keira: Alien Blood is one of the strangest fruit flavors I’ve ever had. There are times when its really good, though I can’t make out the flavors except for coconut, and there are times when Alien Blood feels like the right choice for the time, and others where it doesn’t, at all. This is not an eliquid I would make time for. Vapor is a little on the light side but the throat hit is pretty solid. All in all though, I’d give it 3.5 Stars.

lemon-poundcakeLemon Poundcake – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“A flavor that doesn’t need a huge description. Poundcake with sweet, buttery and lemony tones throughout. Decadent flavor, zero calories. So vape away, without the guilt!”


Julia: I love lemon poundcake. The kind I buy at the store has a lemon sugar drizzle-like frosting over the top of it and a slice of that with a good cup of coffee makes an awesome brunch-snack thing, or even a nice dessert after dinner. So for that reason I was looking forward to trying this juice. And boy was I glad I did. I can taste the real, authentic flavor of poundcake, real poundcake with that sweet lemon/sugar drizzle. Good vapor production, a decent throat hit, and a level of satisfaction that hits not only on the vaper satisfaction scale but also as the dessert for a sweet tooth craving. A marvelous ejuice, and worthy of the Spinfuel Choice Award, Lemon Poundcake would be even better if the flavor lasted all day – 5 Stars

Tom: When it comes to dessert flavors I can very picky about what deserves an award of excellence and what doesn’t. For me this was an easy decision because it truly does taste exactly like poundcake with a lemony sweetness that rewards you on more than one level. Unlike Frosted Oatmeal Cookie, the flavor lasted longer and I was able to vape it longer before wanting to change out, but still not long enough to be an all day vape. Best served in morning or late evening. Warm vapor is better, but not critical to a satisfying vape. Definitely a 5 Star juice.

Jason: I can’t remember tasting real poundcake in an eliquid before, so the first time I took a drag of Lemon Poundcake eliquid it surprised me. I just didn’t expect it to taste like real poundcake. And then to top that off with a sweet lemon sugary taste just sealed the deal. Good vapor, good throat hit, and all around terrific vape for the vaper that loves cake vapes. 5 Stars

Keira: As Julia and I looked through what flavors we were going to vape for this review I remember her letting out a yelp when she saw this one. She really and truly loves this kind of thing as a snack or dessert, so I knew that if it came close to real poundcake she would love it. For me, I like cake vapes too, whether it’s poundcake or just a normal cake batter or just a cake. While I vaped it I enjoyed the authentic flavor of a real poundcake with a lemon frosting, and because it was so authentic I knew I were give it 5 stars. Is it the best cake vape on the planet? I doubt it, but if you happen to like lemon poundcake, the real stuff, you’ll enjoy this eliquid, a lot. The vapor production was really good, as was the throat hit, and when you add it all up, it comes out to a 5 Star juice. I’m probably adding it to my collection. 5 Stars

The Wrap Up

As you can see, there are some award winning juices here, and some that are not quite up to our liking. But that’s the way it is with most reviews. The most disturbing things about Tasty Vapor and their eLiquids are that of the 11 we reviewed there wasn’t a single all day vape. The other thing we had to discount if the packaging. Tasty Vapor needs to invest in a shrink-wrap machine and/or child safety caps. By the time the final regulations kick in Tasty Vapor will have to make some changes, or leave the market.

Buying Advice

Naturally $16 is not a hard price to swallow for 30ML of eLiquid, so experimenting with a new brand, if Tasty Vapor is a new brand for you, makes sense. Although having a sampler box available would go a long way toward gaining new customers. Say, a dozen flavors in 5ml bottles for $30, would allow vapers sitting on the fence to take an affordable chance.

If you’re interested in trying out Tasty Vapor then by all means do so, as long as you are aware that your ejuice will arrive without shrink-wrap or child safety caps. While not every flavor was a winning one for us, you might find them great choices for yourself. Any eLiquid scoring 4 Stars and above is a pretty safe bet.

Last Words

There are two schools of thought that seem to run through the eLiquid vendors in the US. One is that the more flavors you offer the more likely that a vaper is going to try your products and become as regular customer. The other school of thought, the one I identify with, is to keep your menu small and concentrate only on eLiquids that are exquisite, sure-fire winners in the eyes of most of their customers. Tasty Vapor offers many flavors. It seemed to us that some of the flavors we reviewed were created more to fill out their dance card than to release something special.

Lemon Poundcake and Frosted Oatmeal Cookie have award winning traits, they delicious eLiquids, but others, like Island Punch, Mai Tai, and Tin Box Mint, are faceless, basic eliquids that do not stand out and could have come from anyone, anywhere.

And there you have it. These eleven flavors are only a small representative of the complete lineup offered by Tasty Vapor. If you’ve ordered from Tasty Vapor before please share your experience below in the comments. Tell us what your experience was like. What did you order? How did you like them? Do you continue to order from them? Your contribution to this review is just as vital as ours. Whether it’s a couple of months from now, or a couple of years, by adding your comments to our review you give our readers more insight into Tasty Vapor.

Till next time, when we’ll review eLiquids from New Age Vapors

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, and Jason Little