Sigelei Snowwolf Xfeng Mod Review
Sigelei Snowwolf Xfeng Mod Review

Every time I use the all-new Sigelei Snowwolf Xfeng, I can’t stop myself from playing Motley Crue in my head. Because the Xfeng mod genuinely has looks that kill. The problem is that these looks are also killing my hand. This dual-18650 workhorse isn’t sleek. It isn’t palm-friendly. And it’s nowhere near what anyone would call [...]

The Aggressively Style Snowwolf XFeng Preview

The Snowwolf VFeng (reviewed here) was a divisive device around our offices. It was an oddball mod but had power and ramp-up to spare. So, when the aggressively styled Sigelei Snowwolf XFeng (available now) arrived, we were curious to see where it landed in comparison to its older sibling. In other words, will it be another mod focused [...]