WISMEC AI 200W Alexa-Capable Box Mod Review
WISMEC AI 200W Alexa-Capable Box Mod Review

“Hey, Alexa - can you find me a new vape mod gimmick?” Yeah, folks, it’s come to this. Over the years, we’ve reviewed vape mods with custom wallpapers, touchscreens, pedometers, flashlights, and yes, music speakers. But we’ve never had one that claimed to be powered by artificial intelligence. Yet, as you can see by the review [...]

Wismec PREVA DNA 20W Pod System Review

Reviewing the new WISMEC PREVA DNA Pod Mod System - Alright, I’m gonna come right out and say it -- pod mods don’t need to be this advanced. Over the last few months, we’ve seen the pod format evolve beyond the usual disposable trash to become miniature box mod setups. And some -- most notably [...]

WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker 2 Mod Kit Review
WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker 2 Mod Kit Review

Introduction to the WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker 2 - At the risk of alienating our younger (read: mid-20s) readers, I’m SO glad WISMEC no longer wants to “be like Mike.” If you remember the original triple-18650 WISMEC Tinker device, you know the design concept was centered on the classic “Air Jordan” sneakers from the late ‘80s. But [...]

Wismec Luxotic Surface Squonk Kit Review
Wismec Luxotic Surface Squonk Kit Review

Wismec Luxotic Surface Squonk Kit Review - Just last week, I got to review the Desire Squonky (review here) sub-ohm tank, and now I get a full kit to try a proprietary squonk-ready, coil-less RDTA – there’s something good happening in the vape industry, and our latest positive sign of change comes courtesy of the Wismec [...]

Wismec Sinuous V80 Kit Review
Sinuous V80 Kit by WISMEC – A Review

If we were rating vape mods for their looks, the new Wismec Sinuous V80 would go right to the head of my line. I absolutely fell in love with the translucent exterior and compact hand feel right from the get-go. Synonymous with advanced vaporizer design work, Wismec Sinuous has from the get-go established itself as one [...]


Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Review: It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a new three-battery mod from Wismec, and to be honest, we kinda believed the days of 300-watt Cloud-Chuckers was coming to an end. But alas, the Reuleaux has been reborn, in the form of the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit. The odd name doesn’t make a heck [...]

Wismec Active Kit Review Bluetooth-Enabled, Music-Playing Mod
Wismec Active Kit Review A Bluetooth Music Playing Mod

Hey, remember that time when I said uploading personal photos onto a vape mod was silly? No? How about that time when I said having a pedometer and heart monitor on a vape mod was silly? Well, whether you do or not, none of those products even come close to this. Today, we’ll be looking [...]

Wismec Bellerophon RTA Review
The Almost-Adequate Wismec Bellerophon RTA Review

I’m in an RTA kinda mood, so let’s tackle one of the most interestingly named ones I’ve seen yet – the single-coil Wismec Bellerophon RTA. But, unless you like a challenge, I’ll save you the trouble of reading this entire piece – the Bellerophon RTA isn’t nearly as interesting as its name. And it’s a [...]

Wismec HiFlask Pod Mod System Review
Wismec HiFlask Starter Kit Review

Is it a Pod Mod? Is it an All-in-One (AIO) mod? Is it something else entirely? Not exactly an Ultra-Portable is it, but it's certainly not BIG. I’m going to answer this for you, just to save a little time – the Wismec Hiflask is all three. And for its size, it works remarkably well. [...]

WISMEC CB-80 & AMOR NS Pro Starter Kit Review

A year ago, we were introduced to the altogether awesome Wismec CB-60 starter kit, and I believe I led off the review with a bit of hyperbole – “Now THIS is how to do a beginner's vape device.” One spin around the sun later and Wismec hasn’t lost sight of the prize. Because the all-new [...]

WISMEC Luxotic NC Mechanical Mod Review by Spinfuel VAPE
WISMEC Luxotic NC Mechanical Mod Review

WISMEC LUXOTIC NC 250W & GUILLOTINE V2 STARTER KIT  We’ve been doing a lot of “best of” pieces around here, so let me hand out a special “one off” award. The best single, solitary draw off a vape mod I’ve had all year came from the gorgeous, potent WISMEC Luxotic NC mechanical mod. That isn’t hyperbole, mind [...]

WISMEC Luxotic Resin Squonk Box Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE
WISMEC Luxotic Resin Squonk Box Kit Review

The vape industry is filled with trends. From touchscreens to lightshows to Flappy Bird, it seems like Mods have gone through some rapid-fire changes over the years. But the WISMEC Luxotic Squonk Box Kit might have two of my favorites – Resin and Squonking. It’s no secret that these two trends are becoming more popular, and [...]

Wismec Luxotic Resin Squonk Box Kit Preview - Spinfuel VAPE
Wismec Luxotic Resin Squonk Box Kit Preview

Well, there’s certainly been no shortage of squonk mods on our desks of late. From the monstrous and powerful Geek Vape GBOX (reviewed here), to the fantastic iJOY Capo Squonk, (reviewed here) bottom-feed enthusiasts have certainly had a good few months. So where does the beautiful Wismec Luxotic Resin Squonk Box fit into the equation? [...]

Wismec Reuleaux RX2 230W Dual-21700 Mod Kit Review - Spinfuel VAPE
Wismec Reuleaux RX2 230W Dual-21700 Mod Kit Review

Despite reviewing countless Wismec mods over the years, I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know much about JayBo, the person behind the company’s iconic mod designs. But after a fantastic year of new devices, that might change. Because the Wismec Reuleaux RX2 mod is easily the best one to date.   Oh, like all Wismec mods – [...]

Wismec Ravage230 Mod Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
WISMEC Sinuous Ravage230 Mod Kit Review

Last year, the Wismec Predator (reviewed here) launched to a lot of fanfare. Not only because it launched a ton of “Alien vs. Predator” jokes across vape forums, but also because it was a damn good mod. Fast forward a year, and the prolific company might have just made its best dual-18650 device to date, [...]