Can the OUMIER Rudder 200W Box Mod Offer Something Unique?
Can the OUMIER Rudder Offer Something Unique?

Life is full of surprises. When I first received the Oumier Rudder 200W vape mod, I was a little concerned. The semi-exposed battery compartment and jutting adjustment dial on the front of the mod didn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence about how well the Rudder would survive a sharp drop to the floor. And to [...]

The Customized Limitless LMC Classic v2 220W Box Mod Preview
Limitless LMC Classic v2 220W Box Mod Preview

You have to hand it to Limitless Mod Co. – when they find a design they like, they stick with it. Which is why the Limitless LMC Classic v2 220W wasn’t too surprising when it arrived on our desks. What WAS surprising was how much we’ve enjoyed using this brash, large box mod so far, [...]

SMOK XPro M80 Plus Review

SMOK XPro M80 Plus The New SMOK XPro M80 Plus Box Mod by SMOKTech is one of the most advanced devices to come out of SMOK in a long time. Variable wattage, mechanical mode, and temperature-controlled mode, are just a few of the features that make this device a great value. The SMOK XPro M80 Plus Box [...]

Provari v3 Show And Tell – Vapor Trail Channel

Tony Brittan Unboxes and Enjoys The New Provape Provari v3 Hosting this channel, I end up with a lot of mods and other gear. Already owning a Provari Mini 2.5, I knew that the Provari v3 was going to be an awesome piece of vape gear! As soon as I could find a place to buy [...]

Joyetech eGrip Review & Video

Joyetech eGrip At VCCTN – Star of the Show When the newest preproduction electronic cigarette from Joyetech arrived a few weeks back I was, to be honest, slightly disappointed. After a series of hits like the eVic Supreme, the various eCom kits, including the eCom-BT and eCom-Mega, I expected something with just a bit more polish. [...]