iTaste VV4 Smokenjoey
Smokenjoey & The iTaste VV4 by Innokin

 iTaste VV4 by Innokin -  Smokenjoey Review Hey Folks- This is a complete review of the Innokin iTaste VV4 (version 4) ego sized battery. The OLED Display is one of the best. This is a variable wattage capable of 15 watts and variable voltage -up to 6 volts. Is there a difference between the VV4 and the [...]

MVP2 Innokin Smokenjoey Video Review
Smokenjoey – Innokin iTaste MVP 20W

Innokin iTaste MVP 20W  Video Review & Giveaway! Hi Folks- Join in the Review and Giveaway of the all new Innokin MVP 20 Watt Mod. As the name suggest, it is a variable voltage and wattage device capable of up to 20 watts and 7.5 volts. Also, Check out my teaser on the all new Aspire [...]

eLeaf iStick Review

Julia reviews the new, preproduction eLeaf box mod called iStick A Big THANKS goes out to the fine folks at Vapor Authority for providing the iStick. We are very careful about who we work with for our reviews and time after time Vapor Authority has been not only a great resource, but a vendor our readers [...]