The Johnson Creek Vea™ Elite First-Look Review

Vea™ Elite by Johnson Creek Vapor Company For several days I have had the privilege of using the brand new Vea™ Elite box mod, as well as vaping six brand new vapor liquids from the Johnson Creek Vapor Company. Today I get to tell you all about this new state-of-the-art box mod and the new vapor [...]

Canteen Pro Accessories From Johnson Creek!

Canteen Pro Coils, Replacement Tanks, and Airflow Controller Now Available! Whenever our good friends at Johnson Creek send us a package it’s like Christmas (good timing!) around here. Yesterday we got such a package, and it was stuffed with several Canteen Pro Accessories.   Last night the crew was invited over for a review session. Everyone had a [...]

Johnson Creek Canteen Pro – First Look Review!

A Pro-Level Pyrex Glass Tank For The Vea When UPS pulled up to Spinfuel HQ with a package from Johnson Creek we didn’t have a clue as to what it contained. But just as sure as I am writing about it now, the collective words that rang out once we opened it was a resounding “Holy [...]

Johnson Creek VEA – The Re-Review

Introduction You know, with all of the hardware that has passed through my hands both personally and professionally over the years, I realized recently that I had passed over some very popular PVs in the category I call “eGo style.” For example, I still to this day have never used the classic eGo-C battery-plus-spike-atomizer-plus-tank hardware combination. Never [...]

Johnson Creek VEA One Year Later

The Vea One Year Later  When Johnson Creek made the decision to build it’s own e-cigarette from the ground up, when they decided to start from scratch to create an e-Cigarette that would be both beautiful to hold and to look at. When they decided to build the best battery & cartomizer vaping device ever, something [...]

Johnson Creek Vea Review – Tips and Tricks!

Johnson Creek Vea Review + Tips and Tricks! Discover what your Johnson Creek Vea can really do. I attempt to marry the joyetech and Blu Cig with the Johnson Creek Vea Electronic Cigarette. Come make your way through all the vapor and see the results of this consummation. it will surprise you. I purchased the new Johnson [...]