Smokenjoey VCCNE Wrap Up Video

The VCCNE 2014 - It's A Wrap! Hey folks Smokenjoey here. Here's a 5-minute video from the very last moments of the VCCNE show in Sprinfield MA. It was really a lot of fun and I think we produced more videos than ever before. Don't forget that the next VCC show is in Chattanooga TN in [...]

Smokenjoey Talks Greg Conley

Smokenjoey and Greg Conley Hey folks, Smokenjoey here with an interview with Greg Conley. This video marks the last of the major videos from the VCCNE. As John Manzione and I gear up for the VCCTN in Chattannoga this October, I will work on stitching together some of our funnier moments at the event, as a [...]

Smokenjoey Interviews NicVape

NicVape Interview From The VCCNE Hey folks, Smokenjoey here. In this video from the VCCNE I talk to Linc Williams from NicVape. Watch and see how much care and passion he has for the community. NicVape has their own line of eliquids, and they work in co-branding and straight out branding for hundreds of other eliquid [...]

Daily Vape TV – VCCNE “After Party”

VCCNE After Party Video This party took place right after day one at VCCNE and wow, what a party! Big thanks to everyone that attended this event. We had The Vaping Militia, CASAA, The Vaping Greek, the Eve girls, vendors from all over and plenty of local vapers. We had live music from Fighting Giants and [...]

Smokenjoey – Smokeless Image Disposable

The Smokeless Image Disposable Cig-A-Like The Smokeless Image Disposable Volt - A one time use ecigarette. Hey folks, Smokenjoey here. While in Springfield MA for the VCCNE we were able to work in a few reviews among all the interviews and other activities. One of the reviews is right here, the Smokeless Iamge Disposable Volt. Just [...]

Smokenjoey – Kind Juice Interview

Emani Talks With Smokenjoey Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here.When I was at the VCC Tampa back in  February (2014) I had the chance to sit and talk to Emani from Kind Juice.This time I turn the reigns over to John Manzione, Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine, and my partner for the VCCNE media coverage. John and Emani talk [...]

Smokenjoey VCCNE – Longhorn Vapor Co

Smokenjoey Interview Jake from Longhorn Vapor Hey folks, Smokenjoey here. More from the VCCNE - John Manzione, Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine, talks with Jake of Longhorn Vapor Co, a Texas eLiquid and eCigarette company. Jake and John talk about Longhorn Vapor eLiquid, their extremely useful tool kit that every coil builder needs, a custom mod called [...]

Daily Vape TV – VCCNE Wrap Up Video

A VCCNE Video with Nick Bessette Big thanks goes to everyone that attended VCCNE, I had an amazing time and I hope you all did as well. Here's a little compilation of the footage and photos I shot while I was there. Enjoy and vape on! - Nick Bessette   Fight for Your Right to Vape! Music used in [...]

Smokenjoey’s Phil Busardo Interview

More Coverage from the VCCNE! Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here. What you're about to see is my interview with Phil Busardo, better known as PBusardo, recorded at the VCCNE in Springfield MA (June 28/29/2014). In this interview Phil opens up about his personal life, traveling, doing these kinds of shows, and much more. Then, John Manzione, takes [...]

Smokenjoey VCCNE – Impromptu Conversations

Smokenjoey and our own John Manzione talk vaping at the VCCNE Hey folks, Smokenjoey here. You know, I must have recorded two dozen hours of video over the weekend at the VCCNE. Much of the time John Manzione, Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine, and myself, had forgotten it was on and just talked as two friends often [...]

Thoughts on the VCCNE 2014

SmokenJoey and John Manzione Cover The VCCNE I’m back. It’s Tuesday morning, July 1st. I’ve just returned from the VCCNE in Springfield MA. This particular vaping convention was held on June 28th and June 29th at the MASS Mutual Center in downtown Springfield. It was not, as I discovered after the first leg of my journey, [...]