Smokenjoey VCC The Vaping Militia
Smokenjoey & The Vaping Militia

A VCCPA Interview with The Vaping Militia eCig Taxes and Bans are popping up everywhere. Find out which vaping bans or taxes are coming to your area and find out how easy it is to fight these ridiculous proposals. The Vaping Militia is working hard for our Vaping rights. Please Take the time to Listen to [...]

Smokenjoey – eCigs Under Fire – Dimitris Agrafiotis

Dimitris Agrafiotis, Eric Peterson, Smokenjoey Talk At VCCPA 2015 Hi Folks, so much negative publicity, campaigning and disinformation about eCigs is making me sick. Soon, the only viable alternative to tobacco cigarettes could be gone. However there are simple things we can do-- watch this short video interview with Dimitris Agrafiotis the VapinGreek and Eric Peterson the [...]

VapeStars Smokenjoey VCCPA
Vapestars Network – Smokenjoey Interview

Vapestars Network -  About eCig Taxes & Bans Vapestars Network - More from the VCCPA in Pittsburgh. I met up with JT from Vapestars Network - take a listen while we have a quick chat on what he is passionate about and what needs to be done in the eCig industry. For more Reviews and interviews [...]

VCC Tampa 2015 – Thoughts & Observations

VCC Tampa 2015 – Final Thoughts and Observations Tampa Florida held its 2nd VCC event this past weekend. This morning I'm offering up my final thoughts and observations about the show. Last year the one and only Smokenjoey, and myself, (representing Spinfuel) were at the show sans our own booth. We huddled at the back of the [...]

Smokejoey Conley Taxes
95% eCigarette Tax? Smokenjoey And Greg Conley

95% eCigarette Tax? What is the Greg Conley & AVA is doing to stop these ridiculous  state taxes.  Recorded at the VCCTN in Chattanooga Greg Conley, President of the American Vaping Association, Talks about what they have done to protect vaping. I was surprised of the taxes they beat down at a state level--everyone and especialling eCig and [...]

eCig Ban and How VISTA is Fighting for Vaper’s Rights

Join me while I ask Kevin Skipper, President of VISTA, what they are doing to fight against the eCig Ban and for our right to vape. The legislation has already been proposed, Kevin is also the founder of the VCC (Vaping Convention Circuit). What does he have to say about Phil Busardo? Find out... www.vistatruth.org eCig Ban [...]