Daily Vape TV & The VCCT ’15

Nick Bessette's Awesome Reap Video Of The VCCT '15 It's always nice to get out of New England in the middle of winter and #VCCT15 couldn't have come at a better time. With snow every few days and windchill factors FAR below zero, I was almost ready to snap. This video is the chronicling of my [...]

Dimitri Smokenjoey VCCT Tampa Interview
Smokenjoey Interviews Dimitris Agrafiotis

A VCC Tampa 2015 Interview with Dimitri Agrafiotis Hi Folks, Dimitris Agrafiotis tells me the latest on state/local eCigarette legislation that affects us all and what Vendors and Vapers can do to help stop some of these ridiculous proposals- a must see video Dimitris Agrafiotis www.smokenjoey.com FROM SMOKENJOEY.COM Hi Folks, Dimitris Agrafiotis the VapinGreek tells me the latest on state/local eCig legislation [...]

SFATA Smokenjoey Interview VCCT Tampa

SUPPORT SFATA! VCC TAMPA COVERAGE 2015 Folks, I spoke with Cynthia Cabrera with the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) an organization that protects access and innovation of electronic cigarettes. Listen to her short story about RJ Reynolds and learn what they do to help the vaping industry and Vapers. Don't miss this interview. What SFATA Does As the [...]