Delta Extrax
Earths Bounty EJuice
UD GAXI Kit Review
UD GAXI 60W VW Starter Kit Review

Ladies, turn away for a minute… I need to reveal a hard truth – size doesn’t matter. Well, at least in the vape game, anyway. [...]

Vapor Shark SwitchBox DNA75 Box Mod Preview - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Vapor Shark SwitchBox DNA75 Box Mod Preview

Vapor Shark Switchbox DNA75 Box Mod Preview Vapor Shark gives us the SwitchBox DNA75 Box Mod and we at Spinfuel have a sneak peek worth checking [...]

The Mini Volt by Council of Vapor – A Review by John Manzione for Spinfuel eMagazine – A Box Mod 40W device.
CoV Mini Volt Box Mod and Vengeance Tank Review

Council of Vapor  Mini Volt Box Mod Review   The minute I picked up the Mini Volt by Council of Vapor I knew the Mini Volt was not just [...]

ipv4s slide
Pioneer4You iPV4s Review

iPV4s Review, by J. C. Martin, III General Opinions And Attributes Of The iPV4s The Pioneer4You iPV4s is the latest edition in the IPV4 series, and this ‘upgrade’ [...]

clouporgt80 slide
The Cloupor GT Review

Cloupor GT 80W Dual 18650 VV/VW/TC Box Mod The Cloupor GT 80W Dual 18650 VV/VW/TC Temperature Control Box Mod is smaller, lighter and smart. The Cloupor [...]

eVic-VT Review by The Cold Open
eVic-VT Video Review

eVic-VT Mod - A Video Review eVic-VT Mod First, thank you to Joyetech and Ave40 for providing the eVic-VT for review purposes, as well as the staff. Now, I [...]

ColdOpen1 5 15
Spinfuel – The Cold Open – Show & Tell

The Cold Open - John & Jacob Show Off Some Upcoming Products & Reviews John's office is undergoing a remodel, to make it more conducive to [...]

IPV Mini Thumb
IPV Mini Review and BIG Giveaway!

Review and HUGE giveaway IPV Mini's w/ Kanger Subtanks Giveaway - Vapor Trail Channel and Daily Vapor are giving away 2 complete setups with an IPV Mini [...]

Why Variable Voltage Or Variable Wattage?

VV or WW? Tony Explains Introduction to what Vapor Trail is all about, and what are "variable wattage" and "variable voltage" and why you might want [...]

sigelei 20 slide
Sigelei 20W Box Mod Review

The Sigelei 20W Review by Tom McBride Tom Takes An In-Depth Look At The Sigelei 20W Prologue I’ve been vaping with the new Sigelei 20W for more than [...]

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Virgin Vapor’s eGo-V v3 Mega Review

Sub eGo-V v3 MEGA Kit - $34.99 From Virgin Vapor We all know, and love, the 100% organic flavored e liquids coming out from behind the magical [...]

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Innokin iTaste SVD Review

Review: Innokin iTaste SVD - $99.95 MyVaporStore Introduction Introduced nearly a year ago, the Innokin iTaste SVD (short for, “Superior Vaping Device”) brought variable voltage and variable [...]

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The KSD VAMO 5 – A Review

VAMO Rev 5 by KSD The first time we wrote about the VAMO electronic cigarette was when it reached Rev 2, and I was duly [...]

Castle Current FavoriteVape
My Favorite (current) Vape – Cool Fire 2

Introduction I have half a dozen amazing pieces of gear on, in, and around the desk where I spend my workday. APVs, mechanicals, cartomizers (ohhhh, so [...]

Castle VTR Review
Innokin iTaste VTR Review – Another Look

Introduction Spinfuel eMagazine reviewed the Innokin iTaste VTR when it was first released to the public. Since then, there has been much written about the device. [...]