DOVPO M VV Mech-Type Mod Review

I think pigs are flying, because this safety-obsessed vape reviewer not only tested another mechanical-type mod, but also liked it. The Dovpo M VV intimidated me at first, simply because mechs – and their usual lack of protection and monitoring – never seem worth the worry. But the M VV mod is a little different. Notice [...]

iJoy ZENITH 3 Variable Voltage Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel Vape
iJoy Zenith 3 & Diamond Sub-Ohm Starter Kit Review

The iJoy Zenith 3 is the newest iteration of the iJoy Maxo Zenith mod (reviewed here). And although much has changed, (including a sub-ohm tank instead of an RDA) much has stayed the same... within reason.The iJoy Zenith 3 is powered by dual 2700 batteries (compatible with 18650’s with sleeve), and is a variable voltage, [...]

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Lotus LE80 Box Mod

Lotus LE80 Mod Lotus Vaping Technologies $59.99-$69.99 Lotus Vaping Score: D- Overview A Variable Voltage Box Mod The Lotus LE80 is a bare-bones variable voltage regulated box mod that offers high power (up 180w!) of power and basic built-in safety features. It is without a doubt the strangest box mod to come into Spinfuel HQ in 2015. While using this mod and researching the company [...]

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The Cloupor GT Review

Cloupor GT 80W Dual 18650 VV/VW/TC Box Mod The Cloupor GT 80W Dual 18650 VV/VW/TC Temperature Control Box Mod is smaller, lighter and smart. The Cloupor GT Temp Control 80W Box Mod is also very affordable at less than $60. Because this is our first official Cloupor product review I decided to send one to Tom McBride, [...]

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Spinfuel – The Cold Open – Show & Tell

The Cold Open - John & Jacob Show Off Some Upcoming Products & Reviews John's office is undergoing a remodel, to make it more conducive to video production, and adding a level of comfort while we're at it, but as is our usual luck, the remodel was not finished, but the show must go on.  Joining John [...]

Why Variable Voltage Or Variable Wattage?

VV or WW? Tony Explains Introduction to what Vapor Trail is all about, and what are "variable wattage" and "variable voltage" and why you might want to use a device that has the capability to do one or both. The tips and how to's that I do on here will be geared towards simplicity. Please keep [...]

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Vision Spinner II Review

Vision Spinner II – Upgraded, Updated, and Ready to Rumble I can’t believe it’s been a couple of months already since the new Vision Spinner II was released. I’ve been using mine every single day since I got it. The upgrades they’ve made to this already fantastic variable voltage battery have only made it even more [...]

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Innokin iTaste CLK – First Hand’s On Look

REVIEW: The new Innokin iClear CLK The Innokin iTaste CLK Starter Kit Affordable – Capable – Attractive – Under $50 Fortunately not every new electronic cigarette that comes to market is of the $160 variety, like the JoyeTech eVic Supreme Tom just reviewed. While these semi-expensive APV’s are usually big sellers not everyone needs one, or wants one. [...]

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Virgin Vapor’s eGo-V v3 Mega Review

Sub eGo-V v3 MEGA Kit - $34.99 From Virgin Vapor We all know, and love, the 100% organic flavored e liquids coming out from behind the magical curtain of Virgin Vapor. Sure, their reputation is all about the great flavors and highest level of ingredients that go into them, but e liquid isn’t the only trick Virgin [...]

Triple 7 Expands Product Line – An Interview

A Discussion - Triple 7’s Paul Lowenthal and Spinfuel’s John Manzione When 777 eCigs became a sponsor of Spinfuel eMagazine, way back in 2012, they were a much smaller company. We stumbled across their website one day while searching various cig-a-like brands. We took notice because unlike every other cig-a-like brand there wasn’t a single declaration [...]

Innokin MVP v2 Another Look

Review: Innokin MVP v2 Introduction The Innokin MVP, when it was released, was quite an innovative little package. However, for many people — including me — it didn’t feel as though the MVP was quite there yet. So when the iTaste VV 3 launched, I could practically feel the charge in the air. And when the Innokin MVP [...]

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Innokin iTaste SVD Review

Review: Innokin iTaste SVD - $99.95 MyVaporStore Introduction Introduced nearly a year ago, the Innokin iTaste SVD (short for, “Superior Vaping Device”) brought variable voltage and variable wattage capability to the iTaste line for the first time, expanding on the success of the original iTaste and iTaste MVP. Since then, Innokin has followed up with amazing devices like [...]

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The KSD VAMO 5 – A Review

VAMO Rev 5 by KSD The first time we wrote about the VAMO electronic cigarette was when it reached Rev 2, and I was duly impressed with it, to a point, and for a while… Then Tom dropped it and shattered the small plastic/glass cover over the LED readout display. From that moment on I [...]

Castle VTR Review
Innokin iTaste VTR Review – Another Look

Introduction Spinfuel eMagazine reviewed the Innokin iTaste VTR when it was first released to the public. Since then, there has been much written about the device. So, in order to get a fresh perspective as we close out the year our own John Castle volunteered to live with the VTR for a while and provide us [...]

ZMAX (MINI) Review by Julia Hartley-Barnes

A VV/VW e Cigarette Review When I tell people that I collect ZMAX e-cigarettes, if they know the name and they’ve seen them, I sometimes get a look that sort of implies some kind of sexual innuendo. I kind of “Of course you do…I mean just look at them. They are the most ‘phallic’ looking e-cigarettes [...]