Vaporshark Hedron 200W Box Mod Spinfuel VAPE Magazine Review
Vaporshark Hedron TC Box Mod Review

Vaporshark™ Hedron RX200 TC Box Mod The Vaporshark Hedron ($69.99 Vapor Authority ) is a 200W (250W with the latest firmware upgrade available for Mac and PC), TC capable, advanced box mod designed by Vaporshark and manufactured by WISMEC. The result is a sophisticated and powerful box mod with a dead serious exterior of zinc-aluminum alloy, cut [...]

Vaporshark SwitchBox DNA 75 Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Note* - No matter which Evolv DNA-equipped box mod you purchase, be it the Vaporshark Switchbox DNA 75 or another mod, the first thing you will always want to do is head over the Evolv and download the Escribe software to your Windows PC. You won’t need to use it at first, but eventually you [...]

The Aspire Nautilus X – Is This the Future for the EU? – Spinfuel eMagazine Review
Aspire Nautilus X Review

The Aspire Nautilus X – Is This the Future for the EU? Let me save you some time; if you are not a Mouth-To-Lung Vaper, if a 2mL tank just isn’t enough, or if you’ve seen the last of the plus-ohm coils a while ago, you can skip this review of the Nautilus X tank. There [...]