Vapinski – At the Heart of It
Vapinski … At the Heart of It

Writing and reviewing is one of the joys in my life. These “Vapinski” articles I produce are a dream come true, as is my whole career and ties to the Vape Community. I have had to take a bit of a pause in my writing due to some personal issues that I have had to [...]

Plumes of Hazard Meets Vapinski

Vaping With Vapinski Plumes of Hazard The weather is getting warmer for good I think finally, and that means only one thing for us here in PA...construction!! UGH. The stooges as I call them managed to hamper me with four months of no parking my first summer in business while finishing the block down from me in [...]

Alloy Blends Benchmark Line – Vapinski for Spinfuel eMagazine
Alloy Blends Benchmark Line – Vapinski

Vaping With Vapinski Alloy Blends Benchmark Alloy Blends has graced the pages of Spinfuel before. In fact, it was Vapinski who has written reviews twice before, here and here. Take a few minutes to read these reviews if you want a little context for this third outing, the Benchmark Line. Could the sun be here to stay this [...]

The Breakfast Club – A Vapinski eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazine
The Breakfast Club – Vapinski

The Breakfast Club E Liquid This on and off with the warm and cold can pretty much stop now. I love PA for the weather changes and all, but just stay cold and then GO away! No matter what the temperature, the vape shop is a great way to spend my days. I am pretty picky [...]

The Vapinski Awards! Best eLiquids for 2015 as reviewed by Vapinski
Vapinski 1st Annual eLiquid Awards!

The Vapinski Awards!  Best eLiquids for 2015 as reviewed by Vapinski Note* - Only eliquids reviewed by Vapinski were eligible for a Vapinski Award. Makes sense, right? So if you want to be considered for a "Vaping with Vapsinki" eliquid review, and possibly win a Yearly Award next year, contact Vapsinki to arrange a review. Introduction  Last year, 2015, [...]

Rule 42 – Vaping with Vapinski

Rule 42  Vaping with Vapinski    First off, I hope you've all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! It's been a VERY busy time of year for me, but it's back to business!! I wanted to start the New Year off with something amazing and something that matters. This whole industry should be focused [...]

Juicy Drip Vapor – A Vapinski Review

Juicy Drip Vapor - An eLiquid Review Vapinski The cold weather is approaching, but we have been lucky so far here in good 'ol PA. However, I would rather have the snow some days than this rain and bad fog we have been seeing. Speaking of fog...lol...two best friends, Amber and Tiffany, out of Oklahoma City decided to [...]

Premium E-Liquid Mojo Vapor Reviewed

VAPINSKI REVIEWS PREMIUM E-LIQUID BRAND MOJO VAPOR This week has been a mad rush to get things done and ready for my One Year Anniversary at the shop and the big Light Up Night in town. I love celebrating community style. Brett Weiss is one of the owners from the premium e-liquid brand Mojo Vapor and [...]

Cloud V E-Liquid Review by Vapinski

    Cloud V e-Liquid Review  Vapinski   Cloud V is a huge company out of Southern California mostly known for their dry herb vaporizers and products, especially now that they have teamed up with Tommy Chong. Well, they have also come out with a truly unique line of eliquids that will make palates out there pop everywhere! The [...]

Vapinski Reviews Vapegurt

      Vapegurt. This one word had me intrigued the moment they arrived as I am tend to lean toward custard vapes. Yogurt vapes seem to be just as smooth and right up my alley. This eliquid arrived in a box that was character crafted to go with the yogurt and cow theme. The [...]

Mojo Vapor – Got Boss Milk Collection – Vapinski

Mojo Vapor Got Boss Review Vaping With Vapinski      This week with parking in place and a gorgeous side walk I'm ready to rock-n-roll as far as the shop goes!! YES!!! It's about DAMN time. I am blessed to have such a loyal patronage here and that I have always been a “people” person. Helping [...]

Liquid EFX Vape – Vapinski Review

Liquid EFX Vape Vaping With Vapinski     It's been a rough couple weeks in our community, but I have some positive news. I have sidewalks AND almost have parking!! I think it's a miracle....just imagine having to spend your first summer in business with construction in front of your shop with limited access. It's been a [...]

Vapinski – Zuro’s blends, Vape Orenda, and Schwartz

Vaping With Vapinski Vapinski -  Zuro's blends, Vape Orenda, and The Schwartz This week I wanted to take a little “time out” and do a special edition of all these great new flavors that are out from past vendors that I've reviewed. These are all sure to be hits and this is one article you will want [...]

Vaping With Vapinski – Jolley Juice

Jolley Juice Eliquid Review - Vaping With Vapinski     I think I am ALMOST done with seeing orange for the season. Ok, so I'll be looking forward to those delicious pumpkin flavors coming into the shop...! For now, I am going to introduce you all to a company out of Tupelo, MS....JOLLEY JUICE!! Jolley Juice started [...]

Vape Storm e-Liquid Review

Vaping With Vapinski - Vape Storm While I'm happy to report that I have half of a sidewalk, there is still no access to it and the workers have moved to another street for a while?? Some days you can't seem to win, but maybe you just have to look on the bright side! For instance, [...]