e-Pipe by SMOK – Smokenjoey Review

SMOK e-Pipe Mod Hey folks, SmokenJoey here. I have a really different review for you today, it's the SMOK e-Pipe Mod, or e-pipe is you prefer. Certainly one of the more 'creative' e-cigarettes I've reviewed. Anyway, here are the specs, so sit back and enjoy the show! 1)  SMOK E-pipe Mod 2)   mini mechanical mod 3)   Brass material 4)   18350 battery 5)  510 Threading 6)  Airhole at the bottom _________________________________________________________________________ Should the US FDA and the [...]

Guide To Vaping – 3 (more) Cig-A-Like Brands For Smokers

A new entry into Spinfuel's Guide to Vaping - You know what I find absolutely hysterical? Imagining some big burly guy holding onto a 3 pound hunk of steel, sucking on the end of it like it was oxygen and he is standing on an alien planet, looking down on the millions of people that [...]

Overcoming The Fear of Rebuildable Atomizers

I talk to many people in the vape community who are interested in learning how to rebuild atomizers as another step in their enjoyment of the hobby of vaping. Although they are enjoying the hobby now and are satisfied with whatever hardware and e-liquid they currently use, they feel that learning to rebuild an atomizer [...]

Virgin Vapor E-Liquid Review – 5 Spinfuel Choice Awards

Organic eLiquid Label Virgin Vapor Ah, the e-Liquid Review - The last time we reviewed the organically flavored e-liquids from Virgin Vapor it was way back on July 21st, 2012. To say that things have changed for Annette Rogers, owner and mixologist of Virgin Vapor) would be an understatement. Virgin Vapor has become the place to go [...]

Nicotine, Vapor, Throat Hit and Pacifier Vaping

Do You Pacify Vape? Spinfuel's Guide To Vaping Continues - Before you can begin to think about the right e-cigarette you need to understand a few of the fundamentals of electronic cigarettes so you have some idea of what to expect. If you are a current smoker or a recently converted Vaper* these fundamentals should be [...]

Vaping Dehydration Dilemma – What Can You Do?

Vaping Means Drinking More Fluids Vaping Dehydration is a real issue vapers must deal with, especially when they first start vaping. Propylene Glycol, one of the four major ingredients of e-liquid (along with vegetable glycerin, flavoring concentrates, and nicotine) is the major cause of dehydration. It is known as a hygroscopic substance, a substance that absorbs [...]

SmokTech MINI RDA & RSST Atomizer Review

Two New Rebuildable Atomizers To Play With I admit that my first encounter with a rebuildable atomizer was one of the scariest days in my vaping ‘hobby’. The very thought of wrapping coils was daunting, to say the least. And the propaganda I was exposed to, about how much better a person’s favorite e-liquids would be [...]

Beware The e-Cigarette Marketing Monster

e-Cigarette Marketing Scams in the marketplace are too numerous. Originally published on June 29th, 2012 - We are republishing today because, well, not much as changed, has it? I don’t know about you, but I am tired of witnessing what money can buy. This is a Vaping and Vapers eMagazine, we cannot  forget to mention terrible e-Cigarette brands [...]

Vaporizers ARE The Redheaded Stepchild

Vaporizers  - And now for something altogether different…or not. Since the first opinion/commentary piece I published here in Spinfuel I’ve been called a cynic more often than anything else. And believe me, I’ve been called a lot of things. With the recent ‘slips of the tongue’ and other bits of factoids rising to the surface it’s [...]

Vaporizers – Getting Down To It

Vaporizers - The Truth Is Never Easy Despite knowing literally dozens of people who were once smokers and who are now vapers this question continues to be asked; “can e-cigarettes really get smokers to stop smoking?” I mean, come on, how much proof do they need? And more to the point; is that even the right [...]

Hurricane Vapor Awarded Spinfuel Choice Award

Hurricane Vapor Awarded Spinfuel Choice Award After Tom’s enticing review of the then-unreleased Belgian Simmered Tobacco e-Liquid from Hurricane Vapor the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team wanted to bring the flavor in to see if it was as good as Tom indicated. We needed to know if it should it carry the Spinfuel Choice Award moniker. Well, the [...]

Hurricane Vapor e Liquid Video Review!

Hurricane Vapor Storm Juice Review Hurricane Vapor e Liquid Review! SmokenJoey at Spinfuel delivers the long awaited video review for Miami's best Storm Juice, Hurricane Vapor Hi Folks, SmokenJoey here. Today I've got a very special eLiquid review for you. Straight out of Miami Florida comes Hurricane Vapor! These are some amazing flavors I've got here today. Watch [...]

Innokin iTaste SVD … Reviewed

Innokin iTaste SVD – The Review I’ve wanted to do a review of the Innokin iTaste SVD since it started shipping, but whenever the timing worked out where we had a spot on our publishing schedule the vendors we use were either out of stock or didn’t carry Innokin products at all. So, out of all [...]

Halo Cigs Review- G6, Triton, e Liquids

Halo Cigs G6 - A Cig-A-Like That Performs With the Halo Cigs Triton Kit becoming one of the biggest selling ego-style eCigarette start kits in the shortest amount of time we can remember, we thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the other new products Halo Cigs recently released or upgraded. We thought [...]

Nicopure eVo e Liquid Review – Is This the Future of eLiquids?

Nicopure eVo eLiquid Review Nicopure Labs, maker of Nicopure eVo eLiquids, not to be confused with eVo Liquids at evovapor.com, contacted Spinfuel by way of Twitter about doing an eLiquid review. One thing led to another and we’re publishing the results of that review below. This review is quite different than any other e-liquid review Spinfuel has done [...]