MISTIC e-Cigarettes Video Review

MISTIC e-Cigarettes Review by Smokenjoey Hey folks, SmokenJoey here. Today I'm reviewing Mistic e-cigarettes starter kit. Since the last time I reviewed this brand it was sold to a new company. That's right, WalMart no longer owns the Mistic brand. The new owners contacted me and asked me to do another review because they had made [...]

Four From Mister e-Liquid

Mister E-Liquid Review Not too long ago Spinfuel reviewed Mister E-Liquid for the first time and today, as a part of July is eJuice Month Celebration we’re back to take a look at four more flavors that are as unique as the company that created them. Mister E-Liquid is located in Grand Rapids. Michigan. Their specialty is [...]

Clevervape e-Liquid – The Interview

We love getting to know e-Liquid artists and finding out what makes them tick. What is there philosophy behind the flavors they choose to create and the methods behind those choices? What aspect of an e-Liquid is most important to them, and what do they enjoy vaping? Most of all, by getting to know the [...]

Clevervape – The e-Liquid Review

Clevervape Opens The July is eJuice Celebration! To start off our “July is eJuice Month” Celebrations we are bringing you our first, and hopefully not last, e-liquid review for Clevervape e-Liquids. Clevervape operates out of New York City, where vaping has yet to go mainstream. Clevervape is a rather new brand, started up in late 2012, [...]

Jet Cigs New e-Liquid Flavors – Vanilla Creme & Cherry Noir

Jet Cigs New e-Liquid Flavors Jet Cigs, maker of ‘premium quality’ eJuice served up in prefilled cartomizers that are suitable for all e-cigarettes with a 510 thread, (including Blu Cigs batteries all the way to and including ProVape’s ProVari) has introduced 2 new flavors to join their already popular line of exquisite eJuice. We had the opportunity [...]

Vaping With Julia & K Boston Style!

Vaping with Julia continues! So much as happened this week that I don’t know if I can remember it all, but I’ll try. I guess the biggest news is that I asked K to marry me, she said yes, and now it’s on to planning a wedding for next April. We took the weekend to hang out [...]

7’s e-Cigarettes Review Part 2 – The Hybrid

7’s e-Cigarettes Review Part 2 – The Hybrid For the first part of my 7’s review click this sentence. Part two is the second item I received from Choice 7’s e-Cigarettes. It’s an automatic (manual is not an option), 650mAh ego-style and ego-size lithium-ion 3.7v battery and a unique clearomizer system. It’s attractive, well built, but [...]

What can Playboy e-Cigarettes Bring to the Party? A Commentary

Playboy And eCigarettes File Under Playboy e-Cigarettes - Our News Blog Editor, Kelly K, doesn’t like to reprint press releases and post them as news. It’s an excellent practice and I couldn’t be more proud of his stance against companies attempting to make news by purchasing a 1000-word carefully crafted public relations monologue that says basically [...]

An e-Cigarette Review – 7’s Power Kit

7's Power Kit - Starter Kit Review A few weeks back someone shared a URL with me that led to an e-Cigarette company I’d never heard of called 7’s, or Choice 7’s, I still can’t figure which one it is. Since there are literally hundreds to choose from, it wasn’t that much of a stretch to [...]

SMOKTech SID Review – An Terrific APV

SMOK SID Review The SMOKTech SID Review - Spinfuel recently bought on a new staff member to join our Spinfuel e-Liquid Review Team. As such, we needed to equip our newest employee with vape gear that would provide an excellent ‘vape’ so that her participation in the reviews would be held to the same stringent standards [...]

Joyetech eRoll Review – Tom McBride

The eRoll Cig-A-Like When the Joyetech eRoll was released we (Spinfuel) had made the decision not to review it. The reason was that although it is a smartly designed e-cigarette with a beautiful charging case, it was, in the end, a 3-piece product. Battery, atomizer, cartridge… No thanks! But, after seeing SmokenJoey’s review we thought we [...]

“I don’t want to do this anymore” A Julia Barnes Commentary

From The Desk of Julia Barnes  If you’ve been vaping for a while you’ve undoubtedly heard someone say this to you, “I just don’t want to do this anymore”. Meaning, of course, that they are tired of constantly recharging batteries, filling cartomizers or clearomizers, replacing coils, cleaning battery connectors, and all the other things we do [...]

An Affordable Pyrex Carto-Tank – SMOKtech DCTank

SMOKTech DCTank Review Several weeks (months?) ago we wrote a review for a carto-tank Big Daddy Vapor’s Who’s Your Daddy Carto-Tanks. Most of us loved the tanks at the time despite the fact that it was not a Pryex carto-tank, in both 3ML and 5ML capacities. The two major factors that helped determine the value of [...]

First Review Hurricane Vapor Papaya Milkshake!

Hurricane Vapor Unveils New Flavor – Papaya Milkshake Hurricane Vapor’s Papaya Milkshake has earned the Spinfuel Choice Award! Hurricane Vapor, a fairly new e-Liquid vendor from Miami Florida has hit the vape community scene running and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. The premium e-Liquid vendor unveiled the 12th official flavor in their Storm Juice lineup [...]

Vaping With Julia Keeping It Real

Vaping With Julia – June 7th – Keeping It Real What a week this has been! I know I’m going to have to proofread this a couple of times after I finish typing because there is so much I want to tell you all that my typing skills are pushing its limits. Where is Stephanie when [...]