The Kamry K101 Telescopic Mech-Mod Review

The Kamry K101 Review A straight up mechanical mod has no electronics to fail, no circuit boards, and can fire any cartomizer, clearomizer, or tank that is attached to it. They are simple devices that last forever and cannot be banned by the government because; in its simplest form it is not much more than a [...]

Smokenjoey’s Joyetech eCab Review

Joyetech eCab Review The Joyetech eCab features the upgraded changeable system in a sleek modern design. Based on the structure of the eGo series the Joyetech eCab is much more slim and sleek than it's predecessor, but improves upon the features and benefits that the Joyetech eGo series is known for.  Not only does it keep the [...]

SmokTech Magneto Mech-Mod Review

 I have always had a soft spot for completely mechanical mods. Their simplicity, their toughness, and their simplicity (wait, I said that already) are an alluring factor for many Vapers, myself included. When MyVaporStore sent us the new Magneto from SMOKTech I had to be the one to write the review. In the words of [...]

The July is eJuice Month Recap

 The July is eJuice Recap for 2013 Wow, what a month this has been! Spinfuel’s 2nd Annual July is eJuice Month celebration was a huge success for us and for the ten (10) eJuice vendors we reviewed! Pageviews are staggering, sales are up for all ten vendors, and more and more Vapers are enjoying new eJuice [...]

Mountain Oak Vapors Three Plus One e-Liquid Review

Mountain Oak Vapors Reviewed Introduction There aren’t many Vapers in the USA who haven’t heard of Mountain Oak Vapors… despite the fact that they have been around just a little over one year. Our very first review of MOV (Mountain Oak Vapors) was published during our 1st Annual July is eJuice Month. MOV had launched the business [...]

Johnson Creek VEA One Year Later

The Vea One Year Later  When Johnson Creek made the decision to build it’s own e-cigarette from the ground up, when they decided to start from scratch to create an e-Cigarette that would be both beautiful to hold and to look at. When they decided to build the best battery & cartomizer vaping device ever, something [...]

Triple 7 e-Shisha Review

The recent release of the new hardware from Triple 7 (777 eCigs), the Magnum series, comes just in time to coincide with our July is eJuice review of several e-Shisha e-Liquids from Triple 7. Our review of the new Magnum hardware will include the use of e-Shisha and e-Liquid and let me tell you, I [...]

The Halo e-Liquid Review – Five Flavors

Halo Cigs Goes Before the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team Special Note* Right now you can get a free 10ML sampler of Halo Cigs newest e-Liquid, aptly named: Voodoo. We’ll have our own review of Voodoo below. Just spend $20 or more and you’ll receive your free bottle in your vapemail. A truly nice incentive, no? If you’re [...]

SmokenJoey Does The Panda Evolve

The Panda Evolve Review SmokenJoey - The Panda Evolve Kit is an excellent place to start your transition to a smoke-free lifestyle. Designed for medium smokers, the E-cig included in the Evolve Kit is sleek and easy to use. This kit offers everything you need to introduce you to the E-Cigarette flavor and vapor. It comes with [...]

The Vapor Girl – Take Two

Where No Vaper Has Been Before Because of our self-imposed limits on the number of e-Liquids we would review in this year’s July is eJuice Month celebrations we had to cut out two of the most interesting e-Liquids from The Vapor Girl review. We hated to do it, but at 7700 words it was time to [...]

Ginger’s eJuice Review

This review is a Spinfuel Team B Review - a Ginger's eJuice Review, conducted in Concord New Hampshire - Ginger’s eJuice is the e-Liquid company that was responsible for finally moving the entire Spinfuel staff off of prefilled cartomizers and onto bigger and better vaping way back in early 2012. Had we not discovered just how [...]

The Vapor Girl e-Liquid Review

The Vapor Girl is the most ‘eclectic’ e-Liquid brand in the marketplace right now. Victoria’s use of imagery would make Stevie Nicks feel right at home. Victoria’s non-standard flavors she chooses to tackle, like ‘pizza’, have really helped The Vapor Girl carve out a niche in the e-Liquid world as the place to go for [...]

Vaping with Julia – 4th of July and e-Liquids Galore!

Vaping in July! When I left the home office of Spinfuel eMagazine to go back home and ramp up my stock photography business, which I had neglected terribly for more than a year, I thought my day-to-day “e-cigarette industry” exposure would die down drastically. In some ways I suppose that’s true, but in other, unexpected ways, [...]

2013 Interview With Pink Spot Vapors

Pink Spot Vapors – Interview 2 – June 2013 Pink Spot Vapors is an American Success Story in every sense of the word. In addition to being a success story I would like to personally note that PSV was also the first company to have confidence in Spinfuel eMagazine and in so doing became our first [...]

Pink Spot Vapors e-Liquid Review

Pink Spot Vapors e-Liquid Review – July 2013 Introduction Pink Spot Vapors is an amazing success story. In what would be called “overnight” in most other business areas Pink Spot Vapors has gone from a tiny venture to one of the largest, most prosperous e-Liquid and Retail operations in the US. PSV has the fastest growing vape [...]