Vaping With Julia Keeping It Real

Vaping With Julia – June 7th – Keeping It Real What a week this has been! I know I’m going to have to proofread this a couple of times after I finish typing because there is so much I want to tell you all that my typing skills are pushing its limits. Where is Stephanie when [...]

Vaping With Julia “Are Cartomizers Obsolete?”

 The Cartomizer is Dead? Not so fast! While I was gone a couple of weeks back the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team conducted a review, and was headed up by John Manzione. The company being reviewed was Mt Baker Vapor and the review will be completed and published on Monday or Tuesday. From what I have been hearing [...]

Vaping With Julia – Neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians!

Vaping With Julia – Boston Style! I know, I’m a day early this week. But seeing as how I didn’t have time to do one last week I thought I’d go ahead and do this week’s today, since I have some time before my next photo shoot happens. A lot has happened since my last column, some [...]

Vaping With Julia – Quantum Entanglement

 Quantum Entanglement? By Julia Barnes with a guest appearance by Tom McBride What a week! Dealing with a whole bunch of internal matters that I’m not supposed to talk about, the new and much improved forum (finally), our FaceBook project working with some terrific proofreaders (now I have to find the time for Dave and Jon Locke [...]

Vaping With Julia “This is weird”

This week has had its share of exhilaration, depression, anxiety, and uncertainty. As far as vaping news goes there isn’t much to tell about this week. Our review and interview for the Big Daddy Vapor took up most of my time, and beginning a couple of other reviews did as well. This week’s column is devoted [...]

Vaping With Julia – In From The Cold

Vaping With Julia – In From The Cold I returned this week from New England. My stock photography business landed a new client so I had to head back up to my studio in Boston and make some images. It was a lot of fun to get away for a while. I was expecting it to [...]

Vaping With Julia – The Feedback Imperative

Vaping With Julia – The First Week of February 7, 2013 The Feedback Imperative! Lots of very cool Vaping things happened this week my fellow Vapers. From finishing some eLiquid reviews to starting others, from trying out various new pieces of hardware to falling back on trusted old friends (hardware I mean). And a bit of personal [...]

Vaping with Julia – Nutin’ Much

Vaping This Week Wow, another week that just seemed to ZOOM by my vaping universe! I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Not a lot to write about for this “Vaping with Julia” column, but I just can’t skip it you know? This month we were supposed to publish 4 to 6 eLiquid reviews but managed to publish [...]

Building a Great E-Liquid Collection
Building a Great e-Liquid Collection

Discover The Benefits of Your Own e-Liquid Collection “a somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but honest method for building a great e-liquid collection” [fade in] It begins with a single bottle. As any journey starts with the first footstep, building a collection of eLiquids begins with your first bottle. That first bottle is vitally important to arriving at the destination you [...]