Vaping Myths
Vaping Myths and How to Expose Them

Vaping Myths -  There’s no doubt that even the best e-cig has produced a lot of controversies. For some, this is the optimal way to quit smoking and for others, it’s a way to maintain their habit with less risk to their health. Everyone appears to have their own opinion on their vapes; as such, everyone [...]

Smoking Vs Vaping: Eradicating the Myths
Smoking Vs Vaping: Eradicating the Myths’

Smoking Vs Vaping - A Steve Barret Video There are a huge amount of myths that exist about the e-cigarette industry and for those looking to get into vaping, and away from smoking tobacco products. It can often be difficult to distinguish between what is a myth and what is factually correct and scientifically proven. Those who seek [...]