Marijuana -How long will THC Stays in Your Bloodstream?
How long will Marijuana “THC” Stay in Your Bloodstream?

Do you use marijuana? Are you desperately wanting to know how long THC remains in your bloodstream? Maybe scheduled for a job interview? To answer the question straight away, THC (the chief psychoactive compound in cannabis) could stay in the blood for anything between 3 and 30 days. How long is THC detectable via drug testing? The frequency [...]

Dabbing Wax Vs Vaping Wax
Dabbing Cannabis Wax Vs Vaping Cannabis Wax

Whether you are a long-time user, or you are brand new to cannabis, you have surely heard of the two newest trends that have been taking the cannabis industry by storm: vaping and dabbing. Both of these methods for cannabis consumption have their own pros and cons, but one is definitely easier to use than [...]