The Price of Disposable Vapes on The Market cover shot
The Price of Disposable Vapes on The Market

We all know that vaping is a healthier alternative to combustible cigarettes. Containing 99% less harmful chemicals than traditional tobacco, many users have made the switch to vaping to improve their overall health. Not everyone needs a thousand-dollar vaping setup and unlike hobbyists, some just require an easy, no mess alternative to cigarettes. Disposable vapes [...]

Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking?
Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking?

These days there are plenty of people talking about the potential dangers of vaping products. People shout how vapes should be regulated even more. Vaping is a much safer alternative to cigarettes. Whoever decided that every single vaping product is a "tobacco" product proves the ignorance of the people in government. 38 Million Smokers - 38 [...]

ODIN by Dovpo – A DNA250C Box Mod Review

In this review we're going to look deeply inside the Dovpo ODIN DNA250C Box Mod.  Well, well, well! It’s been a minute since we’ve reviewed a proper, Evolv DNA-powered vape mod. And to be honest, a lot has changed since the last time we had this level of control and precision in our hands. (Well, really [...]

Aegis Boost by Geek Vape – A Pod Mod Review

The Aegis Boost by Geek Vape.  No company gets more life out of a brand than Geek Vape does with its Aegis line. In the few years since the line launched, we’ve seen the Aegis name on every type of vaping product short of a cig-a-like. (And let’s be honest, it would still be [...]

Vape News from Spinfuel VAPE
Washington State Vape Shops Begin to Close

Like the Police State run by Dictator Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, Washington State has taken similar police state actions against those that successfully got off tobacco cigarettes by using vapes. The problem with that? People are getting healthier, they're not dying fast enough anymore. Cigarette Tax money is on the decline, and to certain government [...]

Vape Shops Doing a Bang Up Job in New Hampshire
Vape Shops Doing a Bang Up Job in New Hampshire

If you ban sales of vaping products in one city or state vapers will find another source. In this case, the Police State of Massachusetts, run by the dictator Charlie Baker, is losing out big time to Vapers making the short drive to New Hampshire in order to buy vape products the Massachusetts Moron™ has banned. Nashua [...]

Washington State Aims for Permanent Vape Ban
Washington State Aims for Permanent Vape Ban

After an ignorant 120-day BAN on flavored vaping products, Washington wants a permanent ban, tougher regulations... the banning of ALL Vape Flavors. This makes Washington State the next Police State after Massachusetts. The government of Washington doesn't give a rat's ass that this past summer's lung illness was caused by illegal THC cartridges cut with Vitamin [...]

Maybe We Need Another Word for "Vaping"
Maybe We Need Another Word for “Vaping”

Five years ago, Vape was named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries.  Has the time come that we need to expand on the word vape for clarity's sake? Seriously, let's take a minute here. How, in 5 years time, did the word, and the action, Vape, become a word associated with sickness and death? Vaping [...]

India Bans All Manner of Vapes - Too Many People?
India Bans All Manner of Vapes – Too Many People?

While the sale and use of tobacco in India remain legal, electronic cigarettes will now be permanently banned. Does this make sense? If you lean toward on the sociopathic pragmatism, maybe it does. Certainly India Politicians have had their hands filled with terrible issues, crisis's, and other manner of destruction and nuclear nightmares, but one [...]

Smokers, Switching to Vapes is Better for Your Heart
Smokers, Switching to Vapes is Better for Your Heart

Smokers can improve the health of their hearts within weeks of switching to e-cigarettes, the largest trial of its kind shows. This is not news to me, or most Vapers. Hell, one of the first signs after switching to vaping is better breathing, slower heartbeat, and a more relaxed appearance. It happens fast too. From CNN: [...]

SMOK T-STORM 230W BOX MOD REVIEW Feature Image by Spinfuel VAPE

Intro to the SMOK T-Storm - Assembled “In a galaxy not far, far away...” the limited release T-STORM Vape MOD from SMOK has landed on our desk for review. And our first reaction was, “This looks like a Stormtrooper, and is clearly for the vapers who’ve sworn allegiance to the imperial army!” (Yes, we had friends in high [...]

The iJOY Captain Resin Mod (Rehash) Review
The iJOY Captain Resin Mod (Rehash) Review

In 2017, we reviewed the iJOY Captain PD270. Then we reviewed several other variants of the same idea shortly after. No big deal, we’re used to vape companies releasing similar items within a short period. But now it’s 2019, and iJOY just released the iJOY Captain Resin kit upon the world. Other than the Resin Exterior, [...]

Best Vape Mods, Kits, and Tanks of 2019 (so far)

Our final “best of” (for the summer, anyway) is a bit of a different approach. One of the things we realized is that we weren’t catering to the broader needs of ex-smokers and new vapers. Because we all know that a first-time vape purchase isn’t just a mod. There’s all sorts of other gear to [...]

RINCOE Manto S REVIEW Spinfuel Vape
Is the Rincoe Manto S the Budget Mod Kit to Own?

The Rincoe Manto S Roughly one year ago, I reviewed the shockingly good Hugo Vapor Rader Mage box mod. It was a lightweight, polycarbonate-body mod that brought a lot of features to a budget-minded device. It was also comfortable, durable and high-performing. One year later, the Rincoe Manto S owes an awful lot of thanks (and [...]

Comparing Cigarettes With Vaping Devices
Comparing Traditional Cigarettes With Vaping Devices

Is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes? This is a debate that has been going on for quite some time. If you are a regular cigarette smoker and you are trying to quit, then I am sure that the idea of switching to e-cigarettes has crossed your mind. According to Research, you are not alone; studies [...]