Vape retailers vape shops what they need to know - fad regs 8/816
What Vape Retailers Need To Know – Summary

What Vape Shop Retailers Need To Know…? Summary I hope by now many vape retailers and vapers are totally confused with all the information I have put out to you. I am not a writer by nature, and I hope this summary will not bore you to tears. It does contain vital information vape retailers have to [...]

On Vaping: United We Stand!

On Vaping: United We Stand  My vaping friends, there is something you must know.  You are part of a minority. And you are under attack.  Although it’s hard to know anything for sure, research and polling has indicated that approximately 10% of US Citizens are vaping. You can probably figure out from that number that that would [...]

Vapers Cupid For Love
Looking For Love? Vapers Cupid Is Live

Vapers Cupid Dating Website  I don't know exactly why but I think the idea of a dating website for Vapers is a great idea. Let's face it, Vapers are sometimes shunned as much as smokers, which we are were at some time. Ill-informed people are at times almost hateful in their comments about vaping. I can't [...]

Pleasure Vaping With High Wattage/Low Ohms

Pleasure Vaping means finding better ways to increase flavor and vapor…safely A Spinfuel Low Ohm High Wattage Primer If you build your own coils, use mechanical mods are your primary device this article isn’t for you. Instead, this article addresses the massive move toward high wattage regulated devices and low ohm tanks and glassomizers among mainstream vapers. In [...]

Problems Only Vapers Have

Problems Only Vapers Have It took you months, maybe years, to finally make the switch. You listened to your friends go on and on about how much healthier it is for you, how much cheaper, and of course, way more convenient. You rolled your eyes for a while, until, little by little, their reasons started to [...]

Possum Trot eLiquid Review

e-Pure Liquid's Possum Trot The first thing you should know about Possum Trot eliquid is that it is an eliquid you cannot buy directly from the company behind it, e-Pure Liquids. It’s not available for purchase on the e-Pure website. This is a brand that’s sold via wholesale only, and then resold through various online and [...]

Keys to the (Vape) Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom by Beth Neuling Too often I see people turn their noses up at vaping, saying "it just doesn't work". It makes me sadder than a dog with no bone because the statement can actually be translated to one of three truths: 1) "I'm not ready to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes." Yes, folks. Most vapers [...]

The Eclyp II and Eclyp Omni Review

Vaping with Julia – Eclyp II and Omni Pocket Clips Eclyp Pocket Clips Pocket clip-ons for tube and box mods are an accessory for vapers that may seem superfluous at first, but in reality are more important that you might realize. The two models I review today come from a company called “Eclyp”. Eclyp is a young [...]

Provincial Authorities Turn Up Heat

...On National Regulators While European, US and Canadian regulators continue to tread water with regards to their future plans for the electronic cigarette industry, it seems that provincial authorities have different plans. In what is becoming a more common pattern as time goes on, the provincial authorities of British Columbia in Canada have turned up the [...]

Thoughts on the VCCNE 2014

SmokenJoey and John Manzione Cover The VCCNE I’m back. It’s Tuesday morning, July 1st. I’ve just returned from the VCCNE in Springfield MA. This particular vaping convention was held on June 28th and June 29th at the MASS Mutual Center in downtown Springfield. It was not, as I discovered after the first leg of my journey, [...]

Electronic Cigarettes – Pointers For New Vapers

New To Electronic Cigarettes? Here's What You Need To Know Now  If you’ve been vaping for less than a month or so this one’s for you. It’s hard to believe that you’ve been smoking cigarettes all this time, isn’t it? I mean, with all the evidence pointing out how incredibly dangerous smoking is, how it will surely [...]

2.1 Million People in the UK Vape

Vape in the UK? - Over 2,000,000! Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes seem to get a very mixed press in the UK, the Welsh government is looking at a public ban and rumours persist of an electronic cigarette tax, the number of regular electronic cigarette users continues to grow. If we look back to 2012 [...]

Chinese New Year And You – Vaping in February

Vaping in February If you’ve been vaping for a year or more than you probably remember what it was like to be a Vaper last February. If you’ve been vaping for less than a year you might want to pay extra attention, you’re in for a bit of a ride. Chinese New Year Holiday (Cribbed from Wikipedia) The [...]

The New Role Model Effect In Vaping

Vaping Role Models? In 2011, the Golden Globes awards didn’t give the movie The Tourist a single award however there was another industry with a huge win to celebrate.  Anyone who knew what a device called the electronic cigarette was cheering, because Johnny Depp had officially given it the stamp of approval.  Even though the movie totally [...]

The War On Vapers – What’s Next, WMD?

War On Vapers Fellow Vapers, I don’t know about you, but I’ve about had enough. Arguing with people who are against e-cigarettes is an argument you cannot win because facts don’t matter. The only thing that does matter is perception. Distorted, ill-informed, much-maligned perception by a certain subset of ‘nanny-state’ individuals who will not, under any [...]