Element Vape
Element Vape
Electronic cigarettes – a Solution in Search of a Problem?

The subject of electronic cigarettes is certainly a hot topic around the world with an array of different views, comments and regulatory issues coming to the fore. However, isn't it ironic that at the turn-of-the-century, when the electronic cigarette industry was seen as "niche", there was relatively little interest from governments and regulators around the [...]

Time To Debate Electronic Cigarettes?

Is it now time for a full and frank debate on electronic cigarettes? If you are looking towards the electronic cigarette industry today with fresh eyes and a totally impartial view, how would you see the way the sector is progressing and what it has to offer you? Would you be influenced by the mass media [...]

Birmingham e Cigarette Explosion Incident Examined

News Commentary: The Birmingham e Cigarette Explosion Incident Introduction This article could present something of a sore spot for certain individuals involved in it.  So let me preface this by saying, first and foremost, that while it’s going to seem at first blush as though I’m casting personal aspersions here, I assure you that I’m not. I’m sure [...]

UK Minister Joins Fight Against Electronic Cigarettes

Minister Mark Drakeford is Against Electronic Cigarettes Despite the fact there are millions of people around the world who enjoy electronic cigarettes it seems that politicians are joining the fight against the ever-growing popularity of these relatively new devices. UK Health Minister Mark Drakeford is the latest high-ranking politician to cast scorn and controversy upon the electronic [...]

2014 And the Electronic Cigarette Industry?

What does 2014 have in store for the electronic cigarette industry? Those who follow the electronic cigarette industry will be well aware that 2013 was a very active year with an array of new regulations, increased competition in the sector, growing popularity and speculation that the major tobacco cigarette companies have their eye on the industry. [...]

UK’s Victory Vapour – An e-Liquid Review

Some UK eLiquid From Victory Vapour A few weeks ago someone from Victory Vapour, a UK e-Liquid company, contacted Julia and John. The company contacts them through Twitter. They wanted to send over some e-Liquid for us to try, not for a review or anything, but they did say indicate that they would like to know [...]

e-Cigarettes and the UK - Vaping with Julia
e-Cigarettes and the UK – A Julia Barnes Commentary

I’ll Miss The Vanilla Custard Most… I never tire of watching video clips created with a scene from Der Untergang (2004), a German WWII drama that plays on the last ten days of Adolf Hitler’s life and apparent suicide in his underground bunker. An intense actor named Bruno Ganz portrays Hitler, and it is just amazing. [...]