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PG vs VG In E-Liquids: Everything You Need To Know
PG vs VG In E-Liquids: Everything You Need To Know

Geeking out over stuff is great- once you know what it is. You’d think that vapers are so busy blowing their clouds, they wouldn’t find the time to talk. Good luck typing #vaping into Twitter and finding “not much going on”. If vapers aren’t losing their minds over latest technology such as SMOK’s upcoming AI, [...]

UK Mulling Over Vape Ads on Cigarette Packs
UK Mulling Over Vape Ads on Cigarette Packs

The United Kingdom is already at the forefront of global efforts to stub out smoking by urging smokers to use electronic cigarettes instead. Now, the nation is considering placing vaping adverts (Vape Ads) on cigarette packs to try and wean people off their unhealthy tobacco addiction. Yep. You heard that correctly ... vape ads on [...]

Spinfuel - E-Cigarettes vs Fake News: A Battle of Fact vs Fiction
E-Cigarettes vs Fake News – A Battle of Fact vs Fiction

E-Cigarettes vs Fake News: A Battle of Fact vs Fiction In recent years, we’ve seen the strange and alarming rise of fake news. If you weren’t sure what it is already, fake news is content which has been “written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain”. It often uses exaggerated, sensationalist or [...]

Achievable E-Cigarette Regulation: Can The FDA Learn From Europe? Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
E-Cigarette Regs: Can The FDA Learn From Europe?

A very lively debate about the E-Cigarette rages across America today. Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated its intent towards the regulation of electronic cigarettes in May of 2016, opposition has raised its head at almost every corner. The FDA’s reasoning behind the move is that electronic cigarettes are considered harmful, and therefore require [...]

Here They Come Again: TPD Vaping Laws of 2017
Here They Come Again: TPD Vaping Laws of 2017

As another year rolls in, the new TPD vaping laws throw themselves into the media limelight again, for better, or for worse. Next month (May 20th) sees the new vaping laws come into force, and this is always a testing time for e-cigarette vendors and consumers alike. For those who don’t know, the TDP (Tobacco Products [...]

How the TPD will Affect the UK
How the TPD will Affect the UK

While many people are still in shock over the announcement on May 5th, 2016, by the FDA, which essentially proved that every effort made by every organization to nullify any harsh regulations over electronic cigarettes in the US to actually pass, has ultimately fell on deaf ears, we provide a timely piece on how the [...]

Vaping e-Cigarettes In The UK? Where?

Where are you allowed to 'Smoke' E-Cigarettes in the UK? Prior to the ban on smoking in public places that came into force in the UK from the 1st July 2007, people used to be able to smoke in pubs, undercover train stations, cafes and even certain workplaces. This meant that smokers could enjoy a cigarette [...]

CyberCig Ultra E Liquid Review

Vape Dog Vapes Gareth Witty & CyberCig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQA4wVQ3_yU From CyberCig: Our e cig e liquid is our most popular product, and it;s no surprise when all of this is available for just £4.99 per e cig liquid or 3 e liquid bottles for the price of 2. How can we provide e liquids at such a cheap price? [...]

Bord02 eLiquid Video Review – Gareth

Bord02 eLiquid Review BordO2 are based in Bordeaux France, and are famous for their exquisite handcrafted eliquid potions and complex flavour profiles. The brain child of Oliver Medina, BordO2 is made up of a team of best friends, ex chefs and wine connoisseurs! Each bottle of BordO2 is meticulously hand crafted, steeped and bottled to provide [...]

Anti-Vaping? Put Up Or Shut UP

Anti-Vaping? Well, Put up or shut up! Since the pharmaceuticals, tobacco companies and politicians realised that the vaping industry is going nowhere there have been constant attacks on the sector. Innuendo, rumours, untruths and every other media related attack strategy has failed to bring down the sector. So, now is the time for politicians, large corporations [...]

JACVapour E-Series Review

Gareth Review JACVapour The SERIES-E is an innovative new battery designed by JAC Vapour, in partnership with their manufacturing team, promising superior quality and performance. The SERIES-E battery is recommended for any user looking to buy or upgrade from an eGo style device, to a device which offers higher quality and performance, whilst still remaining affordable. The [...]

Smear Campaign over eCigarettes and vaping
eCig Smear Campaign Blown Out Of The Water

When Facts Don't Support You, Use A Smear Campaign... Whether you are looking towards the UK, US or any other part of the world, many politicians have argued that electronic cigarettes are nothing but a gateway to their tobacco counterparts. This is an argument which has infuriated the electronic cigarette industry, vaping community and indeed many [...]

Eliquid Flavors - Who Decides?
Who Should Decide What eLiquid Flavors You Can Buy?

Who Should Decide eLiquid Flavors? The vaping industry has grown exponentially over the last few years and is expected to keep growing for many years to come. We have seen growth in electronic cigarettes, vaping devices and today it seems to be the turn of the eliquid sector with an enormous number of new eliquid flavors [...]

Provincial Authorities Turn Up Heat

...On National Regulators While European, US and Canadian regulators continue to tread water with regards to their future plans for the electronic cigarette industry, it seems that provincial authorities have different plans. In what is becoming a more common pattern as time goes on, the provincial authorities of British Columbia in Canada have turned up the [...]

UK Government Secretly Supporting E-Cigarettes?

 UK Government and electronic cigarettes Only a few days ago it was revealed that UK electronic cigarette company Totally Wicked has launched a legal challenge to the European Union Tobacco Products Directive. The basis of the challenge has been widely publicised although there is a very interesting undercurrent to this particular development. Under EU regulations the [...]

2.1 Million People in the UK Vape

Vape in the UK? - Over 2,000,000! Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes seem to get a very mixed press in the UK, the Welsh government is looking at a public ban and rumours persist of an electronic cigarette tax, the number of regular electronic cigarette users continues to grow. If we look back to 2012 [...]