Voopoo Vinci R 40W Pod Kit Review

According to the packaging, the Voopoo Vinci won a “Best Hardware” award at ECC 2019. And we can see why. The Vinci is beautifully crafted and built, offers a ton of features and options, and will likely outlast a lot of pod mod pretenders along the way. But we STILL believe that sub-ohm vaping is best left to higher performance devices, and that offering minimal sub-ohm vaping at the expense of e-liquid consumption and battery power is an odd tradeoff.

Voopoo Vinci R 40W Pod Kit Review

The Voopoo Vinci R 40W Pod Mod System... well it seems like yesterday we reviewed a pod mod kit that had more of a chipset than it probably needed. [ED: It WAS yesterday.] But another day brings another shipment, and another pod mod that’s reaching for the stars, when it probably would have been better [...]

Vaporesso PodStick Kit – A Real World Performance Test

I’m gonna lead off with a blanket statement -- pod mods might have become too smart for their own good. When these supposedly simple devices first launched, they were designed to be user-friendly with no-fuss operation. Today, things have changed. Take, for example, the new Vaporesso PodStick kit, which is a pod mod in name only. [...]

The Excellent Rincoe TIX 20W Pod Mod System – Review

I have never been happy with any pod mod system. Tiny little low-wattage boxes with tiny little coils that product very little flavor and even less vapor. Thanks, but no thanks. Despite this, a tiny little pod mod system called the Rincoe TIX 20W, landed on my desk with a note attached that simply said, [...]

Top 10 Pod Mod Systems for New Vapers
Best Vape Pod Mods of 2019

Best Vape Pod Mods of 2019 - Pod mods. All-in-one mods. Ultra-portable devices. No matter what you call them, there’s no denying that these pod mods (which is what we’re going to call them here, for the sake of simplicity) represent the biggest thing in vaping since the advent of the original e-cigarette.   And in that [...]