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Using Doubt As A Weapon Against Electronic Cigarettes

File Under = Electronic Cigarettes Think I‘m STOOPID? Show Me The facts! As the walls continue to close in on the vaping industry the community is fighting [...]

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Dangers of Merging Electronic Cigarettes & Tobacco

DO NOT MERGE! To those who have not looked at the electronic cigarette industry there may well appear to be an array of similarities with their [...]

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Provincial Authorities Turn Up Heat

...On National Regulators While European, US and Canadian regulators continue to tread water with regards to their future plans for the electronic cigarette industry, it seems [...]

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Is R.J. Reynolds running scared?…

... of the vaping community? It is quite bizarre to see R.J. Reynolds, a major player in the tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette industry, calling for [...]

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Smoking – A The Dark Future

A Breakdown of How Smoking Affects Your Body In modern times it’s common knowledge just how bad smoking is for you. Smoking is one of the [...]

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Will Tobacco Companies Kill An Alternative?

Is this the first time tobacco companies have tried to kill an alternative? It was only just a few months ago that the tobacco cigarette industry [...]

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Vaping Is Deadly And Should Be Banned

Deadly and Dangerous, Vaping should be banned.... And Other Ranting from the Lunatic FringeIt isn’t just the anti-smoking individuals and groups that want the electronic cigarette [...]

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Survey Highlights Pressure on Tobacco Cigarette Market

Wells Fargo Securities survey highlights pressure on tobacco cigarette market In what is becoming something of a pattern around the world, the latest Wells Fargo Securities [...]

New Survey Highlights Acceptance of E-Cigs
New Survey Highlights Acceptance of E-Cigs

 Acceptance of Electronic Cigarettes Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes have attracted an array of unhelpful and sometimes misleading headlines, a recent survey by Harris Interactive [...]

The Problematic Reality of the UC Nicotine Ban

Introduction and Recap Last year, the University of California declared that all tobacco products would be banned on its campuses beginning January 1st, 2014. Up until [...]

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Book Review: TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame

TobakkoNacht - The Antismoking Endgame FOREWORD: This is a book review long in the making. We received our copy (purchased, not given, well worth the $25) several [...]

People Power Guides Europe Towards Sensible Electronic Cigarette Decision

 People Power And Electronic Cigarette The last few months have been some of the most fraught and frustrating for electronic cigarette users throughout the World due [...]

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e-Cigarettes – The Journey To Freedom

A Journey To Freedom with e-Cigarettes Part One When she woke up that morning there was a spark of excitement already permeating throughout her apartment. “This is [...]

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Reactions…. By The Spinfuel Staff

Spinfuel - Opinion Reactions to our Cover Story by the people that created them - Lisa Johnston - Jane Wilson - Tom McBride and Jason Little "You [...]