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Who Called Off The Dogs of War Against the Electronic Cigarette Industry?

Have the Dogs of War really been called off, or is just the beginning of a much darker time for the electronic cigarette industry? Mark Benson Over [...]

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Will Tobacco Companies Kill An Alternative?

Is this the first time tobacco companies have tried to kill an alternative? It was only just a few months ago that the tobacco cigarette industry [...]

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Tobacco Cigarette Companies Lost Control

... of the electronic cigarette market If we look back to the turn-of-the-century the electronic cigarette market was miniscule, a very niche arena and one which [...]

e cigarettes are tobacco products it seems
Why e Cigarettes Must Be Declared Tobacco Products

The Fight Against E Cigarettes And Why It’s So Fierce March 2nd 2014 - If you really want to know why it has taken the FDA [...]