The Vapor Girl Dripper Line

Dripping eLiquid From The Vapor Girl The Vapor Girl has been a member of the vape community for years now. With several retail stores in North Carolina and an enormous online store, The Vapor Girl has grown bigger, and faster, than many people believed was possible. You see, The Vapor Girl is not some corporate conglomerate… [...]

The Vapor Girl – NEW Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team!

Six From The Vapor Girl The first team review from our brand new team! The Vapor Girl certainly has plenty going for them with over 250 flavors adorning names and artwork that just captivate me alone. The nicotine they extract for their ejuice is grown right in North Carolina, which is where they are based and now [...]

Vapor Girl Spinfuel VAPE Review
The Vapor Girl – Six New eLiquids Reviewed

If it’s November it must be time for another review of new flavors from The Vapor Girl. Today we are presenting six new eliquids from the gang out of North Carolina. The Vapor Girl Empire now has 5 physical store locations, hundreds of vape gear products online and in the stores, and more than 200 eliquids, [...]


A Vapor Girl eLiquid Review If there is one thing you can depend on when it comes to The Vapor Girl, it’s that there is always something “cooking” with the husband/wife team behind this ever-expanding company. Three retail stores, a hugely popular online store, and new eLiquid blends in various stages of development continue to push The [...]

The Vapor Girl e Liquid Review #10

The Vapor Girl Delivers 7 new e Liquid Flavors We have reviewed The Vapor Girl several times over the past two years, and we’ve always had a lot of fun in doing so. Yes, perhaps THE VAPOR GIRL can go a little too far, in our opinion, when it comes to creating flavors like “Mashed Potatoes” [...]

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review

Introduction I think it's safe to say by now that most Spinfuel readers will have at least a passing familiarity with The Vapor Girl; if I'm not much mistaken, this review will mark the third, or possibly the fourth, for Victoria's wonderfully adventurous company. In doing my due diligence for this review, I've gone back and re-read [...]

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review “Squirrel Bread Soup?”

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review “Can an eLiquid artist go too far? “ – Anonymous - 2242AD Head Writer: Jason Little The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team have reviewed eLiquids from The Vapor Girl a few times over the past year or so. We know just how talented Victoria and her husband can be when it comes to creating [...]

The Vapor Girl – Take Two

Where No Vaper Has Been Before Because of our self-imposed limits on the number of e-Liquids we would review in this year’s July is eJuice Month celebrations we had to cut out two of the most interesting e-Liquids from The Vapor Girl review. We hated to do it, but at 7700 words it was time to [...]

The Vapor Girl e-Liquid Review

The Vapor Girl is the most ‘eclectic’ e-Liquid brand in the marketplace right now. Victoria’s use of imagery would make Stevie Nicks feel right at home. Victoria’s non-standard flavors she chooses to tackle, like ‘pizza’, have really helped The Vapor Girl carve out a niche in the e-Liquid world as the place to go for [...]

20 Questions For Victoria Sylvestre of The Vapor Girl

SPINFUEL: How long have you been creating eLiquids? Victoria: I have been creating eLiquids since the end of 2011. I needed to create my own as I was having a difficult time finding liquids that I enjoyed using. SPINFUEL: What was the first flavor you created? Victoria: The first flavor EVER was sweet potato pie, a North Carolina favorite. Usually once people try [...]