Teenagers do not vape for Flavors
Teenagers Do Not Vape For Flavors

Okay. I admit it. Looking at photos of young teenagers, say 13-15 years old, chucking huge clouds of vapor is a bit disappointing. Truthfully, I started smoking at 13. So did my brother. Hell, most of my friends started smoking at the same time. It wasn't about Flavors that's for sure, it was about being, [...]

Teen Vaping™ Sees Big Surge Despite Outcry
Teen Vaping™ Sees Big Surge Despite Outcry

Anyone with teenagers, or anyone that smoked as a teenager back in the day, cannot be surprised that there has been a big increase in the number of teenagers taking up The Art of Vaping™. This is NOT a bad thing folks, all it means is that teenagers can THINK. From Politico, this bit says it [...]

Ontario ban on flavored vaping products
Flavor Ban on Vape Products in Ontario? Pitter Patter

Ontario Canada is looking at banning flavored vaping products. What would Katy say? Why are they jumping on the "Ban Flavors" bandwagon?  Supposedly to help control the increase in Teen Vaping™ in the province.  Nova Scotia already has a flavor ban that will go into effect sometime in 2020. Never mind that Teen Vaping™ has actually [...]

Kids Still smoking… So they Blame Vaping?
Vaping Blamed for Teen Smoking – Say What?

Kids Still smoking… So they Blame Vaping? --- Most of the anti-vaping discussion centers on e-cigarettes and vape devices as smoking cessation tools. And their lack of current FDA regulation ensures this discussion will continue. But we have to admit, we never thought we’d see the day when vape devices would be blamed for MORE people [...]

In the latest shots fired against the growing vaping industry, FSA commissioner Scott Gottlieb now claims that JUUL Labs, Inc. simply aren’t doing enough to fight teen vaping in the United States.
Juul Labs Inc. and FDA Pushback on

How Much Further will the FDA press Vaping Companies like Juul Labs Inc.? No matter how many curveballs (read: unexpected visits that come across like raids) the FDA throws at leading vape companies like JUUL Labs Inc., our industry has done a lot to fall in line with never-ending regulations. Yet that doesn’t seem to be [...]

JUUL Labs Opens New Facility Amid Public Outcry Against Vaping
JUUL Labs Opens Facility Amid Outcry Against Vaping

Vaping might be in society’s crosshairs, but that hasn’t seemed to get in the way of Juul Labs Inc., which just opened a new facility in Mountain View, California. Perhaps this move is a direct response to the negative response the company has faced in its San Francisco home. But it’s more likely it has to [...]