Voopoo Find S Mod Kit Review
Voopoo Find S Mod Kit Review

Review of the VOOPOO Find S Kit - All these years later and we still don’t know who “Gene” is. But that hasn’t stopped Voopoo from putting his name on every chipset they stick in their mods. The latest? A 120-watt, integrated battery device with a permanent wrist strap affixed to the side of the device. [...]

Can the OUMIER Rudder 200W Box Mod Offer Something Unique?
Can the OUMIER Rudder Offer Something Unique?

Life is full of surprises. When I first received the Oumier Rudder 200W vape mod, I was a little concerned. The semi-exposed battery compartment and jutting adjustment dial on the front of the mod didn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence about how well the Rudder would survive a sharp drop to the floor. And to [...]

PREVIEW – Rincoe Manto S 228W Vape Kit

When I first heard about the Rincoe Manto S 228W Vape Mod Starter Kit, I wasn’t that excited – after all, it just looked like a paint-splattered version of last year’s Manto X. It has the same Wismec-inspired hexagonal frame, compact form factor and ergonomic hand feel. The fire key is a little different, but ultimately [...]

CKS THNDR 240W & Bolt Mesh Tank Kit Review

I wanted to love the CKS THNDR kit. I really did. Because when it arrived in its larger-than-expected packaging, grabbed my attention with its larger-than-average size, and made me smile with its weird-but-cool animal logo affixed to the front of the device, I thought to myself, “Finally, something different from the vape community.”   In a certain [...]

Hugo Vapor Rader Mage GT218 Mod Review

It’s rare to describe a vape mod as “light, loud and plasticky” and have it be a compliment. But that’s exactly what I’m doing here. Because the Hugo Vapor Rader Mage is all of those things. But it’s also a really well-performing, surprisingly high-end vape mod that manages to offer a solid experience without breaking [...]

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Box Mod Review
Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250c Box Mod Review

Every vaper has a “sacred” mod in their collection – one they just won’t ever let go, even if better things come along. For me, it’s my beloved Lost Vape Paranormal, which was a stunningly designed mod, hindered by the antiquated DNA 166 setup. Well, my day just got brighter, because the all-new Lost Vape [...]

Geek Vape Blade 235W Vape Mod Kit Review BY SPINFUEL VAPE
Geek Vape Blade 235W Vape Mod Kit Review

I find it funny that my favorite Vape Mod of 2018 – in terms of appearance, anyway – is the stunning Geek Vape Blade. Why is it funny? Because I typically like my Mods to be more conservative and understated. But the Van Gogh-inspired resin swirl exterior has won me over in a big way. The [...]

Pioneer4You Trantor YiHi SX500A Mod Kit Preview
Pioneer4You Trantor YiHi SX500A Mod Kit Preview

The IPV Trantor mod is another new entry in the vaping marketplace from Pioneer4You. Not quite the head-turner as the IPV Xyanide Kit it’s still a fully capable mod running on the latest YiHi SX500A chipset. Powerful, capable, and durable, if the Xyanide was too “busy” for you, the Trantor might be just the thing. The IPV [...]

The PLY Rock Zilla 60W Compact Box Mod Preview
The PLY Rock Zilla 60W Compact Box Mod Preview

“Compact” is a word we use a lot around Spinfuel VAPE, but what does it really mean? Well, we don’t have room for that discussion here, but rest assured, if we were going to try and demonstrate our idea of a compact Box Mod, it would look an awful lot like the PLY Rock Zilla.   Our [...]

The Customized Limitless LMC Classic v2 220W Box Mod Preview
Limitless LMC Classic v2 220W Box Mod Preview

You have to hand it to Limitless Mod Co. – when they find a design they like, they stick with it. Which is why the Limitless LMC Classic v2 220W wasn’t too surprising when it arrived on our desks. What WAS surprising was how much we’ve enjoyed using this brash, large box mod so far, [...]

VZONE Graffiti 220W TC Box Mod Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
VZONE Graffiti 220W TC Box Mod Preview

Opening the box for the new VZONE Graffiti I was surprised at how accurate the urban graffiti artwork was on this mod. I’m not sure this is a mod I would like to use, because of the graffiti artwork, though the guts of the mod tell a very different story. This is a small chassis, [...]

SMOK Veneno 225W TC Mod Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE
SMOK Veneno 225W TC Mod Kit Review

Full disclosure: This SMOK Veneno 225W mod kit review is going to STRONGLY resemble the SMOK S-Priv kit review from a few days back. It’s not something I planned, and I’ll certainly try not to repeat myself. But, there’s no denying it – other than a different exterior, the Veneno is the same SMOK mid-sized [...]

VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Box Mod Review- Spinfuel VAPE
VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Box Mod Review

The VOOPOO TOO made quite an impression on us when it arrived last week. Most notably for its form factor, which strangely allows for single- or dual-battery operation, without any change in form factor. It was an odd choice, to say the least. But when we got past the battery quirks and bold design, we [...]

iStick Kiya with GS Juni Tank Preview
Eleaf iStick Kiya and GS Juni Starter Kit – Preview

There is small, and then there is SMALL. The new pocket size mod from Eleaf is the iStick Kiya, and even with the new GS Juni tank attached, I don’t think I’ve vaped a smaller device. But, this isn’t a review, I haven’t used it long enough to tell you what I think, it’s a [...]

Sigelei Kaos Z 200W TC Box Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE
Sigelei Kaos Z 200W TC Mod Review

My mother always told me, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. After all, something I find attractive, others might not. Sage advice from a wise woman. Of course, she also told me if I had nothing nice to say, to not say anything at all. Which would make for some really boring reviews, so with [...]