Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank Preview Spinfuel Vape Magazine
The Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank Preview

Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank Preview The Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank is here, and priced at $31.95 (Element Vape), it seems as though Uwell has another hit on its hands. Our shipment of Crown 3’s arrived just yesterday, so we won’t be ready with a full review for a week, at least, but we can [...]

IJOY Limitless XL Sub-Ohm Tank & RTA Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
IJOY Limitless XL Sub-Ohm Tank & RTA Review

IJOY Limitless XL Sub-Ohm Tank & RTA Perfection is a word I haven't attached to a vaping product yet. There have been some devices that scratch the surface of completeness and others have one minor flaw that prevents the thought of perfection being involved with its name. Reading the meaning of perfection, "The process of improving [...]

HorizonTech Ultima Sub-Ohm Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
HorizonTech Ultima Sub-Ohm Tank Review

HorizonTech Ultima Sub-Ohm Tank Goes Horribly Wrong The anticipation was overwhelming from the first time I saw the HorizonTech Ultima Sub-Ohm Tank prior to release. It was one of those moments where the bright light shines down out of nowhere and says “you have to have this!” So you can imagine once I found out I [...]

Herakles Honor Sub-Ohm Tank Review

The Herakles Honor Sub-Ohm Tank This tank gives me Deja vu! It brings me back to when I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and I wanted to vape something more advanced than my Kamry K100 Mechanical Mod. One of the first Sub-Ohm Tanks I purchased was the Herakles V1 back in 2015! This [...]

Kanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review by Spinfuel eMagazine
Protank 4 Evolved Review

 Kanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review Publishers Choice Award - Best Flavor - Best Vapor - Best Mainstream Atomizer Ever since a sneaky friend of mine passed along a late prototype of Kanger’s best atomizer tank since the original Subtank Mini, I can write about the Protank 4 Evolved. Julia made mention of this new tank in her review [...]

Jaybo Says Goodbye…. and Talks Theorem

Jaybo Quits... A Farewell To Vaping... This is a the face of a broken man. Upon hearing the news about China and Exports, Jaybo takes it hard... and then talks his newest creation, the Theorem Atomizer! The Theorem Atomizer, Designed by JayBo, Inspired by SMM, is Wismec’s first Drip Tank Hybrid featuring the new and exciting Stainless [...]

Tesla Tornado Sub-Ohm Tank – SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE REVIEW 2016
Tesla Tornado Tank

Tesla Tornado Sub-Ohm Tank SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE REVIEW At $18.95 (DirectVapor) the Tesla Tornado Sub Tank is one of the more affordable tanks on the market. It’s also a great tank that offers the enduser a ton of flavor and vapor production in a modern, feature-rich package. The Tornado Tank by Tesla features an excellent top-fill design, offers clickable [...]

Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank ν Industrial Design • Superb Flavor • Wicked Vapor
Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank Industrial Design • Superb Flavor • Wicked Vapor The Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank is, at its core, a simple tank with one goal; provide great flavor and huge clouds of vapor. Does it succeed? Yes, but it won’t wear the Crown of Best Tank Ever. Still a fantastic sub-ohm tank regardless. The Uwell Crown [...]

Aspire Triton V2 Tank Review

Aspire Triton V2 – A Review Friendlier Looks – Improved Performance - $36.99 NOTE* - Tom McBride wrote and submitted this review weeks ago. However, in a rush to get as many original reviews edited and published in November, I overlooked this one. Apologies to Tom, our readers, and Vapor Authority, who was kind enough to send [...]

Aspire Nautilus Mini – Gareth

Gareth Witty Reviews The Aspire Nautilus Mini Purchased from Havana House in Windsor, a review of the Aspire Nautilius Mini. Aspire Nautilus Mini Adjustable Airflow Tank System The Nautilus is the next generation of tank systems. Made of stainless steel and glass, the Nautilus also uses the all new Aspire BVC (bottom vertical coil / ceramic wick) atomizer technology. [...]

Kanger Subtank Mini

Kanger Subtank Mini Review PRICING UPDATE - 1/20/2015: We sincerely apologize for informing you in this review and video below about the proposed pricing of the Subtank Mini and Nano. Now that pre-orders are being accepted for this glorious tank the actual selling price is going to be much less than previously suggested. For instance, AVE40 [...]

Hygeia Ceramic Wick Tank Full Review

Cera Vape's Hygeia Glassomizer It is called “revolutionary” by Cera Vape, the company that makes the Hygeia tank, but is it? Just because someone says it’s revolutionary doesn’t make it so. Laying claim to a ceramic wick certainly makes it different than most others on the market today, but a ceramic wick does not make it [...]

Are Third Generation Vaping Devices A Step Too Far?

It is sometimes difficult to remember that the vaping industry was in effect a niche market at the turn of the century but is expected to turnover in excess of $2 billion in the US alone during 2015. We have moved from the first generation "cigalikes" to second-generation vaporizers and now third-generation devices are available. [...]


THE JOYETECH DELTA 2 Review & Video Deeply entrenched in the Tank Wars I am beside myself with the excitement of so many tank options to choose from. “Which one should I buy?” “Which one do I need?” Which one do I want?” I think its safe to say that most vapers have thought these things, [...]

Joyetech Delta 2 Tank Review

A Cold Open Video Review - The Joyetech Delta 2 What a year its been, and its not quite over yet. Today we take a look at the upcoming upgrade to the Joyetech Delta Tank, the Delta 2. Featuring upgrades like eLiquid Controller, an RDA/RBA option, and subΩ coils, the Delta 2 will definitely give the [...]