Julia’s Choice Awards – Strix Elixirs and Suicide Bunny

Julia Hartley-Barnes Reveals Her First Two Choice Awards When I am not in the throes of a 72-hour eLiquid review there are opportunities for me to explore eliquid brands and flavors on my own accord. And I take advantage of that whenever possible. It is a personal exploration; to seek out new discoveries in the art [...]

Strix Elixirs 3 + 3 = Delicious

Strix Elixirs 3 New eLiquids and Three Betas Free 10ML bottle of eLiquid, any flavor you want, with every order! Free Shipping for every order over $35. Oh, did we mention that every bottle is pre-steeped and ready to Vape? UPDATED APRIL 21 2015 - Spinfuel can no longer recommend Strix Elixirs to any reader. If or [...]

Three New E Liquids From Strix Elixirs

Strix Elixirs New Flavors Review February 2014 As promised, Strix Elixirs is out with three (3) additional flavors this month... Monkey Strip, Butter Shot, and Vanilla Bogart. Each one is distinctively different, and each carries with them the unique skill we’ve already come to expect from the team that brought us eLiquid like Blue Honey. There [...]

The Interview With Strix Elixirs

You can read the entire four-page review for Strix Elixirs here.. When we review a brand of eLiquid for the first time we always include an interview with the people behind the brand. In the case of Strix Elixirs, Jennifer Zeares and husband Andy Schuelein graciously accepted our invitation to sit down and talk about their new [...]

Strix Elixirs eLiquid Review

Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team - Strix Elixirs  UPDATED APRIL 21 2015 - Spinfuel can no longer recommend Strix Elixirs to any reader. If or when things change we will  update you. In the meantime, we suggest Rocket Fuel Vapes instead Husband and wife team of Andy Schuelein and Jennifer Zeares, two of the three founders of Vape [...]